Dragon's Debt [Shifters #3]

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Chapter 5: Martinique, Port de France

Sasha Vouivre’s POV

After the breakfast has been sent to the room that we were staying, we had checked out and I was sitting in the car backseat with Pierre looked at his iPad. I did not know what he was doing and I don’t care as I was staring outside the car, enjoying the view.

“We will be ready in 10 minutes,” Pierre spoke to the phone before I turned to look at him as he ended the call. I did not know who he talked to but I know that it must have to do with the place that we were about to go.

“Where are we going?” I asked him before he was typing something on his phone. He locked it before he was regarding me. I was wearing a fleece with jeans as I did not have anything else. All the stuff that I have was back at my apartment in Milan, Italy.

“We’re going to the airport. I think I have something in my mind that will be a good surprise for you,” he said as he was flipping his phone in his hand. He was looking ahead as I was arching my eyebrow at him.

“Will I like this surprise?” I asked before Pierre smirked at me. He turned his grey eyes onto mine as he was smiling at me.

“Very and it will give you much more time to arouse me,” he stated before my face was burning. God, this man has no shame!

I cleared my throat before I was looking outside the car again. We were at the tarmac now and I saw a private jet that the only billionaire can afford to buy it. The car stopped before Pierre stepped outside the car and went to my side.

He opened the door before offered his hand to me. I took it as I was sliding out of the car. I was looking around before I was mesmerized by the size of the plane.

“We will be leaving Cyprus and go to our house in Martinique,” he stated as I turned sharply at him. I was gasping as I did not know that we will be leaving the island now.

“You mean…”

“Yes, we will be living in Martinique. I think that would be a good retirement place for me and settle our family there. Is that okay with you?” He asked as I was thinking about the sandy beaches and all the sunshine all year. Unlike Moscow that might have blizzard at the end of the year, I preferred Martinique over Russia.

“That sounds wonderful,” I said as I was smiling at Pierre before he was putting his hand on my lower back and moved to the plane to board it. The captain greeted Pierre and I think she was eyeing my husband before my husband was introducing me to her.

“Aurora, I want you to meet my wife, Sasha. Love, this is Aurora Florenz, our private pilot and she will be flying us home after this,” Pierre said as I was smiling at the pilot. She was charming but she was too young for Pierre, in my opinion.

‘Maybe you’re just jealous,’ my mind said as I was shaking her hand before Pierre ushered me inside the private jet and we were sitting in front of each other.

“So, excited?” My husband asked me before I sighed. I might be excited because I married the person that I loved but I don’t think he loves me just the same. So, I smiled weakly before I nodded at him.

Aurora asked us to put on our seatbelt as she will depart now. I got comfy in my seat before I was leaning against the chair and I was looking out the window. Pierre has opened up his laptop and worked on it. I sighed.

So much for my happy marriage life.

I was sleeping as I sensed someone was shaking me. I grunted before the voice was heard near my ears. I think I was dreaming before I felt I was being carried by someone. The warmth was nice as I was sneaking my hands around the neck of that someone.

“I don’t think that you would be willing to touch me, my wife,” the voice said before I was shutting down into the abyss again and I was sighing. I was snuggling against that warmth until I was succumbed to sleep again.

After a while, I was tossing and turning in a fluffy blanket. Blanket? Since when I had a blanket around me. I then slowly opened my eyes as I was looking around the room. It was gorgeous and spacious before I heard the crashing waves of the beach.

I sat up in the bed as I was looking around. It was a canopied bed with white satin drapes. I don’t think that I would be in paradise but I was.

I was hearing the waves crashing before I saw there was a balcony that was opened wide. I was compelled to it as I stood up from the bed and I walked to the balcony. I saw that I was indeed in paradise.

The white sandy beach was greeting me as the waves were crashing the shore. The breeze was carrying the sea salt scent that was fresh and alluring at the same time. I was leaning against the balcony as I was closing my eyes and listened to nature.

“Do you enjoy the view?” Pierre asked me before I turned to look at his stormy orbs. He was leaning against the French door as he was smiling at me. I was tucking my hair behind my ears before I was smiling at him.

“It has its charms,” I said as I don’t want him to think that I was impressed. He chuckled before he was moving toward me as I was standing close to him. His body heat was giving off to me as I was listening to the waves and his sigh.

“I always wanted to bring someone here. But I think I might want to bring my wife here,” Pierre said as he was looking at the ocean. I bit my lips as I did not want to make a rude comment or being sarcastic to him like now.

He was trying to open up to me, goddamnit!

“I hope you have a restful sleep? I have ordered Cook to cook the seafood for us and I wanted to dine with you if you were awake. And it seems it was my lucky day,” Pierre said as he turned to look at me. I was trying to holding my tongue.

Well, tried.

“It seems that today was indeed your lucky day. You get to bring your wife here and now you will dine with her. Aren’t you a gentleman?” I said sarcastically before hurt was flashing in front of Pierre’s eyes. But it was gone when he blinked.

“Well, not at all. I think I have a few other lists to be fulfilled and then I will call it my lucky day ever,” Pierre said before he was moving into the bedroom. I was sighing as I have mentally slapped myself.

Why do I have such a mocking mouth?!

“Well, are you coming?” He asked as I was turning to look at Pierre. He looked sinfully delicious right now with his loose shirt and khaki. I gulped.

“Yeah, I’m famished,” I said as I was following his pursuit before we were out of the master bedroom. I was looking at the ornaments that were on the walls and I was mesmerized. I never had anything like it before I was looking at it.

“It was my father’s. He loved to see a different culture and what they have to offer for them,” Pierre said as I was thinking who might be having this hobby. I turned to look at him before he smiled and took my hand to go to the kitchen. It was spacious and I don’t think we saw Cook in it.

“The staff will be here in the morning but they went home after dinner was served. So, nights will be our sanctuary for a week,” Pierre said as he was pulling the chair for me before I thanked him. But he whispered to me before I was sitting on the chair.

“And if you need anything, I mean anything, at all I will be happy to serve you, wife,” he said before we started to enjoy the dinner. Now I was dreaded to know what comes next.

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