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This is a dragon level disaster that apply as same god level would be impossible to be recover, it's a disaster that come upon the earth few decade ago, in the old days legend said earth was a green land there were enough food for 7.6 billion population,from elder story it's all begin in 2020. Those old days had becoming a leagend, after all now this weak earth properly may has 3.7% from the leagend population, there is Manny thing that happened, first there won't be any generation from old leagend they can't survive even a minute breathing in the disaster only few get back to create new generation with old science biological born that would be adapted to the outside world these was done in the last team on space ship near the star, elder said star is really far but old legend community can reach Star anytime they want..there many things can be discover on outside world but poor thing only few selected warrior can go journey outside but one day I definitely will be on the journey, my name is lexus my biology energy were elemental one day I will be a warrior defending this colony,we are in deep ocean base training our biology energy,why we training, there were many monster with biology energy adapted to the serounding survive the disaster level dragon, many warrior defending this colony would end up with death door, that's is why the training occurring in deep ocean,by AFIQBASRi

Fantasy / Action
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From star to land

Back in Time moment where legend community living in luxury lifestyle, untill one day disaster occurred that would be the end of supreme power lives, disaster occurred only from a pleg at the beginning. But the pleg is cureble after they announced that they win against the pleg that affecting million of life,but government of each colony is questioning where the pleg was from, they may be enemies that would kill other colony with the pleg, those colony government can't wistand that feels not going to be safe in their safe house, soon after colony war 3 begin, these war destroy colony just with fingers, point the colony in few seconds it's will be burn to ass all humanity and nature dead just by tapping finger, each colony start killing each other by the time the population decrease to few percent until they no longer accessible to the dragon level disaster, but its not for long term the survivors of the desaster keep dieying one after anotherc could it be that the air was being unable to be breath with,. They reported that in the global news for all to learn and to gather fix this issue unfortunately they all on earth had no food supply to wistand, the only one supreme power that survive and surveillance every thing at the star is the only hope from their efforts we biology born created, it's took few decade to complete biology born and raised the biological energy to be stable, those supreme power happy after successful completing the biological energy born, they teach this new born baby warrior to defend themselves and many other things like science math biology engineering until they really ready for the graduation test, for sending them to earth the task is about reclaimed earth beat the dragon level desaster, they will be dropped off in the ocean and start a colony in military base in deep ocean, they produce new born by their own, they was own their own, the supreme power haven't heard from them for long periods at first attending earth they focus on produce new born, latter they conduct an activity to scout serounding many lost in the journey and never comeback ,there were reports said a huge monster with biology energy eat them, but there no trace of anything, until the science class colony success in making a flying eye, with that they can monitor the situation new chosen warrior get the task to defend the serounding monitor by flying eye, was come back to base before they go miles away from the base,they been call to back to base only elder knowing what seeing in the flying eye, after the day we produce more warrior and make upgrade to them to be available to gain control of biological energy after few years failed then they begin to succeed in make a bioborn with elements energy, my name is laxcus I m the first kind of the bio born with elements energy, this is a story of mine ,fame just wait until then I be a leagend.. #by AFIQBASRi

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