A Taste Of Your Heart

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"You either hand me the crystal and your loved ones are safe or you keep it and lose your friends. Choose." She laughed like a psycho, as if the idea of killing people thrills her. I took in a sharp breath, not believing what I was about to say. "No." I had a great reason to say so. She was stunned, blinking multiple times. "No?" She leaned back, her smile growing into a satisfied grin. "You want to play a game? Okay then, game on." My eyes widened as I realized the promise that were held in her eyes. Before I could change my words, she left. What had I done? ****************** A story of a 17 year old witch who is named as Quartz Davis. She blames herself from losing her closest friend, after they found her dead body in the middle of the woods. Aaron Waljer acts tough and confident in front of everyone, although he is actually broken on the inside. He is good at hiding his negative emotions and his darkest secrets from others. And he keeps pushing Quartz away from him, although what is the reason for his strange behavior? With Quartz and her friends put in danger, read to find out how she got her victory to freedom and how she finally got a taste of Aaron's heart. **A story in which fantasy always had been reality.** ***************** Started: March 26th, 2020 Completed: --

Fantasy / Romance
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I ran through the woods with all my strength, my adrenaline pumping. I tried to ignore the screams from miles away. I stopped, so I could catch my breath, leaning against one of the trees. My hands were shaking uncontrollably and my legs were aching really badly.

After not so long, I heard wolves howling and approaching. I looked around, spotting a small hole, which I could fit myself into. I quickly squashed myself inside and started blurting out a spell in a low tone. Closing my eyes tightly shut, I hoped it would work this time.

Once I repeated the same words multiple times, I took a peek from one eye. Noticing that I was still in the same place, I started panicking. Shivers went down my spine as I realized that the wolves arrived. I could hear them sniffing the ground.

I took a deep breath and started casting the spell over again. I felt the wind against my face, the leaves dancing around. I lost my hope once I heard footsteps approaching towards the hole. One of the wolves howled, gesturing to the other to my direction. They started running towards me, making me flinch.

And the next thing that I saw was darkness.


I woke up, feeling my head pounding painfully. I scanned the room that I was in. This wasn't my house, nor Veronica's. I gasped loudly, my eyes going wide in fear.

I didn't know where I was at.

I instantly sat up, causing my head to pound even worse.

"Careful there. You need some rest." A deep voice said from my side. Startled, my head snapped towards him. I examined him, from his messy brown hair to his deep blue eyes. He looked very familiar to me. He seemed to be around my age.

I brought up my hand to my temple, as if my headache was going to get any better.

I sat there, stunned once I recognized him as one of my classmates. I did something wrong with my spell that it teleported me here, instead of my house. I must have lost my focus when the wolves were only inches away from me.

"Are you okay?" My thoughts got interrupted by the guy, whose now sitting in front of me. I think I had been staring at him for a while. He extended his arm, offering me a glass of water. I grabbed it and brought it to my lips, after a whispered a 'thank you'.

He squinted his eyes at me and snapped his fingers together repeatedly, as if trying to remember who I was. "Your name is Quartz, right?" He inquired.

I nodded my head slowly in response. I brought my hand to my left bandaged arm. "What happened?" I muttered, finishing my cup. The last thing that I could remember was when I was getting chased by wolves. Although, they weren't any wolves, they were huge as bears.

"You've been unconscious since midnight. I found you at my backyard and your nose was bleeding. You got a few scratches and bruises over your body, but other than that you're fine." He took the empty cup from my hand, getting up from his seat. "I'm Aaron, by the way. Can I get you anything?"

I nodded. "Another cup of water, please." I paused for a second, scanning him. "I know you. You're from my chemistry class." I was too tired to clear my voice for him, so he didn't hear me.

I watched him leave the room, a million thoughts going through my mind. He actually saw my nose bleeding. What if he'll find out that I'm a witch? He'll tell everyone at school. My reputation is already messed up. I don't want it to get worse.

I stood up slowly, memories starting to flash in my mind from last night. My mouth hung open at what I had done. I had truly messed up. I looked around for an exit and immediately left the house.


I know that this is super short, but I promise that everything will get better!

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