Dragon's Debt [Shifters #3]

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Chapter 4: The Brother

Pierre Vouivre’s POV

I don’t think that I wanted my wife to be in a situation where I will be awkward with my brother. I have not seen him when I was 5 years old. I thought I was the only son but I guess dad has a different idea.

“Sir?” My driver said as I was looking at my brother who was waiting patiently on the porch. I sighed before I was looking at Sasha. She was tired and I don’t want her in this mess because of my incompetence to talk with my brother.

“Wait here with Mrs. Vouivre,” I instructed before I went to the door and I was out of the car to greet my brother. He was looking at me as I was walking up to him. Then, when I was on the porch, I was hugged by him. I was taken back before I heard him whispered.

“Welcome home, brother,” he said before he released me as he was looking at the car.

“I see that you bring missus here,” he said as he smirked at me. I scowled at him before I was clearing my throat.

“How are you?” I said as I was looking at Pascal. He shrugged as he shoved his hands inside his pockets.

“Doing good. Although I must say that I was disappointed,” he said as I turned to look at him. I arched my eyebrow at him.

“And why is that?” I asked before he smirked.

“Well, I was intended for someone but turned out she was intended for someone else.” He said as he was sighing. I patted his shoulder before he shrugged.

“Enough about me. What about you? Why are you here at this island when you never stepped back here sooner?” He asked as I was looking at the car. Pascal was reading me like a book before he snapped his finger at me.

“I see. You’re here for your missus. No wonder you look besotted,” Pascal said before I was scowling at my brother.

“I am most certainly not,” I said before I was crossing my hands in front of my chest. He laughed before he shook his head.

“I never thought I would see my big brother is being defensive against someone. From what I heard and read, you never hold anyone fancy in your life. I guess this one bites, huh?” He asked me before I was smacking his head.

“Watch your language about your sister-in-law,” I said before Pascal was rubbing his head. He smirked.

“I see, you’re already married. Is that why you’re here? To tell me the good news?” He asked as I was sighing.

“Yes, and I just wanted to see you. I know how hard it took you when mom…” I said before Pascal was shaking his head.

“Just don’t talk about her. It still hurts,” he said quietly before I was nodding at him.

“But you have to realize, it was not your fault,” I said.

“But I was the one that forced her to come out and looked around for me. I was being stupid and dumb,” Pascal said as he sighed. He shook his head before he turned to look at me.

“So, will you come inside to our humble home? I know it was not as grand as your mansion in Martinique but it will do for now,” my baby brother said before I shook my head.

“I need to Sasha to the hotel. Not that I don’t want to be inside but I think you can sell this place and move on as well,” I said before the pain was in his eyes. He closed it before he lost control of it.

“No need. I will be here and keep our family legacy alive. Who knew? My soulmate might be lurking in the shadow of this forest,” he said before I nodded.

“Anyway, if you need anything—” I said before Pascal was waving his hand dismissively at me.

“Yeah, yeah. I know where to find you, contact you. Hell, even your staff make this territory as their master’s tower,” Pascal joked before I hugged him.

“You’re not alone and I will always around if you need me,” I said before he hugged me tightly.

“Have a safe flight, brother,” he whispered before I was walking out of the porch. I was opening the door before Pascal was waving at me. I nodded before I was inside the car and my driver was out of my mother’s front yard as we were out to Nicosia again.

Sasha Vouivre’s POV

I was stretching when I felt so good right now. I don’t remember that I was sleeping on something soft. My hotel room was rigid and it was reasonable with the price. It was cheap and so was the quality.

I felt something warm beside me before I was snuggling against it. It vibrated before we were hugging each other. It felt nice before I was feeling the hard ridges around it. What was it that I was holding? I opened my eyes and I shouted as I scrambled back when I saw a shirtless Pierre was in front of me, closing his ears.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him as I was holding the blanket. Thankfully he was wearing pants or I might scream even more.

“God, woman! Can you not shout when I was near you. I am not deaf, you know!” He barked at me as he was shaking his head. I was looking at him as if he was a foreign object in front of me. I was gulping when he was flexing his muscles in front of me.

His sinful lean body.

My mouth watered before I heard that he was chuckling at me. I snapped my eyes to his face before he had his signature smirk on his sinful lips.

“Liking what you see, Mrs. Vouivre? I told you, you will not be disappointed if you’re married to me,” he said as he was getting out of the bed. He was yawning before he was going to the bathroom. I was looking at the closed door before I was staring at myself.

Thankfully, I was in my undergarments. Well, not thankful but abused. I cannot believe that Pierre would take off my clothes and he was letting me sleep in this. I scoffed.

I think I need to be careful with this boss of mine that just being upgraded to my husband. I was gripping the blanket before Pierre got out with a towel hanging loose around his waistline. His body was perfect and I think I had to avert my eyes from looking at his sinful body and maybe attack him.

I don’t want to low myself to that.

I heard that Pierre was smirking at me before I was snapping my eyes to his eyes. He was drying his blonde hair with a towel before he went to the hotel phone.

“Room service?” He asked me as I was rolling my eyes at him.

“Whatever. I will take a shower and you..do whatever you think it was good to take care of your wife mister,” I said before I was taking the blanket and wrapped it around me. Pierre laughed at me before I was scowling at him. He closed his mouth as I was flipping my hair and went to the bathroom. Before I got inside, Pierre was snatching the blanket out of my hold.


“We cannot have a wet blanket later. It will be uncomfortable. But this? This is much better,” he said as he was roaming my body up and down. I shivered, not because I was uncomfortable but I was happy that he found me arousing as I did with him.

“Whatever. I will shower now. Bye,” I said before I slammed the door as I was leaning against the door. My heart was beating fast before I was closing my eyes. I heard that Pierre was laughing before he was talking in another language, ordering food perhaps. I scoffed before I went for a quick shower. I might as well get my mind ran for a million thoughts as I need to forget man outside.

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