The Cat Liberator [Shifters #2]

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Joanna Jones knows that her interference 5 years ago will cost her dearly. But she did not care for she wanted what her cousin, Wyatt, has. A mate. Now, exiled from the Red Moon pack to live in the capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia, Joanna did not know what to do until she found a stranger in a bar and that stranger was her mate. Benedict Smith has come to Cyprus in order to convince his sister to get married to the person their father has appointed for her. Little did he knows, he found someone as well. She was not what he used to as she was sarcastic and sassy, did not have a care for the world and a good kisser. Can Benedict get her before his time run out or will he meet her again after he left Cyprus? A new novelette for your enjoyment!

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Larousse
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Chapter 1

5 years ago

Joanna Jones’ POV

I was breathing heavily as I saw my cousin, Wyatt has taken his mate, Catherine out of the forest that the people, shifters mind you, was looking at the couple. I was smiling even though I know that I will be faced with the consequences of my action.

“Joanna Jones, Princess of The Blue Moon Pack, I hereby exiled you to the city,” my father said as I turned to look at him.

“What! What do you mean exile?” I asked as I was looking at my mother. She did not look at me as she was looking at my father.

I guess no help from that side.

My father stood tall as I was looking at him. I did not know what possessed me to challenge him but I did.

“I challenge you to a duel, my king,” I said as I was hearing gasps and whispers from the shifters that were looking at this moment. My father laughed at my attempt to be in a fight with him.

“No, I have spoken the words and you will obey it. You will go to Nicosia and live your life there, forever,” he said as I stiffened. I did not know why the word forever was making me tense. Maybe because I was not allowed to the forest again.

“My king, is that wise?” My mother asked as she was standing up from her chair. At least she knows when to interrupt my father from being ridiculous.

“I am sure as I was born with a Princess, not a Prince. Your cousin will descend my throne as it has been rightfully his. Now leave before I will personally escort to the guillotine myself,” my father said before he went away. He never turned back to look at me. I gripped my hands into fists as I vowed to myself.

I will never set foot on this forest every again.

And with that new resolution in my mind, I was out of the forest, away from the Red Moon pack forever as I don’t know that I will be meeting him later that day.

It was night time and the club was blaring with music. I was sitting at the bar as I was drinking away my problem. I did not know what I was doing until I saw the bartender was giving me an apple martini that I don’t know I ordered it.

“This is not what I asked for,” I said as I was looking at the bartender. He leaned in and whispered to me.

“It was from the gentleman on the table across you. He said you need it,” he said before I turned to look at the gentleman that was raising his drink to me. I looked at his figure.

Auburn hair.

Lean and muscular.

Well-shaped thighs.

I think I might have swoon if I was not a drunkard right now. But of course, even when I was drunk, I manage to get to the table that stranger was settling in and I was carrying the fucking drink.

Yeah, capable of handling them.

I put the apple martini on the table before my eyes were focusing on the stranger. He arched his eyebrow as he was looking at me over the rim of his glass. I think he pissed me off a little bit.

Okay not a little bit, but a lot.

I was leaning on the table as I was steadying myself with my hands on the table. I was trying to focus on him as I was blinking a few times.

“You know, I am capable of buying myself a drink. So, here you go sir, your drink. I hope you will enjoy it,” I said as I was trying to stand up straight before I swayed and that stranger helped me to get upright.

“Woah, I don’t think you are in a condition to make demands, young lady,” his sultry voice was making me blinked a few times to his handsome face. Sure he was handsome but he was not my mate.

Until his hands were on my arms.

The fire that was burning inside me for a mate was lighting up in the inferno. I did not know how to calm my shit down as I was looking at his green eyes. Green like the emerald. I cannot help but think the way it shone in the dim light as he was looking at me.


“Joanna,” I whispered as I was hanging myself to this stranger now. I was trying to keep my head straight but I don’t know why I can’t. Maybe because of his intoxicating smell was overwhelming me in away.

“I think we should get you home,” he said as he was moving me to the front door. I was gripping him on his shirt as he was wrapping his hand on my waist. I was leaning against his chest before I sighed.

He smelled very good.

“Where do you live?” He asked me as I was trying to get used to his warmth. I can see myself cuddled with him every night. Starting right now.

“Hey, lady. I ask for your address. Lady? Ma’am?” He asked before I was blinking a few times as I was caressing his jaws.

“Finally, I found you, mate,” I whispered in Greek as this man spoke English. I closed my eyes and everything was dark.

Benedict Smith’s POV


I did not sign up for taking care of a drunkard when I decided to fly here and maybe tell my sister that her fiancé was from Cyprus. I sighed as I was holding the unconscious female in my arms. She felt right in my arms as I was looking at her face.

I was looking at the female that was sleeping soundly now in my arms. I sighed. I don’t know where she was staying so I decided to get her back to my hotel that I have rented for a week. It was my first night in Cyprus and this was what I have gotten myself into.

The taxi stopped in front of me as the taxi driver was asking me where to go. I gave the address and it was a quiet drive. I was trying to hold the female from knocking onto the door. I was steadying her up as I was looking at the nightlife that Cyprus has to offer.

“We’re here, sir,” the taxi driver said as I was giving him the money for the ride. I thanked him before I was getting out of the car and I was carrying the woman that was sleeping soundly.

I was jealous of her that she could be sleeping in this kind of situation.

I was walking up the stairs as I was smiling at the people that were staring at me. I was determined to get this woman on the bed as my hands were numb from carrying her around right now.

“Can I help you, sir?” The doorman asked as I was reassured him that I was carrying my fiancée to my room.

“Nothing to worry about, she’s just drunk. My fiancée was too excited that I proposed to her tonight,” I lied as I was smiling at the doorman. He nodded before he helped to open the door and I was thanking him for the kind gesture as well as his congratulation.

I think I might have given the wrong impression from the start.

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