Dragon's Debt [Shifters #3]

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Chapter 6: The Night

Pierre Vouivre’s POV

I headed out to the garden as Sasha was taking her bath. I need to release this tension as my dragon has been screaming at me in my mind. I think I might go crazy with Sasha’s honeysuckle scent around me today.

‘Claim her,’

‘Take her,’

‘Make her ours,’ my dragon was whispering to me before I was shredding my clothes as I need to get this tension off. I can feel the scales were on my skin as I was taking off my sandals. Then, the wings were sprouting from my back as I was changing into my dragon.

You might be thinking that dragons did not exist but I begged to differ. We were among humans, some of us were having a nice life but we were being careful not to be hunted by the dragon hunters and legend seekers.

I felt the fire was on my breath as I was shaking my body. The golden scales were gleaming in the moonlight as I was stretching my wings. I need to get into the sky before I was flapping my wings and I was off.

I was feeling the air that was coming at my face as I was trying to feel it. I was free at last! After a torturous week that I have been stuck in a human form, my dragon roared as he was free in the sky and flying through the night. I don’t think anyone would lookup.

But I was wrong.

Sasha Vouivre’s POV

I was having my soak as I was listening to the silent night. I was enjoying the peace as Pierre left me alone in the bathroom. It was night time and I know that he was dreading for his wedding night.

Should I tell him that I don’t wish to sleep with him? Would he even care? I mean, I wanted to sleep with him but I feared that my boldness will shove him away from me. I sighed as I was sinking into the water again.

Then, I heard a roar.

I sat up straight from the bathtub as I was listening to the strange sound. Then I heard it again as I saw the shadow in the moonlight. I was looking at the window above the bathroom before I hastily took my bathrobe and I was lurking in the shadow to see what it was.

I was poking my head from the curtain as I saw that thing flew by again. I did not know what it was but the body was long and it was gleaming in the moonlight. I was looking at it as I was breathing hard.

Were we being attacked and where the hell was Pierre?!

I went out of the bedroom as I was searching for Pierre. He said that he wanted some fresh air from the garden and I was rushing to the garden. The staff was not here and the quiet was too eerie for me to stay in the house right now.

I walked to the garden after Pierre gave me the tour of the house before dinner. It was not that big but we were having so many rooms that I don’t even know what was the use of it. I was looking for Pierre before the flying thing was landing in front of me. I was trying to be still before I was looking at the golden scales.

It was magnificent when its body was gleaming with gold. The moonlight was reflecting its lean legs and I was taking a deep breath before I saw its clear orbs. It was looking at me as I was hiding in the bushes before I stepped on something and I was tripping.


I shouted as I lurched forward as I was hitting the ground. I was looking at the pale eyes before it was sneering at me.

I scrambled to my feet before I stopped as the voice was coming into my head.

‘Do not fear, human,’ it said in its velvety voice. If I know that this dragon has the sultry voice as my husband, I would not be frightened. But still, my husband was not in sight.

I gulped before I was scooping back a moment before the dragon was snarling at me. I shrieked before I stopped and the dragon was coming closer to me. I can see the smoke was coming out of its mouth.

‘What’s your name, human?’ It asked. I gulped and answered it as I feared it will go berserk on me if I did not do anything that it wanted me to do.

“Sasha,” I spoke and the dragon was nodding at me. I saw its eyes were not moving but its membrane was moving as if it was blinking its eyes at me.

‘Why are you here, Sasha?’ It asked me and a strange shiver was coming over me as it said my name. I don’t know why I was responding to it. I did not want to have sex with a dragon but Pierre.

Where the hell was Pierre again?

‘What are you thinking about?’ It asked before I snapped my face to its snout. It was coming closer and I can sense the heat was coming from its snout and mouth. The canines were gleaming at me as a reminder that I need to speak if I wanted to keep my head for the night.

Why do I have to encounter this dragon tonight, in this garden? I thought mystical creatures did not exist!

“I wanted to speak to my husband. But it seems that I got stuck with you instead,” I said as I was looking at its eyes. It tilted its head before its mouth was moving. I think the dragon was trying to smirk.

‘What will you do if I say that your husband was not what he seems to be?’

“What do you mean?”

‘Just answer me honestly. Do you love him?’ It asked me before I was gulping. Now that was the million-dollar question before I was answering it without thinking.


The dragon was taken back a few times before I was looking at it. It was calculating me before its mouth moved again in an attempt to smirk?

‘Very well, human. I see you around then. Tomorrow, same time and do not wear clothes,’ it stated before I was looking at my bathrobe. It was opened and I don’t even notice!

I shoved the front of my robe before I was on my feet and I was looking at the dragon. Its mouth was moving before the flap of the wings was heard. I was closing my eyes before I saw the gleaming gold were shining in the moonlight before it disappeared.

I released the breath that I don’t even know I was holding in. I was looking at the moon before I was throwing my hands up.

“Thank you, mother. Thank you for making your story come true. Now I do believe that you were not creating those stories anymore,” I shouted to the night before I heard some rustle behind me. I turned to look at it before I was relieved to know it was only Pierre as I was looking at his fair hair and stormy eyes.

“Sasha? What are you doing here? And why are you naked?” He asked me before I was gripping at the bathrobe. I scowled at him as he decided to show up when the danger was no longer here.

“Nothing, I just wanted to come for fresh air,” I said before I was shoving him off me. Pierre chuckled before we both went inside the house. I just wanted to sleep now that my encounter with the dragon was not a myth anymore. My mother did not lie and I think I knew more than I should from all her stories about dragons now.

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