West of Destiny (Book 5 of The Claimed Series)

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Chapter 32


I watched as my Lucy crumbled to the table, whatever she’d had in her hand laying on the ground as I stared between her and the offending material. I was torn between reaching her and picking up the bit of paper, which was blank on the side that was facing up.

I figured I could swing doing both and grabbed it from the ground as Lucy’s sobs loomed heavy in the background. Just as I looked at the photo—fake-ass photo, mind you—I heard the table chair scrape harshly against the wood floor and my eyes snapped to see her moving quickly towards the kitchen.



She ran towards the kitchen and out the back of the house, tearing off bits of her clothing and crumpling them into a pile before tossing them to the side and shifting into her wolf. She was a pretty, deep brown, a small pattern of white boots on her hind legs, and she loped off quickly and were soon hidden behind the trees.

Paul, I think Carla’s been here. When I got home I found Lucy crying. There was a photo. It was Carla and me kissing. I don’t know how that fucking happened, but it can’t be true. I never so much as touched that woman.

It has to be faked. Where is it? I’ll have Kass look at it. She knows photos like a fly knows shit. Where are you?

Running after my fucking mate! I howled into the air to bring the point home. She dropped the photo on the floor in the living room and when I picked it up, she was off into the woods.

Get to her, West, Paul barked out. Since we’ve had word from Alpha Greenwood about that power-driven male I’ve doubled patrol, but she could still slip through the perimeter. Get to her before someone else does.

I doubled my efforts and ran headlong through the trees, following the sweet scent of roses as it grew stronger with every stride. She may have been fast, but I was a Beta for a reason and could outrun her, tackle her to the ground if I had to.

Seeing a slip of her white booties in the underbrush, I took a diving leap, rolling end over end at the same time as I’m cushioning the blow. She was pregnant, after all, and I didn’t want her or my baby to be hurt.

When we stopped moving, she howled, snapping her teeth at me and missing by a mile.

Shift and listen to me. Please, Lucy. I bellowed it into her head and hoped she would obey.

Snarling, she nipped my paw but I didn’t let her go, even if she’d scratched me. She could have bit my whole paw off and I wouldn’t be letting her get away from me anytime soon.

Shifting, I look deep into her eyes, hoping that she’d hear me when I tell her the truth—that she would really hear me.

“I don’t know how that photo happened, but it wasn’t me, I swear it.” She stopped struggling but remained furry. “Shift, baby. I’m begging you.”

For a moment I thought she wouldn’t, but then slowly, she gradually phased to her skin side and was all soft, white skin beneath me. She looked so lost, so sad, my heart broke a piece off the edge, and my eyes closed and filled. They remained shut as I breathed out, deep ragged inhales as I fought for the words to say.

“Baby, I would never ever do that to you,” I told her. “You and this pup—” I placed my hand to her tummy. “You’re my life. My literal reasoning for living now. I would never do anything to jeopardize that. Carla…”

I growled, my teeth snapping.

“She’s behind this, I know it. I don’t know how she faked that photo, but I have never even touched her before that one time in the shower room, much less kissed her. It was fake, and I’ll prove it to you.”


She was starting to doubt her own eyes. That was good.

“Sweetness, that may have been my face, but those were not my lips on her.”

“Not…not yours?”

I nodded. “Kass knows lots about photos. She’s going to look at it and give me her professional opinion. You know how she’s always taking candids around the packhouse of the young ones. It’s her hobby now, but before she met Paul she was a photographer for a small company in her home town. She’ll be able to explain it to you better than I can, but I swear it—that wasn’t me!”

She bit her lip before her mouth opened and she expelled a sweet waft of air in my face.

“I believe you, West. I do.”

I let out my own held breath, grateful before pulling into a sitting-up position and pulling her onto my lap. She snuggled into my neck, winding her arms around me as I just held her close.

“I’m sorry for doubting you,” she mumbled. I hushed her and pulled back so I could look into her eyes.

“No need to feel sorry. If I had seen something like that—you with Zach maybe, I would have my doubts just like you, especially after what you’ve had to endure these past months.”

I kissed her. Slowly, sweetly. When I went to pull back, she came with me and I smiled onto her lips. Blood shot directly to my dick when her mouth opened and her tongue came out to meet with mine. They tangled like that for a few minutes until I was rock hard underneath her soft bottom. Pulling away, I tried to catch my breath.

“Baby, we keep going like this and I’m going to have you right here in the forest,” I warned her. “I don’t think you want that when anyone could come by and spot us.”

Instead of being the shy girl I once knew when she stumbled onto Destiny land, she actually smiled and moved her one leg so she was straddling me. I groaned and dropped my head so that my chin was resting on my chest.

