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The boy got what he wanted, to be smart, handsome, and rich but in the end he died because of jealousy just because he wanted to marry a simple woman. Confused, lost, and betrayed, see where will the young man go as he reaches towards a summit filled with magic and danger.

Fantasy / Adventure
Hector James
Age Rating:


"Why?" a young man weakly cried out as blood came out from a knife wound on his chest. He was handsome even drenched in blood, his fair skin in red, blue eyes seeing blood, and his brown hair speckled with his blood. He wore a fancy suit but it was now covered in mud and blood.

It started to rain as leaves caught those droplets, and two individuals were caught in the rain. The first as the victim and the other was the perpetrator, a woman. She looked simple with brown eyes, fair skin, long brown hair.

"I had to do it! My parents were taken as hostage, they told me that they would be released if I killed you!" the woman cried as her eyes flashed mixed up emotions. Fear, sadness, regret, remorse, hate, all kinds of emotion just from one event. Her hands trembled as she held the bloodstained knife on her hands.

"Why didn't you tell me?" the boy breathed his last as his consciousness was suddenly replaced with his memories. He could hear countless praises from people around him as they dubbed him as the man who pushed everything to new heights. Terra forming Mars to a habitable planet, curing Cancer, getting rid of radioactive wadts, and many more. The reason as to why he did that was just to win a heart of a simple girl, Claire, the one who betrayed him in the end.

Just as he was about to finally let death grasped him, he felt something furry brushing on his right arm. He paid no attention to it but the result was a heavy object decided to pounce on his stomach. He immediately opened his eyes just to see a cute squirrel looking at him with its brown eyes. It's fur was white, not unlike a normal brown squirrel, black ears with such a cute appearance.

He immediately stood up as the squirrel got off of him and waited on the white sands, sand? Now he was confused as he remembered that he was in a forest, dying, and now he was on some kind of shore. The ocean was at his back while a dense forest was in front of him, not only that he noticed that there was a height difference. His previous height was around 6 feet, and a body that many women would drool in. Now he was around 5'5 and with a lean body, though women would still definitely have a blush.

Another thing is that his clothing was quite different, it looked similar to common people during the medieval times. He sighed as he thought, 'This is not heaven, it feels more like reincarnation. This seems a bit of a pain to me.'

The squirrel continued looking at him before scurrying off and climbed on a nearby coconut tree. It suddenly swiped its claws as coconut dropped to the ground before it descended and carried it before him.

'Those claws are pretty sharp!' he though sharply before thanking the cute guy and got the coconut. He found a nearby log before cracking it and drank its sweet contents. "That's refreshing!" he exclaimed before glancing at the squirrel. He gave the other piece to it, as it began to drink and eat the meat.

"I think I'll name you Duke. I didn't introduce myself, name's Wade, Wade Aqua." he said before continuing, "Yes, this is not weird to talk to a cute squirrel." The squirrel just glanced at him before continuing to drink that just left him smiling. He suddenly looked around to see if anything was of use to him when he noticed a small booklet inside one of the pockets. When he saw the booklet, it was blue in cover, with a golden upside down triangle as each vertex had a single line.

Wade looked on with confusion as it inspected the book closely, before opening it. The contents looked different as it comprises with symbols that he could understand, which confused him to a great extent, it felt natural to him but the first word he saw was simply shocking.

"So magic exist in this world." he mumbled before continuing to read it. He squatted down as he read the contents with great curiosity and the squirrel decided to climb on his left shoulders before looking at the book.

'So mana is the means for people to cast spells, however there are two kinds of mana, light mana and dark mana. The former helps in creation of inanimate objects while the latter is the creation of animate objects.' he thought before closing the book and meditated a bit to try to sense mana.

It was warm, cool, it felt like liquid, viscous and not viscous, basically it was indescribable. But he could sense that his body was absorbing the energy and noticed that his body only absorbed the cool feeling while the rest were just at his skin. 'So this cool feeling is the element of water, okay next trying to form basic shapes.' he thought as he opened his eyes and realized that he was hungry.

'Maybe later.' he sighed as he noticed the squirrel was looking at him with impatient eyes as there was a mountain of coconut behind it."

Ah, sorry Duke, got a bit busy." Wade apologized before getting one coconut and broke it as he gave it to the little guy. He got one for himself before continuing on trying to cast a spell. A water orb formed around him as he gasped for air, beads of sweat formed on his skin as he only thought, 'This is quite incredible!'


49, 50, 51, 52." Wade was meditating as each number represents how many orbs can he cast before collapsing. It was quite an amazing sight to see since each orb was the size of a watermelon and levitate around him. Not only that, he was even surprised to see another animal besides Duke, and that was a scary rabbit.

Sharp fangs, crazy outburst of speed, not to mention it can control the winds to an extent. And the size of it reached his knees, red eyes, and white fur.

Luckily Dave was there to help him, since the little guy could actually use lightning and managed to paralyze the rabbit before being sliced off by a water blade.

"Okay, shall we try the next step." Wade muttered as he reached 60 water balls. The next step he was referring to is the process of vaporization and freezing. The book that he read stated that water magicians can only manipulate two varieties of water at a time. So meaning he can't ice, water and steam all together because it will just merely collapse, but that doesn't mean he can't manipulate the water to form into ice nor steam.

Little by little, 20 spheres turned either to ice, steam or remained liquid, but the concentration required for each step places a strain on Wade's mind. In the end, he only managed to keep an orb of each phase before fainting due to mana exhaustion.

"Okay, okay I won't push myself to hard so stop pulling hair!" Wade shouted as Duke tugged his hair when he woke up by nightfall. He was surprised to see the little guy bringing coconuts before he was attacked by him.

Duke let a squeak before jumping off of him and pointed at the coconuts. Wade sighed and with a gesture, a coconut was neatly cut in half. The squirrel immediately ate one as Wade only sighed and looked at the stars.

"It is really beautiful." Wade wondered as stars formed various constellations that didn't give a clue on where they are. Feeling down, he only sighed as he thought, 'It has been five days since I came into this world. Though I still don't dare venture further into the forest, but I have to try tomorrow.'

Duke climbed on his shoulder before it laid comfortably on his head. Wade just sighed before entering meditation as he drifted off to sleep.

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