West of Destiny (Book 5 of The Claimed Series)

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Chapter 36


West’s clever fingers skimmed over my water-slicked skin, taking time to knead out the knots and relaxing the muscles in my back, buttocks, and legs. He moved on to washing me, taking my favorite bath puff and adding shower gel and lathering it up against every inch of my flesh.

When he was done with that, I was mushy, a malleable form of sentient life that could only barely move, I was so relaxed.

As his hands moved around me to cup my ass, I looped my arms around his shoulders and drew myself deeper into his arms. I wanted to tell him everything I was worried about, but the words wouldn’t form. They lay there on the edge of my tongue, wanting out, but I was unable to think, much less speak clearly. I was certain that if anything came out of my mouth, it would be utterly unintelligible.

West’s hand roamed over my backside, cupping and kneading as his cock grew firmer in between us. Kisses to my head, my cheeks, down my neck, and over my breasts pulled a groan from within me, and I shifted my weight, circling my hips as the pulse between my legs awakened a deeper need.


He grumbled, the vibration in his chest stoking the fire in my gut and making me roll my pelvis against his. His dick slid in between us as water sluiced over our bodies, never allowing friction to stop us from writhing and slithering against each other.

His lips met with mine before he was slipping his tongue inside to stroke a seductive pattern that made all the breath in my chest shoot out until I was struggling for air to replace it.

He moved us away from the shower’s spray and over to the far wall, his hands still raking over my skin as they took in every inch he could reach.

With my back finally pressed against the shower’s tiles, he lifted me under my ass before my legs twisted around his waist, locking at the ankles.

“Fuck, Lucy.” He slid inside of me gently, taking his time before groaning out when he had breached me completely. Then he murmured a soft I love you against the skin of my neck and reared back.

He rocked into me, taking his time to draw out my tiny whimpers as his girth teased every nerve ending inside me. I wanted to burst into flame as the heated, moist air swallowed us up in a tumult of steam.

“Perfect,” West murmured into sweat and water-slicked skin. “So perfect.”

You too, I wanted to say, but the words were cut off when he pressed into me again, a soft cry slipping past my lips as my eyes flutter closed.

I bit at my lips, feeling like nothing could get better than this feeling, here and now, and that I didn’t ever want it to end. If I could have pushed away all the other doubts and fears in my head, I would have gladly done so. They were still there, though, knocking against the walls in my mind until West pushed they away with every stroke of his cock inside me.

I squeezed at him, an almost unconscious decision as his thrusts pushed me higher, higher. So high, I was grasping his shoulders, needing for him to ground me as I sought my release.

He pumped hard into me, pushing me flat against the wall, and I was trapped, though there was no place I would have rather been at the moment. His cock grinding into me, the bone at his pelvis rubbing against my clit until I shook apart in his arms.

As he slowed his thrusts, he let my legs down, turning me to face the wall before he was back inside me. My arms reached out to steady myself, but he inside me before I had a chance to lock at the elbows. Almost crashing into the wall, he held me back, bracing his hand against tile so I wouldn’t knock my head before slowly retreating again. When I was finally braced against the wall, my arms strained, his hands came down on my hips, fingers branding my skin.

Sliding a hand up and down my spine, he dropped it lower and glided it slowly around to the front of me. Every move was careful, almost methodical, but I understood why as he cupped my lower abdomen, stroking it a few times before moving even lower.

My legs shook as his fingers slid over my clit, and I bit down on my lip as a desperate noise tumbled past it. His strokes became slower, deeper, every thrust forcing out the tangled mess of thought processes in my head until the only thing I was thinking was, need to come.

I did, and hard. I felt tossed about as my knees buckled and tears dripped from my eyes. It was intense, but I was held up by his sturdy arms, the gentle hum of his pleasure flush against my back as he pulled me back to meet him, skin to skin.

As his lips trailed down from my ear to my shoulder, he continued to rock into me, soft husky tones dripping from his lips before he started telling me all of the dirty little things he wanted to do to me. Have me ride him on the couch, take me in the ass, fuck me up against a wall. He said it all, leaving nothing out. His words scrambled my brain until I was coming apart for him again, him following suit with a grunt and a few jerks of his hips as he bathed my insides completely with his come.

He slipped out of me—still completely hard—and washed the sweat away before drying our bodies and pulling me into the bedroom. I was laid down on it, his seed still dripping from between my thighs onto the duvet before his body surged over mine, catching one leg behind the knee and pushing it up until it’s nearly flat on the bed.

“Mine,” he whispered into my ear before he’s suddenly balls deep in me, making my whole body shiver at the possessive tone that accompanied his thick cock as it split my wet folds, embracing him.

