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After dying during an inter-clan battle in 1888,a young man revives in a cave hundreds of years later with his memories still intact.What he does not remember ever having is the talisman hanging on his neck.On closer inspection,there are six letters inscribed on it;Amorak. His world has been conquered and is now under the Shashan.The Shashan are stronger than humans by a tenfold yet they have the same physique.The only difference with humans is their sharp long canines like those of a feline and their eyes turn red when angry.They are popularily known as Galaxy Conquerers because they move from one galaxy to the next and put every creature under their rule.Resistance is met with brutality never seen before.

Fantasy / Action
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Deep in the jungles of Mount Elges a Shashan warrior was hunting a group of people that had escaped from a town that they had been razing down.Years of killing and murder had turned him into the perfect soldier.Feelings of regret and pity were unknown to him.He did what he was ordered to do.Not more,not less.The best thing was that humans were so weak that he could crush their skulls by just applying a little pressure with his bare hands.A group of them had tried coming at him with guns back when they had landed on earth.

Honestly, the guns did hurt but the pain they caused were like bee stings to him.A bullet could not penetrate Shashan skin.He smiled when he recalled how he tore their leader from limb to limb and displayed his parts for all to see.The rest tried to run but he could not let them spoil his fun.Using his Deathblade,he smote them down in a few minutes.


hat was how every Shashan warrior was built.Nothing could change their loyalty.Bloodthirst always troubled them like how humans struggled with hunger and sexual desire.Without shedding blood,they would start fighting amongst themselves.

A fight between Shashans was the epitome of all epic battles.These fights were very rare but once they took place only the death of one aggressor would settle it.As soon as one died,it was the job of the killer to burn the dead one.This was a rule they followed to the later.

The hunter moved through the dense forest as silently as a jaguar.His footsteps were muffled by the rotting tree vegetation under the trees canopy.By calculating his movement,he would get to the humans in some minutes.He smiled ruefully.

'I should finish this quickly and get back to that town.My regiment must have killed hundreds of these earthings by now.Why must Agirt give me these stupid side jobs?'He thought angrily as he brandished his weapon.The Deathblade was a sword given to all Shashan as soon as they could fight.It could cut through meat and bones like a hot knife through butter.Nothing could dent it.

It was rumoured that these blades were forged in magma using a metal known as Murtan.The metal's deposits were only found in planet Murta of the Fallen Heroes Galaxy.

A Shashan's nose,ears and eyesight were very good.He caught sight of a foot sticking out from a tree a few metres away before the scent of a human hit his nostrils.He moved cautiously towards that location.The human scent was very strong now.


He heard something move towards him.He dived to the left and rolled as he quickly faced where he came from.The humans had set a trap!He almost laughed at this but inwardly he was shocked at their audacity.

His movement had helped him to evade an axe that would have hit him behind the neck.The foolish human had thrown his axe and it was his only weapon.He moved out of his hiding place with his hands raised.

"I surren....." He had no time to finish his words because his body stood without part of his hands and head.Decapitated in mere seconds!

"Show yourself human.Your smart friend is already dead.I promise to make it quick if you give me less trouble." Serik said as he picked up the fallen axe.

"Only if you promise not to go after the woman and her daughters.She is my sister and you just murdered their father."The man said.

" What makes you think I will allow you to bargain?"Serik said as he poked at the leg.

The man yelped and jumped up.He cowered as he knew what came next.

"Where did the woman go?I might allow you to live after all." He tried his best bargaining chip at the man.

"They went this way." He said and indicated towards his left.

"Thank you." Serik said and split the man's head in two.

Then he laughed as he went to the right.The man must have thought he died a matyr after saving his family.Serik was no fool.He knew the man knew he will be killed no matter what so giving him the opposite direction might save his sister and her offspring.

His laugh echoed over and over making it a really eery scene.The two corpses he left behind didn't make it better in any way.

After a short sprint,he caught their scent.Unlike other wars were women and children were spared,the Shashan believed that the children would turn into adults who would try to revenge in future so they killed them too.The women could bring forth more heroes so they were a bigger enemy.

Serik only saw them as three more foes that had to meet his Deathblade.

"Foolish woman.Going up the mountain only makes them slow." He thought as he increased his speed.

