Dragon's Debt [Shifters #3]

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Chapter 2: The Payment

Sasha Kazakov’s POV

I was pacing back and forth as I have changed into my normal routine of evening wear. Just a blouse with denim as my boss will be seeing me. I don’t think that he would fly from France to come here. But I could never predict that man. He was rich as Croesus and he has his private jet.

I sighed before I was rubbing my face as the door of my hotel room was being knocked. I did not think much further before I went to open the door for my late evening visitor. And my guess has been right.

It was from Pierre Vouivre.

He stepped inside the room as he was looking around before he settled his eyes on me. He walked even more inside the room as he was making the hotel room as his. He was alone and I was thankful for that.

But some company would be good right now.

I looked at him as he was sitting on the sofa before I closed the door and I went to stand in front of him, with a couple of feet away. I was waiting for him to speak before he was pointing his hand for me to take a seat. And I did.

“So, what are you going to make amends with this mess that you have created?” He asked me as I was looking at him. His grey eyes were looking at me as if his storm was about to rage at me. I gulped before my hands were fidgeting. I don’t know what I can do.

“I don’t know, sir,”

“You don’t know?”

“Yes, that’s what I just said,” I said as Pierre was repeating everything that I said to him. Sometimes, I wondered how he can be hell rich but might be retarded at the same time. He nodded before he was tapping his fingers on the armrest of the sofa.

“I tell you what, I heard that Anika would resign from the modeling world,” he said before I snapped to him. His eyes were focused on me as if he did not blink.

“She did? But she just told me that she would operate from Cyprus,” I said before Pierre was waving his hand dismissively at me.

“I don’t need a woman that was married to be worrying about her career when she might as well get pregnant all the time. No, I will not waste my time on her anymore. But, you, however, was a different story,” he said as he was regarding me with his stormy orbs up and down my body. I felt conscious for a reason before he snapped his eyes to my blue orbs.

“You’re the perfect fit for Anika, even without the same color and the blue orbs might not be exotic as her purple orbs,” he stated.

Ouch, that hurts.

I was looking at him as if he was making some nonsense right now. Me as a model? I think my mum would roll in her grave as I was not built for the spotlight.

“Sir, if I may be frank?” I said before Pierre smirked.

“Now, that’s the first time for you to be frank with me when you like to sneak my models behind my back,” he commented before I rolled my eyes at him. I have been working for him for more than 5 years now. And every 3 years, I would change models because I have been giving some freedom when they were on the top of their careers.

“Please, can you listen for once,” I said before Pierre was looking at me intensely.

“Then, enlighten me, Miss Kazakov, for I am dying to hear your opinion,” he said sarcastically before I rolled my eyes at him.

“I am an agent for the models. Not a model myself. You must understand that I might be organizing stuff with great efficiency but modeling? I would be stick as in the mud. I was not built for modeling and runaway. I am much more left as a manager,” I said as I was crossing my hands at him.

Pierre seems to be in deep thoughts as if he was giving some consideration that my speech was proving my point.

“What would I do with a good manager if I don’t have any model?” He asked me. Good point. What would I do if I don’t have anyone to manage? Then once again, my mouth has a better idea for that answer.

“Can’t I manage something else? Like I don’t know, the clubs that you have around the world. Not only you manage to get top models to be under your wings but you also a very successful businessman,” I said as I was looking at him. He was regarding me as he was tilting his head. I think it was kind of cute of him to be doing that.

“And if I say that I have a proposition for you, will you consider it?” He asked me as I was smiling at him.

“As long as I did not lose the merchandise, I think I can work with it just fine. Your business that is,” I said before Pierre was arching his eyebrow. Then he smirked. I was stunned to know that Pierre Vouivre can smirk like a devil in disguise.

“Then, I want you to be my wife,” he dropped the bomb that I did not know he had against me.

What was that supposed to mean?

Pierre Vouivre’s POV

I was looking outside the window of my car as my driver was going to the destination that I wanted to collect my debt. Sasha Kazakov. My smirk was on my lips as I was looking around the town of Paphos. I don’t think that I would be here again.

Not that I don’t like it but I have left the island when I was 5 years old and my brother was sitting here with my mother. I was being sent to the boarding school by my mother who thought that I would have a better future without her.

I sighed before the painful thought as my driver parked in front of the 2 rated stars hotel. I scoffed as Sasha was settling here when she could go anywhere that she liked but she might not when I will be cutting her payment later.

This was the third time that she lost my model. I think I have to fire her so that my business will be okay.

But will I be okay without her around me, pestering me? Yes.

I was not used to the woman that has been invading my personal space. She was talking too much and I might be relieved from any secrets that she might be keeping from me behind my back.

But that would be too boring for my life then.

Having Sasha Kazakov has been making my last 5 years fun. Interesting as I would put it. I smiled before my driver was pulling the door opened and I stepped out of the car. I think I might have another solution for this mess that she got herself into.

Besides, I will be 30 soon. I need to have an heir after all. I was not getting younger as I was 27 years old now.

My father would roll in his grave if he knows that I did not have any female by my side now. I have come to a decision that I will make Sasha Kazakov pay for her mistake and with that, I will have good reason to ask her to be my wife.

That I think she would say yes when I dropped the bomb on her right now. She was surprised, yes, but her eyes were not happy. I think I saw the fury inside her eyes right now.

“NO,” she said as she was crossing her arms at me.

“What do you mean no?” I asked her. She scoffed before I looked at her lips. She was talking but I don’t know what she was saying.

“—is the best reason for us to get married. Pierre! Are you even listening?” She asked before I stood up and I walked to her. She was wary but she did not move away and with that, I took her invitation. I kissed her kissable, full lips.

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