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Hi! I'm Alex Blue! I have a lot of people around me and I love talking to new people... but... my father thinks it's stupid... and... I'm... best friends with Jackie! A guy with black hair and a white streak in it! But everyone ships us, and it's uncomfortable... Read on to find out my hugest darkest secrets! That sounds weird, sorry!!

Fantasy / Other
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Welcome to the mansion!

Description of the main characters:
Alex Blue: Has brown hair which fades into Blue, and a blue streak, fair skin, tall, but not that tall, brown eyes.
Jackie: Black hair with a white streak, Taller than Alex Blue, fair skin, black eyes.
Belle: Light Blue hair which fades into white, fair skin, medium height, electric blue eyes.
Blue: Has brown hair with dark blue ends, fair skin, a bit taller than Belle, blue eyes.
Black: Has black hair which fades into white, fair skin, as tall as Blue, black eyes, wear glasses.
Aiden: Has Dark Green hair which fades into Dark Blue and has a purple streak, fair skin, Shorter than Black, one of her eyes is blue while the other is green.
Alex Brox: Has brown hair which fades into magenta and has a dark blue streak, fair skin, same height as Aiden, one of her eyes is blue while the other is magenta.
Axel: Has dark brown hair which fades into purple, purple eyes, fair skin, always listening to music.

Alex Blue’s P.O.V

“Alexa play Miss Jackson.” I sighed as I threw myself onto the couch, letting myself melt and almost combining with it, but obviously, one just cannot enjoy life while listening to Panic! At The Disco. And I’m sure my fish tank agrees.

“YO! ALEX B!! COME UP HERE LET’S MAKE SOME MUSIC!!” He yelled from upstairs, why on earth did we buy a gigantic enormous mansion as our studio?? It makes no sense but alright.

“NO THANKS AXEL I JUST CAME BACK FROM THE CHAMPIONSHIPS!” I yelled back at him; Axel was… well… our purple boy who has this insane love for music? I can say that right? Yea, I guess.

“AAAWWW OK!” He yelled again, then you could hear intense drumming.

“OH, COME ON AXEL! I’M TRYING TO STUDY!” Black yelled; Black is… the son of a mafia gang’s leader. Except, he doesn’t like it. Now that I think of it, I should probably take that back. However, he really isn’t on good terms with his cousin, Jackie. Aka my best friend. Anyways, Black is this really extremely wise guy… he likes to study whatever he can in our huge library… (again, WHY DID WE GET A HUGE MANSION?!)

“STOP YELLING GIVE ME A BREAK!” I yelled with the last bit of energy I had, as Miss Jackson was slowly coming to an end.

“Hey Al! you got back?” Jackie greeted me as he walked into the living room then sat down beside me on the couch

“No actually I’m still on my way! Want me to get anything for ya?” I sarcastically remarked

“Yes actually, a bottle of banana milk would be quite pleasant!” He replied, now you see this is EXACTLY why we’re best friends. “How were the championships? It was Football today wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it was quite great actually, our team won 5 points to 4 against some other school…” I trailed off “I think it was Max’s school…” I sighed

“Max? As in Maxine? Maxine Brox?? Alex Pink’s—I mean Alex Brox’s sister?!” He exclaimed in shock

“Yea… I think, I’m not sure…” I sighed

“What’s up with my sister?” Alex Brox asked as she came down the stairs, long story short they had a conflict and sort of never resolved it….

“I played versus her school today…” I sighed

“You mean her EX-school.” She stated, Alex Brox get’s really upset and sensitive around this topic, and I respect that.

“Yep, we won though! Wanna see the medal? It’s golden!” I smiled childishly

“Oh! Yeah! You have a chance of getting the trophy in next week’s finals! You were so cool on TV!” She lit up, now THAT’S the Alex I know.

“Hehe! Thanks!” I laughed as I showed both Alex Brox and Jackie the medal, then we sat down and spoke for a little bit more, before we decided I should probably head up to take a shower then have a nice little nap while they prepare dinner.

Jackie’s P.O.V

“Potatoes? Check. Mozzarella? Check. Sausages? Check. Tomato Sauce? Nope… Oh! I’ll just replace it with ketchup… Check! All ready to make potato pizzas!” I said as I read down my checklist

“Woah, if someone doesn’t know you that well, they’d think you’re some sort of chef!” Alex Pink—Can I say Alex Pink? I got infected by KBB but eh.

“It… was my dream when I was ten, so technically that person wouldn’t be entirely wrong!” I said as I washed the potatoes then peeled them

“You know there’s a cooking competition in our university next month, and there’s a grand prize of 20K dollars.” Alex P. said, but I sensed her smile, so I knew she wanted me to join

“I do know, but there’s also the music competition Al, Axel and I have been preparing for, since, like what, last month?” I replied

“But that’s two days after the cooking competition! Come on Jackie! Do it for Alex Blue!” She whined convincingly—but that’s the problem. She convinced me!

