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This will be a collection of stories mainly consisting of fantasy and romance. The first chapter is about the main character phases into another world to see someone. (WARNING: these stories are largely based on writing prompts and therefore may be similar to other stores, however, none of them are copied, and are my original work.)

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

The Willows Reflection

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Warnings: Suicide

One. Last. Time.

I leaned my face towards the silver framed mirror, staring into my eyes, as my blond hair fell over my slim shoulders. I slowly closed my eyes as I leaned forwards. A small sliver of golden light fell through the small window and into my small gritty and dirty bathroom. As I had stopped hesitating and allowed my face to touch the dirty mirror, my face began to fade though, as my eyes turned from a black to a bright, vivid, royal blue. I could feel myself becoming weightless, as my head, then torso, then legs faded though the mirror. It felt as if I was fading throughout the world, as if I was flying throughout the heavens. But I know better. I keep my eyes closed. I have to. I tilt my body upwards. As my body penetrates the barrier. It feels as if I had jumped from the diving board at the pool and ended up belly flopping into the water, but deeper, and it hurt more. It was the worst pain I have ever felt, but it only lasted for a few seconds, as I was breaking through. The pain immediately seceded as I tilted my body forward and my feet fell the few inches to the ground. The moment I touched the ground it seceded. But I knew better than to be relieved. My small feet touched the bright green luscious grass, displayed through the ground. It hit me like an arrow to the back. Sudden and painful. I crossed my arms to another, digging my fingernails into my skin, breaking it in some places, with blood now dripping down my arms, I didn’t feel it though. I felt an indescribable pain in my shoulder blades, I would compare it to being stabbed, or shot, but it was much, much worse. I felt bone pushing its way out of my shoulder blades, right on top of on each shoulder there was a small rose tattoo connected to a small fragile stem. The bone was pushing through the rose. It then shot out all at once, where the bone had been pushing and sticking out, it pushed the remaining bone outwards, it shot out of my body like a bullet form a handgun. I let out a blood curdling scream, something that would have surely broken glass back at home. But I wasn’t home, this was not my home and I had to remember that. The bone flew out of me, hanging on to my shoulder blades, it was the frame of wings. Then all of a sudden, the muscle seems to be flying out of nowhere, hitting itself on the bone and sticking. I could tell the bones were hollow. The muscle hit it left and right, throwing me back and forth. I was cast from side to side in this spring green field of grass and flowers. After the muscle had been thrown onto me I finally noticed the blood ruining like a waterfall from my shoulder blades. I also realized that I had been cast onto the ground. I pushed myself up preparing for what would come next. I stood there, my arms grabbing each other, closing my eyes tightly. As expected, the muscle started bubbling, like boiling water, and a layer of skin appeared over the wings. And then, right after this, just as the bone had sprung, as did feathers. They shot from the skin, long black feathers, jet black feathers. I gave a quick shutter. I walked from the field in which I was to a near brook. I stepped into the familiar stream, as I turned my back to the current, as my pain has seceded, as I allow the current to clean and wash the blood off of me. I climbed out of the stream, as the second I stepped on land, all the water had somehow left my body. I was completely dry. I walked from the brook to a small hill that appeared to be far away. I walked for what seemed like forever, but I did end up at the foot of the hill. I raised my head to which my blonde long hair fell and waved in the air. There she was. I knew she would be here. My eyes fixed on her wonderful face. From the bottom of the hill I could only make out her wondrous pale skin, and her short black hair. My heart raced, I loved her so much. All the pain I had faced to get to her was worth it, to see her face again. My heart was beating out of my chest, as I ran up the hill towards her. As I grew closer to her as I ran, I could see the silk gown she was wearing, it was lovely and simple. I could see her wondrous blue eyes, and her crooked smile as I grew closer. I stopped 2 feet from her. “Is this real? Are you real?”, “yes.”, she replied simply. “Will I come here when I die?”, “yes”, she answered simply yet again. I couldn’t rescinded . I jumped to her, raping my arms around her. “I miss you so so much, Jane…”, She smiled sweetly and said, “I know, I’m sorry.” “Don’t be″, I said. I hugged her tightly, I eventually let go of her and I stared deeply into her eyes, I took her head in my hands, and I brought her face to mine. I kissed her softly and lovingly. She pulled herself back after a few moments and said, “you shouldn’t be here, why are you here?” I turned from her and looked down over the hill, down at the village of people happily living. “I promised myself that I would come here one last time to see your glorious eyes one last time in my mortal life.”, “Why? Are you dying?”, Jane said. “No darling, I can’t stand life without you, I want to be with you at any cost.” I looked her deep in the eyes as tears formed in mine. “Please don’t.”, she said pleading. “I will.” I said without hesitation, “I haven’t been living since you died, I can’t live without you. I won’t”. She smiled. I knew that smile, she knew she couldn’t stop me. Tears ran down her face. I brought her face to mine and shared another sweet kiss. Tears streamed down both of our faces, as we began to walk down the hill. We talked about a world of things, I told her about what was happening on Earth and she told me tales of this land. As we reached the field my wings started to fade into nothing. “You have to teach me to fly when I come back.”, I said admiring her grey wings. They faded from grey to white at the bottom. She smiled and said, “Of course, my love.” I felt a gust of wind against my bare skin. I was standing where I had started. Jane put her hands on my shoulders. She brought them up my neck and held my face in her hands. She brought my face to hers, and kissed me sweetly. I gave a small giggle and said, “How many times are we going to kiss?” She gave a laugh and kissed me again. She then slowly brought her hands from my face to my shoulders, as she saw me tearing up, she dragged her hands from my shoulders down my arms, taking my hands in hers. “I love you more than anything else.”, “I love you to”, The gust of wind returned, but strangely Jane took a few steps back, as wind surrounded me spinning me, lifting me into the air as I pushed through the barrier. And with that I was back on the dirty floor of my bathroom. Tears streaming down my face. I walked to my room and walked towards my desk, I grabbed a pen and paper, and I wrote. Oh did I write.

Hello it’s new Jimmy Walker, your host today, this morning we have news of a fellow newscaster, Emily Smith, found dead in her apartment this morning at 8:27 am when her roommate, a friend came home after a weekend away, they are investigating her death as of now but they believe it to be of suicide.

But little did he know that somewhere there would be 2 wonderful girls embracing each other, glad to finally be reunited, most likely sharing a sweet kiss under a willow tree on top of a small hill.

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