The Elemental Rider

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Arina is an elven slave with a gift that she nor anyone else knows about; When she has opportunity at freedom it comes with a huge cost.

Fantasy / Romance
Coryn Pestana
Age Rating:

Sing me a song: CH 1

I’m flying high
I feel free;
Free from everything
Free from slavery
Free from life
I can feel the damp air brushing my face as I dance through the crisp air, I can hear myself laughing -


Someone calls me and I come to a stop, Stepping onto the clouds I see abright blinding white light with a shadowed silhouette

“Arina, come find me..”

Who are you? How do you know my name?”

I felt a tug like my heart yearned for the voices touch, I slowly started to approach the silhouette; “Who are you?”

Arina... find me”

I startle awake to the same sound I hear every morning, The sound of the other servants getting ready for the day.
I roll over and slip on my worn boots and smoothed out my braided hair to the best I could, rushing to the kitchen she ate some cheese and bread then drank her milk and set off for her duties.

I arrive to the hall and stand next to nessa my best friend but more like my sister, her mum and dad practically raised me as their own alongside nessa and callon; I smile warmly at my friend hoping today our chores would line up so we could have sole sort of fun today at least.

“Arina, Nessa, Aerin and Vena you guys are on garden duty. We expect you to pluck the finest fruit, the best flowers and tidy the areas ready for the ball thos weekend. This will follow through for the next four days; you will start at 6 and finish at 8 do you understand? Breakfast will be at 5:30 for you, lunch at 11:30 and dinner will be at 6. Make sure you work hard, I won’t be able to get you out of trouble again of you don’t girls understand?” She looked at us with a firm but mothering look, “Yes mother” nessa and I said in joint and we left to do our duties with the other girls.

We made our way to the pantry to grab baskets and knives then headed out into the garden;

“Rina and Aerin you guys are best with flowers so you handle those and Vena and I will gather fruit. We will meet back here in 2hours and head in with the first loads?” Nessa smiled her big smile and headed off with vena in the direction of the Orchards while Aerin looked at me and gave me a soft smile and headed towards the flower groves as I swiftly follow behind her.

I started with the roses; My mum loved roses especially pink ones and before I know it I am zoned out I don’t know how long passed before I felt someone grab my arm.

“We need to get inside. Now!” Aerin whispered in a serious tone while pulling my arm and leading me through the flower groves swiftly

“Aerin what is happening?” I asked probably a bit to loudly for her liking, I was very confused.

“Something is wrong I saw servants being dragged away and into carriages in shackles. We have to hide. Now.”

My heart raced in my chest nessa
“What about nessa? Vena? And callon?” I whispered with fear on my voice

Suddenly I was shocked out of my frozen spot when Aerin froze in her place and then looked down, My eyes followed her gaze and landed on a sword that had been plunged through her, I stumbled backwards as I watched the blood pour from her while the sword was ripped away from her and she dropped to the floor.

I turned and ran, my feet hitting the ground faster and faster with every step Callon help me please as I pray to the gods I collided with someone I fell backwards hitting the floor.

Looking up I saw a man he stared at me and I felt a warmth “Help me.. please..” his lips parted before he took out his sword I closed my eyes as the tears fall and braced for impact but it never came, I opened my eyes and saw he had killed the man from before he reached his hand out to me. I hesitated for a moment but grabbed his hands, His eyes went blank and then he returned.

“RINA!!” I turned to see Nessa, Callon and Vena running tears filled my eyes as I saw my friends, Relief flodded my body as I ran to them and wrapped them in my arms as much as I could.

It was only when someone coughed behind me that I realised we had an audience.

A/N : hi everyone first things first thank you for clicking on my book. This first chapter is not perfect but I have big plans for future chapters!

I know this is not perfect but this chapter was about introducing a couple of characters only. There is a reason for this though.

This book is ALL my idea, Please don’t take any of my ideas and constructive criticism is welcome.

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