The woman looked behind her and saw the hooded figure sprinting after them.Her resolve crumbled.This could only mean her brother and husband were no more.She was tired of climbing over the rocks and the children were no better.All she could do was turn around and wait for their death.

"No mother,Keep running!" Her youngest daughter urged her on.She could not help but let the tears she had been struggling with to flow.She was the one supposed to be strong for them but not the other way round.Seeing the dogged expression on her daughter's face,she decided to put in a little more effort.Her lungs were burning and the blisters on her feet had burst.Blood and pus dropped on the stones every time she stepped on them.

"There!" The eldest said.She was pointing at a really bizzare thing that seemed to have suddenly appeared a few yards to their left.By the looks of it,a big square rock just popped up out of nowhere.And it had a door!Any door that could be locked would improve their security. They changed direction and moved towards it.

Serik had seen the stone's appearance earlier than them.

Whatever it was,it was not a Shashan creation.And its appearance out of thin air was also something he had never seen.Before he could process more his targets dissapeared too!

He stopped and rubbed his eyes.Something must be wrong.The first thought was to call Agirt as he was the leader.This was not anticipated in their plans.

"The fool might call me a coward before my friends.I will handle this." He thought as he moved towards the rock.All of his senses were on high alert.This could not be a common rock because on closer it had figures of animals imprinted all over it.Serik caught glimpses of lions,boars,elephants,tigers,snakes and even birds.Some even depicted dragons.

"Then it is not that old because dragons never existed.This must be a really great human invention." He dropped his guard after that.

He went around the rock.It was big enough to fit into a medium sized room.It had no windows or even possible ventilations.

"So they are going to suffocate in there.Ha ha!Maybe the rock will do the work I intended to do.I will wait until she decides to breathe." He thought.

A whole hour went by without any interesting happenings.He decided to move closer.

"Soldier 66P82.What is taking you so long?"Captain Agirt's voice startled Serik.

" 66P82 reporting.The humans are dead.They set a trap but I beat them.I am on my way back."Serik lied.

"A trap?"

"Yes sir."

Agirt was silent for a few seconds.These humans have become too stupid.

"Move faster.I need you to join another group and act as our vanguard."

"Orders received sir!66P82 out."

Serik had to do something fast so he moved backwards and moved at his top speed towards the rock.He had to knock the door down.Nothing could steal his kills.Not even a cool rock.

When his foot reached the door, he kept going and was swallowed too.He found himself in a room with the woman and her kids cuddled in a corner.On the other side,a metalic box was hovering in the air.It changed colour after every few seconds.In just a few minutes it had gone through all possible shades of the rainbow.This completely mesmerized serik.He walked towards it in awe and moved to touch its surface.A bright red aura filled the room and the woman shrieked.

"Woman!I will paint these walls with your blood if you shout again." Serik said.

He moved towards the woman as he unsheathed his sword.As he made to attack her the coffin moved and positioned itself between Serik and his targets.A big mistake.Serik's eyes became so red that they looked like flaming orbs.

He clenched his fists and used all his power to hit the metal box.On connecting with the surface, the coffin was pushed to the wall with such force that it collided with the wall.The woman shrieked again.This served to infuriate Serik more.

He made to attack her again but the coffin started humming so loudly that the four of them were forced to close their ears.A bright light emanated and suddenly diminished.

A well-built man stood before Serik.The man held a staff in one hand while the other was stroking his goatee.He studied Serik for some time then disregarded him and turned to the woman.

"Your cries have been heard. I am awake.How may I help you good woman?" The stranger asked the woman.She did not know whether to trust him or not but he was their only chance.

"We are being attacked by these Shashan.Help us!"

"Shashan....I thought we had a deal but they went behind my back and managed to make me sleep forever.Only a Shashan could wake me but as their sworn enemy none of them could do so.How did this one unbind me?Is he with you?"He asked the woman.

"No.He is here to kill us!"

He turned to Serik.

"Is this true?"

Serik could only stammer.


His Deathblade hit the floor with a clang.He berated himself and picked it up.

"Let us see who will win." Serik shouted and swung his sword with all his might.The stranger moved in a blur and hit Serik on the chest.He hit the wall and was completely disoriented.A strike with the staff broke his shoulder bone and turned him into a crumpled heap on the floor.He could only watch as his Deathblade was pushed inch by inch into his chest.

"How is he this powerful?"

Then the light faded from his eyes.Forever.

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