Dragon's Debt [Shifters #3]

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Chapter 10: The Future

Pierre Vouivre’s POV

I was looking at my wife as she was sleeping beside me. I don’t think that Sasha would accept me as her mate, I mean as her husband. I was caressing her arm as she was stirring in her sleep. We have made it back to the bedroom after our first time in the garden. I was happy and my dragon was happy as well.


‘She’s finally ours,’

My dragon has been purring at Sasha’s nearness and I think I could take her again. But right now, I don’t think I should. Sasha must be sore for 5 times we did last night. One in the garden, 4 in this very bed as I was looking at her naked chest right now.

Someone was coming to put something in front of the door before I went to put on the bathrobe before I went to pick the breakfast on the floor. I closed the door and Sasha was looking at me with her blue-grey eyes. I smiled before I was putting the tray of food on the bed. She sat up before she winced at the sudden move.

“You should lay down. I will feed you,” I said as I was scooping some omelet for her. She smiled before she was looking at me with adoration and love.

Love, that was something precious for me.

“I don’t think I want to lay down when my husband was being all caring and attentive to me,” she said before I chuckled.

“Well, just tell me and your wish is my command,”

“Anything?” Sasha asked me as I was shaking my head.

“Now, you have to eat first. I don’t want you to be out of energy when we were going to the beach later,” I said as I was scooping the omelet. Her eyes sparkled at the mention of the beach.

“Are you serious?” She asked me. I nodded. Sasha squirmed.

“I cannot wait then,” she said before she was eating her breakfast wholeheartedly as I was smiling at her. I don’t know that my wife was hungry. Now I felt guilty for starving her.

“I’m sorry if I don’t get you food last night after our workout,” I said as I was looking at the blush that settled on her face. Sasha cleared her throat before she sipped on the orange juice.

“It’s alright, I think I was so in the zone of the workout that I forgot about it,” she said before she was looking at me with her wide blue-grey eyes. I smiled before I nodded.

“Eat up, we have a lot of things to do later,” I said before I was eating the food as well, taking in the sight of my wife enjoying her own.

We were walking to the private beach of the mansion. I did not know that Sasha ordered the Cook to prepare a basket for our picnic on the beach. I smiled as I was holding the basket in one hand and Sasha’s hand on the other. I can feel that she was happy to tell me all the things that she saw on the beach.

She talked about how the weather in Moscow was so different from her. She said that she was not much of a Winter season person. She loved to be in the sun and settled under it.

“I think you might love our house then,” I said as I was looking at her. She turned to look at me, furrowed eyebrows and all.

“Aren’t this our house?” She asked before I was laughing at her. I shook my head before I was settling the basket in front of the tree that gave shade for our picnic.

“No, this is our summer house. Our house will be in Paris. But if you don’t like it then—”

“Oh, Paris. That’s wonderful. I would love to be in Paris,” she said before she blushed as she added “anywhere with you will be fine with me. As long as you’re sharing my bed, Husband,“. I laughed before I kissed her.

“Then I will be happy where you are, Wife,” I said as I was smiling at her. Sasha was smiling before she was looking at the beach. She was wearing a sundress today and I was happy to know that she was comfortable now with dresses rather than jeans and fleece.

I think I enjoy it more when I can peel it from her when we’re in our bedroom. I was pulling the food from the basket as Sasha was setting it up for us to eat. She was happy as she was talking about her parents that died in a car accident before she was sent to the orphanage.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I was holding her hand. Sasha squeezed it before she sighed.

“My relatives did not like me. So they sent me away and I was happy to be in that orphanage than being stuck in a household that will treat me like a stranger,″ she said as she was leaning against me when I was caressing her hair. I kissed her head.

“And I felt more at home with you. You never really scared me when I was alone, you know? Whenever we were talking business about your models, I was looking forward to it. How can I say this? I was anticipated to see you,” she said as Sasha was looking at me. I smiled at her.

‘And we’re glad that you don’t run away from us,’ my dragon said before I was kissing her lips.

“I am happy to know that. Not every day a woman told me that she likes my brooding self,” I whispered before Sasha giggled. Then she moved out of my touch as she was removing her clothes before she stood in front of me with only bikinis.

“I think I wanted to swim now,” she said mischievously as she sashayed from me. I was leaning on my elbow as I saw Sasha was swimming in the water. She was like an angel as her blonde hair was glistening under the water.

I stood up as well before I was removing my shirt and I was walking toward the shore. I was getting to her as Sasha was waiting for me. I was looking at her as she was smirking wickedly at me before I was scooping her closer.

She gasped when she felt my hardened cock as I was brushing it to her stomach. She moaned before she was looking at me. She was wounding her arms around my neck before I was kissing her. I was plunging my tongue inside her inviting mouth before I was hauling her up. She wrapped herself around my waist before I was squeezing her ass.

“Take me, Pierre,” she whispered to me as I was kissing her naked neck that was glistening with saltwater. I was licking it as I was smiling against it.

“Any time now, wife,”

“Please, I need you now, husband. My love,” she said as I was groaning before I was carrying her to the mat that we sat just now. I was throwing her on the ground as I was on top of her before I was kissing her. I was removing her panty before I was removing my swimming trunk. I was holding my cock before I was pushing it into her inviting, wet core.

I gasped before I was groaning before I was sucking on her skin. I was happy before I was licking my mark on her. She groaned before Sasha was moving to the rhythm that we were setting right now. I was playing with her clit before she was gasping.

“I’m coming!”

“Come to me. I want you to see me,” I said as I was spasming inside her when her walls were clenching around me as I was groaning and spasmed on top of her. Sasha was looking at me before she was nuzzling my neck before she bit me.

The orgasm was coming again as I was spewing my load inside her again and she was kissing me hard on the lips. I was happy and this moment between us was the best that I ever had in my life.

“I love you,”

“And I love you as well, Pierre,” Sasha said as she was kissing me before we were clothed and went back to the mansion to spend more time in bed for the rest of the day.

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