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Something Familiar

Genre: Fantasy

I picked up my jar of moon water and let out a sigh. The sigh was deep, and not one of annoyance, but of anxiousness. I took a deep breath and bowed my head. I picked up my chalk and glanced down at the items deeply. Staring at the white powder that immediately gripped my hand, I shifted the chalk within my grip and touched it to the ground. The cool stone floor accepted the chalk extremely well. I drew the circle and took a sigh, not lifting the chalk, as that would render it useless. I drew the points of the star and finished it with a strong slash at the end. I then had a pentacle.

I stared at it for a moment. I held tightly onto my jar of moon water and glanced at it. Moon water is water that you leave out in the moonlight, so it can gain the moons power and energy. It’s an interesting liquid. I personally use it a lot in my craft. And mine was tailored to my zodiac sign in particular. As this ritual specified to use one’s zodiac water. It was a strange thing, as the zodiac in which it is set under does not usually affect the process. But I knew this was only to strengthen the casting.

I took a deep breath. “Okay....Okay…” I whispered to myself. “You got this.”

I pushed the metal handle on the lid down and the jar popped open. I took a deep breath. And glanced at the ritual knife that laid on the floor next to me. A shudder creeped down my spine as I thought of what all the others have done before me with that knife. And I was to do the same.

I picked it up, gripping it strongly in my right hand. I looked at my left and took a long breath. I put the knife to my left hand’s middle finger and cut it horizontally across the middle segment. I let out a yelp, dropping the knife. And proceed to wince in pain for a moment. I reached for my now opened jar of moon water and brought it to my body. I looked down at my bloody finger and my tan loose pants, now saturated with blood.

I held my finger over the moon water for a moment, hesitating. I could see the blood drip from my fingertips, and dancing within the water. I took a deep, painstaking breath, and pushed my hand into the jar, breaking the surface of the water. I let out a noise similar to the sizzle of eggs on a hot pan each Sunday morning.There was an explosion of bright, vivid color within the clear liquid.

I quickly pulled my hand from the jar, gripping it strongly in my right hand. I gently placed the jar a few feet away from me and held my hand to my white silk shirt. The shirt quickly turned a crimson red. I turned to my side and looked down to where the knife had once laid. And there laid a long white strip of silk cloth and a safety pin. I reached for the cloth with my right hand and gripped it. I slipped it through my hand until I found the end, before wrapping it around my left middle finger. And reached for the safety pin that sat on the ground. I pined the cloth to itself, trapping it in place. I then took a deep breath.

I reached with my right hand to the jar. I took it gingerly within my hands. I looked at it and thought, “God...Am I actually doing this?”

I answered my own question when I gripped the jar and held it up over the pentacle. “With the power of the pentacle, representing water, fire, earth, air and spirit, bring forth the desire!”I had no idea what I’m doing.

I then dumped the contents of the jar onto the pentacle. Annnddd nothing. I sat there...just-nothing? I sat there confused.

“What the fu-AHHHHH”, I screamed.

The pentacle then chose that moment to explode. A cherry red cloud that looked like floating water bursted out of the pentacle. I was pushed back, my back hitting the floor,and when I had pulled myself up, a bird shaped shadow could be seen through the liquid. It seemed to fade away when it touched the ceiling.

The shadow then emerged, a pitch black raven shadow was visible. Then hazel fingertips began to take to light. The next thing I knew there was a woman standing before me.

She had long black hair that fell at her mid thigh. She was wearing a silver stereotypical witch hat, that’s point folded down upon itself. She had a grey stretchy dress that sat at her upper thighs. Her dress possessed mid length sleeves, and 3 buttons at the collar, all undone. She was wearing a pair of black leggings, and a pair of shorts reaching about a 1/3 down her thigh. Her feet were bare.

I sat there, staring at this beautiful woman. I was so confused. This was not supposed to happen.

She stood there for a moment, as stiff as a statue. And then all of a sudden when I had just started to stand up, she opened her eyes. Her eyes were the same cherry red as the cloud she had appeared in. When she opened her eyes she stood there for a moment. Before bounding towards me.

Well, Well, Well! What do we have here?”, her voice rang out. It was so strange. It sounded almost like shattered glass scraping against another but at the same time it sounded as sweet as honey.

I fell onto my back and looked at her. She stood towering over me, smiling wide, with dozens of sharp pointed teeth quite visible. I sat there shocked. No, no, no! This isn’t supposed to happen!

I found myself trying to shift away from her. Only for her to grab my wrist.

“That isn’t any way to treat a guest!”, she bellowed. Her smile seems genuine. She pulled me up without hesitation.

Who are you?” I managed to muster.

“Well ain’t it obvious? I’m gonna be your familiar!”

“What? No! This isn’t what’s supposed to happen!”

“Well that’s why you don’t make plans.”, she said. She gave me a quick smirk and gave a small giggle. I gave her a distressed look.

“Okay, Okay. I’ll be straight with ya. I’m a demon-”

“You’re a WHAT?!”

“If you would let me finish, I’m a demon.- Shut it.”, she quickly responded when she saw my mouth aghast.

“Like I was saying, I’m a demon. Now we both know I shouldn’t be here, but you made it possible.”

“What did I do?!”, I shouted.

“Will you for the love of god let me finish?! Ahem, now, you were supposed to open a portal to the spirit realm, to select a proper familiar, but instead, you opened a portal straight though the spirit realm and into hell.”

I stood there shocked.

“Only some of the most powerful witches can do that.”, I spouted.

“Which is why you could do it.”, she said, smirking. “Now, I’ll make you a deal, I can take up the facade of being you familiar, and help you with whatever lies ahead, or, I could make your life a living hell, and I should know, I am Satan’s daughter after all.”

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