West of Destiny (Book 5 of The Claimed Series)

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Chapter 41


I’d never seen Paul so angry. Or Lucy so cold. She shivered in my arms as I pulled her up into a bridal carry after putting my jacket over her and zipping it up. The path we cut through the terrain was hauntingly familiar of the one I used the first time I had seen her, bruised and banged around from her fall into the river.

And again, she was miraculously alive.

Thank fucking God.

Holding her close, we hurried back as quickly as we could, fearful we would be too late to let Zach and his father know that Seneca was on the move, but too exhausted and concerned for Lucy to move any faster.

An hour and a half later, we drifted onto the town proper and I immediately brought Lucy to the clinic. Paul could deal with contacting Zach and Artemis.

While I sat next to Lucy with her head resting on my shoulder as she finally started to warm up, Doc came in after taking a small vial of blood to test my theory of wolfsbane. He was sauntering in just as cool as a motherfucking cucumber as my head lifted from Lucy’s.

“You were right,” he said, sighing. “Diluted wolfsbane. Not very strong. Just enough to sever the tie to the wolf.”

“Will it—” I started to say, but was cut short by Dr. D’s hand coming out to assure me.

“She’ll be fine, West. No lasting effects, I promise. It seemed it was diluted to 25%. Any more and she wouldn’t have been able to stay awake. She…well, at even 50% she could have lost the baby.”

I stood up. “Check.” I stopped myself from getting angry. “Please.”

Doc D. rolled out the sonogram machine and was attempting to warm up the jelly by rolling the bottle between his hands. Impatiently, I stopped him with a gesture. “She can handle a little coldness on her tummy, doc.”

Lucy agreed with a nod and small smile, looking over from me to Dr. Denario.

Sitting forward, the doctor shifted the wand through the goo, and a rapid heartbeat—the first we’d heard of our little pup—pumped through the speakers in the machine. My grin widened as my gaze flickered between Lucy and Dr. D’s face.


Correction—frowning face.

“Doc, what’s up?” I asked, my heart started to beat wildly in my chest. You don’t frown at a sonogram unless something’s wrong. “I hear the heartbeat.”

“No,” he spoke slowly. “What you hear is two heartbeats. Listen closer.”

I leaned in, like that would make all the fucking difference in the world. Yes, there were two distinct heartbeats, thumping almost in time with each other.

“Do twins run in the family, West?”

“My…my mom was a twin. Identical, as a matter of fact.” I had almost forgotten since Aunt Lara lived in Louisiana and rarely visited. “She was mated before my mom to a man living in a pack outside of New Orleans. Rarely talk to her. Skype once in a blue fucking moon, but I know on occasion I have to keep from calling her ‘mom’.”

Denario nodded his head and smiled brightly—a truly rare sight.

“Congratulations, you two. You’re having twins.”


Lucy was deposited under enough blankets to keep an Eskimo in the arctic circle warm, and I brought a mug of hot cocoa into the living for her and grabbed a bottled water for myself. Sitting down next to her, I handed the mug to the hand that was stuck out of the myriad of blankets surrounding her. She pulled it into her little cocoon of fluffiness and blew on the top layer. I heard her slurp and hum her appreciation.

Sneaking a hand into the little hole she had dug out for herself, I pushed back the layers so her head popped out. Her mug was still lifted to her mouth, and her eyes were wide. After taking another scalding sip, I removed it from her hands and set it down on the coffee table.

“Hey there,” I said as I smiled.

“Hi.” Suddenly she was shy, broken Lucy all over again, looking as fragile as she did the first day I saw her.

“Two babies,” I sighed. “Guess we’ll need another crib at the very least.”

She smiled at me. “And probably another car seat.”

“And bassinet.”

“Only need one changing table,” I remarked. Unless they were particularly fiendish and could crap in tandem, I couldn’t see them both needing a diaper swap that required a second changing table.

“One of those rocking doodads that put the baby to sleep and play lullabies.”

“Two rocking chairs in the nursery?”

“Might as well. I can’t sing for shit.”

“Neither can I,” she said through her grin.

Suddenly I couldn’t stand her being so far away from me. I pulled her out of her blanket burrito and onto my lap, holding her close to me.

I needed it, especially now after coming so close to losing her.


“Scared?” I asked her, my brow ticking upward.

“No,” she said, her lips twitching. “Terrified is more like it. Twins, West.”

“We’ll be fine.”

“Ya think?” She looked doubtful.

“Two sets of hands between the two of us, thank God. I think we’ll be able to handle it.”

“Okay, I’ll cancel my double limb amputation for next week. I wouldn’t know how to blow my nose if I got a cold anyway.”

Rolling my eyes at her, I smirked. “You’re hilarious. After the babies come we’ll take you on the road. You can talk about limb amputations and lullaby doodads from inside you blanket burrito. It’ll be a hoot.”

“Why, thank you!” She grinned, and I pulled her head closer to mine to kiss her mouth. When we separated again, I felt the left side of my lips hook up. “You’re not going anywhere, pretty girl. I’m keeping you right here by my side—with my babies. You’re gonna be an awesome mommy.”

“And you—” She kissed my lips. “Are going to be an outstanding daddy.”