“Haven’t you heard how powerful a woman’s hormones can be when she’s pregnant?” She gyrated her hips as I stifled my sounds and bit my lip. I tried to still her by holding her at the waist, but she kept giving these slow grinds against me until I was forced to grab my cock to quell the ache growing in my balls.

“Fuck, Luce, I—”

Another slow roll of her hips had me panting, desperate to get inside her. I centered myself at her tight sex and thrust upwards, sheathing myself in her hot, wet center and taking her lips at the same time.

“See what you did to me, sweetheart? I’m either finishing in you right here or carrying you all the way back to the house with my dick encased in your nice tight cunt.”

She whimpered and lifted her hips before coming down slowly. I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked, making her chest hitch as she strained to take me deeper with another slow descent.

She came down, and I lifted my hips from the ground towards her, pushing myself deeper. Moving her incrementally faster, I sucked one nipple, then the other, kissing between her chest and soaking up her tantalizing scent as we rocked against each other slowly, our hips grinding and churning, the sweet melody of our moans growing louder as we got closer to completion.

Biting one of her nipples, it pushed Lucy into orgasm, and she called out softly as her head tossed back and she clenched around me. I gritted my teeth, staving off my own orgasm until I could see her through hers.

When she floated back down to earth, I moved us so that she was on her back, soft moss cushioning her skin as I thrust into her, pulling her legs over my shoulders and pounding into her as her fists gripped onto the earth.


Displacing her legs, I leaned into her, my lips to hers.

“Love it when you fucking call my name when I’m deep inside you, sweetness. I want you to come again with me. I’m close…so fucking close.”

My eyes fell closed and I tilted my hips, riding her g-spot as she gave choked gasps and heavy pants, the clench of her sex getting tighter as I pegged that sweet spot deep inside her over and over again.

“I love you, Lucy,” I told her, the words tumbling out before I could stop them. Not that I could ever regret telling her how much she meant to me. I simply would have preferred not being balls deep inside her with her on the cusp of orgasm to hear it. “I love you.”

She pulled my head down and kissed me deeply before giving me her big eyes, dewy with the haze of lust and deep like the ocean. I kept pushing inside her, giving her hard thrusts that forced her body upwards until her soft, silky hair was in the dirty.

Pulling her up so she straddled me as I bent back on my knees, I cupped her ass and held her upright as I granted her hard pumps into her clasping pussy. I rasped out hard little pants as I worked my way in and out of her faster, grinding and circling my hips.

“Get there, baby. Get there.”

“West…” She whimpered and gripped tight onto my shoulders. “I…I love you, too.”

I grunted and kissed her mouth hungrily. I could feel her starting to quiver around me and convulse, pulling my own orgasm from me as I jerked my hips upward a few times and emptying out into her with a slow groan.

Stroking her back as we both caught our breath, I rubbed her skin as it cooled from its heated state. She shivered and I held her tight, sharing my warmth.

I went to get up and patted her backside. “Come on, baby. Let’s get dressed and see what Kass has to say about the photo. I know it’s fake, but I don’t know how the bitch did it.”

We started walking back to the house, hand in hand until finding her clothing in a heap near the tree line. We both changed and went to catch a quick shower before heading over to Paul’s.


“It was done well, but I can still tell where she cropped West’s head and the lines she blurred to make it look more natural. It’s still apparent to me.” Kass looked up from her microscope and looked at Lucy. “No offense, but I’m surprised you didn’t realize the difference in body type. The man whose body this is, is a little different. West is wider in the shoulders and has less hair. This man isn’t as…well-kept as West is.” Her face flushed a little at her observation. “I only noticed because Paul and West sometimes train some of the beginners when they have a full class of enforcers coming up. As we’re such a small pack, it’s not difficult to see the difference in physiques when comparing the younger ones against Paul and West.”

Lucy shook her head looking slightly amused. “I get it. And I believe West when he says its not him, but it looked like a damn good fake to me.”

Kassidy nodded as I sat back in my seat next to Paul. “It is. Whoever faked it had skills, but even a great fake can be debunked. May I?”

Kass looked as if she was going to rip the photo in half, and Lucy nodded her head. Like me, she didn’t want to see it any more than I did anymore.

“No sign of Cara, though some of patrol picked up a few scents on the eastern border. Nothing solid because it got lost in the river where it diverts to the northeast, but it looks like Carla wasn’t alone. Whoever came with her…well, there was at least two besides Carla, and I don’t recognize their scents. I had a tracker go out and doublecheck.”

“Definitely not someone from Arrowhead then,” Paul said. They would have picked up on their smell the moment they came across it.” He nodded. “Good to know they aren’t behind this.”

I raised a questioning brow and looked at him. “You think it’s one of the allies we’re associated with?”

Paul looked me dead in the eyes. He didn’t look like his usual easygoing self. “Wouldn’t that make sense? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?”

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