“Ok, ok, you win… I’ll see what I can do about it.” I sighed as I finished cutting the potatoes in halves, then squeezed the ketchup out of it’s bottle onto the halves and spread it evenly, then I sprinkled a good amount of mozzarella on top of the ketchup, I’d already boiled and cut the sausages so I just placed them above the mozzarella, then put them into the oven.

“I’ll go check on Alex” She smiled as she left me alone in the kitchen.

I knew quite well I had talent but I just… didn’t want to take a separate path from everyone else here, they all love drawing, or making music, or animating, or anything of such! I don’t want to be the odd one out!

“Hey JJ! What’s taking you so deep in thought?” Alex B. asked me

“Nothing, it’s nothing. How was your beauty sleep?” I asked jokingly

“We both know I needed that for my health not my beauty, I’m beautiful without having to sleep for ten hours, unlike some people” She smiled childishly

“Aw! How’d ya figure me out? I need my beauty sleep because I’m a model in the making!” I stated sarcastically, then we both burst out laughing, a bit after that, Black, Blue, Axel and Aiden came downstairs and we all had dinner.

Alex Blue P.O.V

I’m tired and I’m full. Literally. Why does life have to do me like that? Why does Jackie have to be so good a chef??

“You ok Alex?” Belle asked as she joined me on the porch, it was quite big… but the back yard was bigger, it fit a pool and a garden…

“Yea, I’m fine!” I smiled

“Please excuse me for this, Hi fine! I’m Belle!” She laughed; she really just told a dad joke—this is why we shouldn’t visit KBB a lot.

“Oh, how I wish the earth would open up and swallow me right now! I fell for your prank yet again!” I laughed along with her, Belle was like the older sister of the group, in case you were wondering, which I’m not sure if you were, Belle didn’t join us for Dinner because she had one of those late-night classes to boost her average score.

“So? How were the championships? I heard that next week’s the final one to declare the winner!” She asked

“You heard right! We won against… Max’s school,” I whispered the part about Max’s school, because if Alex Brox heard us, her mood would flip. “And the victory was amazing! 5 points to 4!”

“It’s good to see you’re still all hyper after a long day!” Belle smiled

“Now that you mention it, I do feel a little tired… but I don’t have any morning classes tomorrow, at least not until 11 AM!” I smiled as I let my head fall back so that my head made contact with the couch, and I closed my eyes.

“You sure are tired, I’d suggest you sleep early, even though you don’t have morning classes!” Belled patted my shoulder as she got up and went back inside…

I took my phone out of my pocket, plugged in my WIREFUL earphones and started listening to my “CHILL” play-list, which was a mix of songs I just adored!

I really didn’t realize how long I was outside for though—because I literally woke up at 3 in the morning, AM, because it was too cold outside, but what shocked me most? Jackie was also asleep on the couch—he had one earphone in his ears from my phone.

“JJ? Wake upppp,” I sleepily said, I got an ‘mmhmm’ as a response “Dude we’re outside you flipping idiot.”

“D…did you just… curse me…?” He asked half asleep

“No—Dude wake up!” I shook him and he jolted up “Good morning idiot.”

“W-what? What time is it?” He asked as he rubbed his eyes

“Three thirty in the morning…” I replied, just then the ACTUAL song three thirty (by AJR) started playing and that’s when I realized we were still listening to music

“Woah—Black sent me here to call you inside, but you looked peaceful and I decided to listen to whatever you were listening to… this couch is magical, really.” He explained

“Yea, I miss my bed… In we go.” I spoke as I got up and stretched, He got up too and we both got inside and locked the mansion’s door and went up to our rooms, but you know what’s really scary at three thirty in the morning? Hearing intense drumming coming from one of the bedrooms, followed by an unpleasant yell.


“YOU KNOW I GET NERVOUS!” Axel yelled back as he drummed even more intensely

“Oh cheese-whiz.” I mumbled as I got into Axel’s room and took the drumsticks from him “Can’t you play the piano instead?”

“No. The drums are much more relaxing.” He said as he got another pair and started drumming again

“What about the violin?” I asked as I took away the pair he got out

“Needs too much focus.” He, once again, took out another pair of drumsticks.

“I don’t think the guitar needs that much focus.” I stated as I snatched the drumsticks

“I. Don’t. Want. To.” He snapped as he took out the final pair, I knew it was the final pair.

“The ukulele is crying for attention.” I finally told him as I took away the final pair and put them all back in their place

“I guess you just can’t go wrong with the uke.” He finally smiled, we bid each other goodnight as I left his room, and everyone fell asleep listening to calming tunes that night.

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