I took her lips again, pulling at the blankets as I felt her shiver. She broke the kiss and looked at me.

“Not cold,” she told me. “It’s what you do to me. Make me tingle and shiver.”

Call it ego-stroking if you will, but that made me want to preen like a fucking peacock.

Speaking of cock…

Jesus, it was hard just having her straddle me as we kiss. I would never get enough her. Ever.

I had gotten her in the shower earlier after warming her up near the fire. Now she was soft and all lotioned up, wearing only panties and a long t-shirt of mine. I had insisted on it being one of mine.

“Not cold, eh?” I gripped the bottom of her shirt, threatening to lift it up over her head. She only smiled back.


“Not even a little?”

“Not even a tiny bit.”

I dragged the shirt up, teasing her by pulling the majority of it over her and tightening it around her head. She frowned at me through the fabric.

“I can’t see you.”

“Not supposed to, sweetheart.” And I took one solid nipple into my mouth before flicking it with my tongue. Her whole body seized, and I pulled the shirt off her, depositing it inside the burrito to my left.

I felt her deft little fingers reaching for my jeans before popping a button. The whisper of the zipper made me groan around her tit while I lapped at her fragrant skin. Then she was pulling my cock out, running her fingertips lightly along the shaft before squeezing me gently.

“Baby,” I grunted around her breast. “Don’t do that unless you want me to finish inside your pussy.”

She curled her hand around me and stroked me lightly, dick twitching as she got closer to the head. I used my own fingers to dip in between us and pushed aside her panties, pressing a couple in when I found her wet and ready.

Curling my fingers inside her, I pumped them slowly in and out, feeling her clamp down every so often as I stroked her front wall.

“Fuck, West.” Her breath fanned over my neck as her head dropped lower. “Please. Inside me.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Lifting her and letting her slide down when she was positioned, I let out a hiss as she clasped me in tight, wet heat. The hot embrace made me want to lose it within seconds and fuck up into her like an untamed beast. I slowed my roll and let her set the tempo, and she drew her hips up and fell back down with a soft sway of her tits.

I capture the neglected nipple on a downswing, pinching it with my teeth as her head tossed back and she let out a desperate cry. Then she was speaking, which, during sex, was not at all like Lucy.

“Love…love the way you fill me.” She rolled her head forward, kissing my mouth and shivering. “Love you. So much, West. It makes my heart flip inside my chest.”

I knew what she was talking about. And I felt it too. Being with her made my heart beat to the rhythm of a hummingbird’s wing. Like the rotors of a helicopter. Like a…

“Please, more,” she begged as she sagged back down onto me. “So tired…need more. God!”

I took over. We were both too tired to go for too long, but I could never say no to her, and I bucked my hips up into her, bouncing her up and down on me. My hands gripped her ass as I forced her harder onto me, taking her mouth with mine as I licked inside. We ate at each other’s mouths, devouring the other’s sounds, tasting every inch our tongues could reach.

I ground into her as I pulled her harder onto me, her hips churning against mine as she chased her climax. When she sped up and I couldn’t catch her, her words had me as clasping her closer to me, rutting her like I would if I let my wolf out to fuck her.

“Fuck, West! Yes! Fuck me harder!”

Christ, my mate was fucking hot like this. Unbridled. Passionate. Greedy for me. And she’d be just as fuck-hot even when she was round with my babies.

God…babies. Two of them.


My dick twitched when I thought of filling her with more of them, though hopefully we wouldn’t be producing more doubles any time soon. I had a feeling that would be a bit much.

Letting go of her hips, I sucked her nipples into my mouth, one by one, biting, pinching, licking them until they were hard little stones that scraped over my tongue. Kneading the one as my mouth worshipped the other, I felt the first fluttering convulsions as she gripped me harder, tightening like a vise around me and then releasing as I felt her wetness double.

Her hands scrabbled at my chest. If I hadn’t been wearing a shirt, she would have scored me over and over again.

I’d have to take it off next time. I loved when she marked me—any way she marked me, be it with her lips, fingers, or teeth.

I bit down on her nipple as it contracted to a point, groaning as I felt heat singe up and down my spine.

“Fuck, baby. Close…shit, so fucking close.”

She was still writhing on top of me as her pulsating little cunt relaxed, fluttered again, and fucking jedi mind-tricked the come right out of my dick.

We panted, lips close to each other as we breathed in our mixing air. I tilted my head up a little and licked her bottom lip before dragging my teeth over it. It pulled a low, vibrating groan out of her chest, and she relaxed, resting her head on mine.

“Love you. So fucking much it literally hurts to be away from you.” I meant it—every word.

As her lips curled into a tired smile, her eyes fluttered and closed, opening again before she spoke.

“Love you too. So much my heart explodes with warmth every time you touch me.”

I hummed appreciatively and kissed her again. I could kiss her for hours in between talking, watching TV—anything, really. But now that she was safe, I had to check in with Paul and see if he’d gotten in touch with Artemis and Zach.

Patting her leg, I moved forward so she could get to her feet. She did, though she was a little wobbly. I bit back a smug smirk and stood beside her.

“Let’s get you cleaned up again and into bed. I have a feeling my night’s not quite yet over.”

I had a feeling it was going to be a night that never ended as well.

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