Dragon's Debt [Shifters #3]

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Sasha Kazakov is an agent for model Anika Regio who got married when she went to Cyprus for her break. What Anika did not know was that Sasha did not tell their boss, Pierre Vouivre, that Anika needed a break and he approved of it. To make things worst, Sasha was held to the debt of promising Anika such promise. Pierre Vouivre, a brooding the most successful businessman, was taken back when his agent that was managing the new rising star was making his star model quit. He did not like it but he did not hold a grudge to it but Pierre made sure that Sasha will be holding those promises to him. He also needs to have an heir for his businesses and something else. What happened when Pierre proposed marriage to him for Sasha? Will she accept or will she be doing something behind his back again? A new novelette for your personal enjoyment!

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Larousse
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Promise

Sasha Kazakov’s POV

I was looking around the wedding when I saw that Anika was coming at me. I smiled at her as she was so happy and radiant that she was married now.

“Sasha! I did not know that you were coming,” she said as she hugged me. I hugged her back.

“And missed your wedding? Over my dead body, honey,” I said as I was trying to hide the anxiety that was pricking at me right now. I know that this break that I gave to her without consulting Pierre will be a disaster. But I saw how happy she was right now.

“I have something to tell you,” Anika said as her violet eyes were shining. I smiled as I was waiting for her to drop the bomb on me.

“I will be continuing the modeling business,” she said as I relaxed a bit before she continued.

“And I wanted you to tell Pierre that I will be operating from Cyprus starting now,” she said as she was linking her arm around mine before she was pulling me toward somewhere.

“Come on, I need to introduce you to my husband, Damien. He was the most handsome person that I ever met—” she said before I was thinking to that statement.

And that’s why you married him.

I smiled when we met the guy, Anika husband. Her husband was indeed handsome as he has that brunette hair and grey eyes. He was easy going and I can see that Anika would fall for his charm. She’s innocent like that.

Unlike me…

I was being snapped to reality as Anika was pulling me around before I was exhausted. I did not know that weddings can be so much demand. I was looking around before I was smiling and I felt that my mouth would fall off. I sighed before I was thinking that I might soak in a warm bath after this.

I was now in my hotel room as I was pulling off my heels as I was sitting in the chair as I was rubbing my neck. I sighed as I was leaning in the chair before something was capturing my eyes. I turned to look at space as I was looking around the room.

I felt something was looking at on the right but when I turned, it was nothing. I might be exhausted that I was wondering to think that someone was stalking me.

What nonsense!

I went to the bathroom as I was putting the water in the bathtub for my soak. I was choosing some of the essential oil before I settled for jasmine. I smelled it and it was nice, nice enough to make me forget about tonight and I might be thinking my next step tomorrow.

I disrobed as I was stepping inside the bathtub. I sighed as the only light was in the bathroom. I sank in the bathtub to make sure that my sore muscles have been caressed by the warm water.

“Now this, this is heaven,” I said before I was rubbing the loofa that has a body wash all over my body. I was humming as I was washing. I did not know that my alone time will be disturbed by the ringing of my phone. I ignored it as it was the weekend before I was washing thoroughly as I was leaning in the bathtub.

The phone was persistent but I ignored it again until my 30 minutes of soaking was up. I drained the water and washed my body before I was drying myself with the towel and took the bathrobe before pulled it over my body.

I walked out of the bathroom before I went to my handbag. I was searching for my phone before I was looking at the screen. Blood instantly drained from my face. It was not just anyone that called me on the weekend. It was Pierre and I have ignored him.

I gulped before I was walking back and forth in the room before my phone rang again. It was the 10th time that Pierre called after me. I gulped before I took a deep breath. I picked up the phone and answered it and tried to get the fear out of my voice.

“Mr. Vouivre, I did not know that you were calling me,” I said with my voice light, trying to brush the fear from me.

“I have been calling you for the last 9th time, Miss Kazakov, and you’re telling me that you don’t know that I was calling you?” He asked with a commanding voice that I was feared that he would know that I was not in Milan right now.

Fuck my life!

I laughed as I was trying to sound cheerful but I know he can detect that I was faking my cheerfulness. I need to be more convincing when I know that I broke his law. And Pierre Vouivre was not a person to be crossed with.

“What? No way. I must be so busy that I don’t hear you called—”

“You always with your phone,”

“Well, not always when I go to the bathroom,” I said as I was laughing at my statement. I can sense that Pierre was arching his eyebrow, not believing me when I did not go to the bathroom with my phone.

“Not when I was taking shower, obviously,” I said as I need to clarify when I parted from my phone. Then the awkward silence fell between us before I was facepalming myself.

“Too much information?”

“Not that I care but I heard that Anika was out of the country. Was that true?” He asked me as I was gulping at the question, I know that it will be here as I sighed at him.


“Are you with her?”

“Well, technically I am but not right now. I was not with her in the room as you might suggest—”

“Can I talk to her?”

“Why would you want to?” I asked him and before I could stop myself, I was arguing with my brooding boss. No one argues with Pierre Vouivre. I slapped my mouth with my hand before I was closing my eyes. Why do I have to be such a dumb woman?

“So, are you going to tell me what was going on with you and Anika? I haven’t seen her in public to promote her popularity and right now, you were not in Milan. Where I might ask, are you?” He said before I was biting my lower lips. I was biting my nails before I was sighing. I guessed the cat was out of the bag then.





“Well, actually we’re in Paphos since Anika was married to the man here—”

“Wait, Anika is married?! How come I only know this?” He asked me before I was closing my eyes. I can see that he was mad and I was the one that causing this reaction from him.

“What the hell was going on, Sasha? And don’t you dare to lie right now ’cause I swear I will track you down right this instant!” He barked as I was rubbing my neck. I know that this was coming for my lack of communication with him. I sighed before I sat down.

“Look, Pierre, I had told Anika that she can go on break as she has been pushed for her career for 3 years now. I don’t think that lady should be doing so. It was unhealthy. So, without consulting you, I said that she can go on a vacation that she had been dying to come to her father’s ancestral home,” I said as Pierre was quiet the whole time when I was explaining to him. Then he drew a sharp breath.

“Where are you right now?”

“Now? I am in Paphos since her wedding celebration was celebrated here. Why?” I asked Pierre before the statement that made froze came out of his mouth.

“Stay put, I will come after you for this damage that you have done,” he said before he hung up.

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