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Angel's hope

By Wolfgal911 All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Is that even an "angel"?

All of the heavens had high hopes for her. The atmosphere was eerily still. This event was important to all of heaven but it was also very delicate. The birth of a child in the heavens was uncommon, these children were sometimes capable of destroying all three worlds. All of heaven had halted their activities to watch patiently for the young angel's birth. Even the demons of hell kept a keen eye, and even some of the angels were apprehensive. If all went well, this newborn angel may have the power to be a new god or goddess, a truly dangerous yet magnificent act.

The time was closing in, even the world of the living was subtly anxious, being affected by the awaited outcome. Birds of every color, shape, and breed were flying one direction. Wolves unusually ran together, keeping in a tight formation. Even small creatures like rodents and insects seemed to be keeping together in abnormally large groups. Humans also found themselves staying subconsciously together. The angels themselves were starting to make the atmosphere darker. They were getting restless, annoyed, and impatient.

One of the highest ranked angels walked up to the hut and parted the curtains. He walked into the darkness, carefully covering the entrance to the hut so no one else could see. He walked up to the bed where she lay with the young angel. His expression was stern, with no joy when he saw the baby. The newborn angel had a pitiful set of wings to him. It's left larger wing was pure white with the glow of a goddess, while it's right small wing was raven black with the glow of tainted soul. 'This creature is not pure, it's half human,' he thought. 'How else could it have a wing of a fallen angel banished from heavens gates while still having a wing as pure as a god?' He left the small hut angrily, the expression on his face was anything but glad. "She has been going against one of heavens principle laws! Under order of the third messenger of the ruler, i sentence her to banishment from heavens gates!" He announced to the awaiting crowd.

This was her first memory, muffled cries and screams from outside while the man with gigantic wings that glowed of a pure soul, "I won't let a beautiful gift like you be raised by a traitor of heaven," he whispered in her ear as he started walking to the entrance. The small newborn angel smiled weakly. She flapped her fragile wings, wings that would've been pure if she didn't have human blood in her veins. Her powers would never be that of a goddess, but she was definitely stronger than any angel in heaven.

He walked out with her hesitantly, using the tattered old cloth to cover up her discolored wings from the crowd of angels. He stopped in front of the crowd and spoke in a clear, beautiful, and warm voice, "I will name her Nanaya," Everyone cheered for her, even those who were against the birth. This was a joyous occasion for everyone, all hesitation disappeared from all three of the worlds. He was apprehensive about taking care of a creature of mixed blood, humans and angels were not meant to be together. The angels were creatures resurrected from the souls of the deceased; humans still contained their original souls. They were creatures that are "living" according to their terms.

Those who thought this law of "common sense," was incorrect were thrown out of heaven. Legend says those who are thrown out can never return. Their wings turn black and their halos break apart, leaving parts floating above their head aimlessly. Though for a being of both angelic and human blood, no one can say for sure how leaving the gates of heaven will effect her. In hindsight, being born half human shouldn't be possible. A creature of no soul to also have the blood of a creature with a soul could cause some to question their whole existence. Among every possibility, she had been born half human, a black sheep that probably will never be truly accepted into heaven.

(Angel Wings. Digital image. DeviantArt. Wolfgal911, 25 Dec. 2015. Web. 25 Dec. 2015. <>.)

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