His tongue teased the seam of my lips apart and I breathed my air into him, allowing his to fill my chest as well. My hands raked at his shoulders, swooping down lower to score his back as his hips dug into me over and over again.

For the first time in forever, I didn’t think of a past mating and the could-have-beens that always followed those thoughts. I was right where I belonged, and it felt so fucking good. Perfect. Like it had been meant to be this way the whole time and I had just needed to paddle through the raging white waters to get to my prize.

West, of course.

He pulled away to lick up my neck, my head straining into the pillow as I sought to bare more of it for him. My hands dug into the strong muscles in his back as he tossed me over the edge, making me cry out as his fingers worked their magic on me between our bodies.

Damn. Did the man even deflate in between rounds? I didn’t think so, but my mind had been so muddled I couldn’t honestly remember.

As his hands started to push my hair back and dug into the pillow to brace himself, he leaned in, sucking on my lips before working his way in between them.

His tongue was delicious. The way he tasted and smelled and how it flicked into my mouth to tease me was sinful. If you could bottle all of that and sell it, you’d make a mint. An aphrodisiac of the highest caliber. It certainly turned me into a needy puddle of goo every time.

He rolled us over, bringing me astride him as my tits swayed. He cupped them both, plucking at the nipples as my body gave a jolt as my chest thrust out in search of more of his touch.

“Baby,” he grunted as soon as I was completely seated again. “Ride me.”

Yes, sir.

I lifted up and down, seeking a steady pace until his hands fell to my hips, directing the rhythm he needed. When I’d complied to his pace, he slid his hand over to my clit, his thumb pressed against it as I panted above him. He stroked me slowly, circling and pinching, making me bounce up and down on him harder, chasing my release.

“Oh, God.”

The knot in my stomach unraveled and I was calling out. To God. To Buddha. The words were messy, unintelligible, but from the groans he was emitting, I would have said it didn’t seem to matter to him.

He pulled me down and crushed my lips to his, his tongue exploring the insides like he was taking stock of every bit of space, his mouth hungry, so hungry for mine that it took my breath away.

He continued to thrust into me, his knees bending and gaining leverage as we crashed into each other over and over again.

Whimpering into his mouth, he smoothed his hands over my hair, down my back, and then gripped my ass as he snapped his hips into me again and again.

West didn’t treat me like glass that was on the cusp of breaking. His possessive need for me didn’t allow it, and I was glad about that. He could make love to me, soft and slow, but it was just as intense as his fucking, maybe even more so as it only let the emotions behind the act rise to the surface.

“Get there, baby.” His breath was a rasp as our lips parted for his words. “I’m so fucking close, and I need you there with me.”

His words pulled the orgasm from me, and my throat locking up as I made a desperate choking sound as I came. I tried to swallow, but the only thing I succeeded in doing was spiraling up higher into my climax with him snapping his hips into mine.

“Fuck…oh, fuck!”

With a few more punishing slams of his hips, I could feel the tautness of his body slowly relaxing as his dick twitched itself empty inside me until he completely collapsed. Immediately, I propped myself up on my elbows as he pulled my head to his. The kiss was slow and sweet, and my hands moved to wind into his hair as he tasted me completely.

Moving to slide off him, I was halted by his hands coming down on my ass again before I tried to wiggle halfheartedly free.

“Where you off to, little mate?” he asked, his breath fanning across my lips and chin.

“I’m messy,” I told him. When he still didn’t release me, I added, “And I have to pee.”

He chuckled, gave a quick swat to my ass, and let me go. “Then go pee, but I want you back in bed afterwards. I could distract for a couple of more hours before I’m done with you.”

With that, I scooted to the edge of the bed, in search of the bathroom.


After West had distracted me to within an inch of my sanity, we laid in bed, his arm curled around my waist as I played with the soft, downy hair over his diaphragm. We talked a little about the baby, me venting my spleen on the color scheme I had picked out and how it looked like Easter had thrown up all over the room. When he assured me I had done a good job and that the color scheme wasn’t what was important, we lapsed into a comfortable silence as he stroked my messy hair back from my forehead.

As he fingered a rogue lock, he locked into place, and my head whipped up to his to scan. His eyes were hazy, and there was a look in them that implied he was being spoken to by mindlink. I waited for it to pass before he relaxed into me again and glanced over.

“That was Paul,” he informed me. “He’s got Zach on the phone right now. “I need to get up and find out what’s going on.”

I watched as he slid out from under me and got dressed swiftly, his firm ass winking at me with every movement.

Relaxing my head back into the pillows, I closed my eyes and determined that a nice little snooze would do for now. I just knew if I stayed awake I would be fretting the whole time.

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