Crimson Moon

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Calla was a normal happy teenage girl. That is until her 18th birthday when her life spiraled out of control. What happened you may ask? She turned into a werewolf without any knowledge that these beasts existed in this world. She thought she was a monster, an outright freak, and contemplated suicide. That was until she found a pack with a strong dangerous alpha wolf named Adolph. Is this a pack she should trust with her life or should she run away as fast as she can?

Samantha Thompson
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Running in the freezing pitch black woods at night, fear rose up deep inside me. Feeling of terror striking me to the point of pain. Dread washed over my slim body. Something was definitely wrong. A twig snapped behind me. The mist and fog too dense for my blue eyes to see. I began to run, run faster than I ever ran before. My white sparkly fur clinging to my slender body. All I could hear was the blood rushing in my ears. My breath panting faster and faster as my heart rate climaxed. My long claws dug into the soft forest flooring, the mud sticking to my paws turning them black in appearance.

All of a sudden, a wolf jumped out in front of me. Quickly, I turned around to try and run the way I came. Another wolf emerged from the shadows. All I could make out were the golden eyes. It was then that I noticed I was trapped. About five wolves from what I could make out were circling me, laughing at me. The alpha male said “Where do you think you’re going Calla? There isn’t anywhere you can go, you’re mine now.” He came towards me with his white pointed fangs everything went dark.

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