Dragon's Debt [Shifters #3]

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Epilogue: The News

Sasha Vouivre’s POV

I was overlooking the sight in front of me. I was looking at the Eiffel Tower that was gleaming in the night sky as I was taking in the fresh air right now. After we landed in Paris from Martinique, I have spent the entire day at the apartment.

I heard the front door was opening before I was coming down the stairs. I saw that Pierre was greeting the butler before I was hugging him. Pierre laughed

“Hello to you too,” he said as he kissed me before I was looking at the present that he brought with him.

“What’s that?” I asked before Pierre was giving the bag to me. It was from a renowned jewelry store from Denmark, Vork’s Vow.

“You shouldn’t have,” is aid as I was looking at the box inside the bag. I was arching my eyebrow at him before I took it out. It was a long red box that my first thought was bracelet but when I opened it, it was a necklace with a dragon pendant.

“Oh, Pierre. It’s beautiful,” I said as Pierre took it from my hand and he was standing behind me. He was moving the necklace to put it around my neck.

“Allow me,” he whispered before I was removing my hair to the side. I heard a clasp before I turned to look at Pierre. He was smiling as he kissed me on the lips.

“Consider it my wedding gift to you,” he said as I laughed.

“What about the others? The wardrobe, shoes, a place to call home,” I said as I was intertwining my fingers around his neck. Pierre smirked before he was scooping me up. I shrieked.

“I think I have another way for you to thank me then,” he said as he was moving to the bedroom as he was stepping two stairs at one time.

“You’re insatiable,” I said as I was laughing. Pierre smirked before he kicked the bedroom door opened. I was smacking his chest playfully as he has no patience to get into my panties. Pierre laughed.

“What it was not like I was the only one anticipated this right now. Your heartbeat was beating fast right now, love,” he said before he was removing my sundress before I was standing in front of him naked. He was roaming my body before he was removing his clothes and we tumbled against the bed.

I was laying on my bed as Pierre was worshipping me between my thighs. I was moaning as I was gripping his hair. He was licking and sucking me until I was on the brick of orgasm. Then I was riding it before Pierre was on top of me as his hand was lining up his cock to be in front of me.

I was moaning when our bodies joined. I have been waiting for him since morning when he has to go to the clubs that he owned. I was writhing under him as he was moving in and out of me. I was gripping his shoulders.

“Faster, love,” I panted before Pierre was thrusting even more inside me as I was matching his rhythm. I was moaning and I think the staff can hear me. I did not care as I was coming to another orgasm before Pierre groaned.

“I love you, Sasha Vouivre,”

“And I love you, Pierre Vouivre,” I said as we come together. He spewed his hot load inside me before he was nuzzling my neck. I was panting before I was pulling his head to kiss him.

He kissed me passionately as he was plunging his tongue inside me before I was moving again. Pierre laughed at me.

“I think you are insatiable tonight,” he said as he was looking at me, settling his hands between my head. I was smiling at him as I was giddy with him inside me, fully inside me.

“Well, what do you know? I was unable to keep my hands to myself when you’re around,″ I said as I was moving to signal him that I wanted him again. Pierre groaned.

“You will be the death of me,”

“And I will accept it anyway,” I said before we were riding our passion for each other throughout the night.

The next morning, I was staring at my husband’s handsome face as he was breathing normally now. He has his hand around my waist as he was pulling me closer to him. I was holding my chuckle inside me before Pierre groaned.

“Do you have to be so enticing this morning? I think I’m going to be late to meet my brother,″ Pierre said before he opened his eyes slowly and his stormy orbs were looking at me. I smiled at him as I was biting my lower lips.

He groaned before he was kissing me. He pulled my lower lips as I moaned. I can feel his morning wood was poking at my stomach before I was angling my leg on top of him. He entered me and we groaned as I was as wet as I can get. He sighed before he stilled for a moment before we were moving in a rhythm.

“I think I can get used to this every day of my life now,” he said as he was rocking in and out of me as he was moving ever so slowly.

I was not having it.

Then I flipped him under me before I was riding him. We both groaned before Pierre was playing with my nipples. I groaned as I was looking into his eyes. He was pushing himself into me before my orgasm was hitting me as I spasmed on top of him.

“God, I love this,”

“Don’t stop,” I said as he was still moving in and out of me. I can hear the slap of our flesh as it was connected at out genitals.




I was groaning before I was nuzzling his neck before I was biting. I don’t know that my canine can be so sharp as I was drawing blood from his neck right now. Pierre groaned.

“God, why are you so sharp?” He asked me as I was looking at him, blood drained from my face.

“I don’t know, love,” I said before Pierre was looking at me before I was blinking at him. He was surprised at first before he was smiling at me. He then sniffed me on my neck as I was listening to his steady heartbeat.

“I know why,” he said as he was looking at me before he was caressing my bare thighs. We were still joined together before I was looking at him.

“What is it?” I asked him as I was licking my lips that I tasted his blood. Pierre groaned before I was arching my eyebrows.

“Pierre, what’s wrong with me?” I asked him as he was smiling at me. I rolled my eyes at him before I was moving to get off him.

“Okay, okay. Geez, you’re such a persistent woman,” he said, laughing as I was scowling at him. He sat up and his cock moved. I moaned before Pierre was staring at me.

“You’re with my heir,” he stated before I was looking at him, blinking and trying to grasp what he just said.

Was I pregnant?

“Did you mean—how do you—what?” I said as I was smiling before Pierre tucked my hair behind my ears.

“That’s why you have been insatiable and you always jump me whenever I’m around, not that I was complaining. I was glad that we will be parents,” he said as I was squirming and hugged him. I kissed him as this was the best news that I ever heard in my life, Pierre and our little heir.

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