Dragon's Debt [Shifters #3]

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Chapter 8: The Truth

Sasha Vouivre’s POV

But of course, last night did not go any further from the kissing. I was disappointed as I thought Pierre finally opened up for me. But no, I was mistaken. He stated that we should stop before he went any further. He said that he was not ready yet.

Like he was a virgin on freaking wedding night!

I sighed as I was rolling in bed before the morning dawn was coming from the curtains. I cannot sleep as my mind was still playing with that kisses that we shared. We shared the bed alright as his hand was now on my waist right now as I was snuggling against his warmth. But I don’t sleep as I was thinking about tonight.

‘Very well, human. I see you around then. Tomorrow, the same time and do not wear clothes,’ the dragon’s voice in my mind as I was gritting my teeth right now. Like I would do as it says!

“Well, good morning, wife,” my husband greeted before he was kissing my neck. Immediately, I turned to mush as I felt his hand was roaming my bare thigh.

“Pierre,” I said as I was glancing at him. He was smiling before he kissed me on the lips.

“I think we might need to get up now. Its almost noon and the breakfast must be cold now,” he said as he pushed me off from him. He yawned before he went to the bathroom and closed the door. I tsk-ed before I was getting out of the bed. I still have my negligee on as I was looking at the sight outside. I think we might go for a swim later.

I heard the door opened but I refused to look at Pierre. He might wrap the only towel around his hips that I don’t want to drool on.

“The bathroom’s yours,” he said as I nodded. I don’t look at him before I heard he was making his way to the wardrobe. With that, I inched to the bathroom as I was avoiding Pierre. I don’t think I will have my emotion in control right now. As I went to the bathroom, I was being scooped from the floor before I was shrieking.

I turned to look at Pierre who was smirking at me. His hair was wet and I wanted to run my fingers through them so badly. I gulped before I was settling my hands on his shoulders.

“Are you going to be avoiding me all day now? Since I refuse you last night?” He asked me as I was glaring at him. If you know the answer, why ask me?

I was grunting at him before he was laughing. The vibration inside his chest was making me clamp my thighs together. I don’t think that he would notice but if he did, he did not say anything about it.

“I have to shower,” I said quietly before he was sliding me down. I felt the hardness in between his thighs as my stomach grazed him. I turned to look at him before his eyes were hooded.

“Well, I wait for you in the kitchen then,” Pierre said before he was perking my lips and was out of the door. I sighed before I was making my way to the bathroom. I think I have to be satisfied with my hands for now.

I stepped under the shower as I was letting the warm water hit my body. I was moaning as my muscles relaxed under the shower. Then my hand wandered to the nub that has been needy since last night.

I was imagining Pierre was staring at me from below. His stormy orbs were darkened with desire for me as I was rubbing my slit with my fingers. I was groaning before I was steadying myself from the emotion and my vivid imagination that Pierre was going down on me.

‘So beautiful. So pink and plush,’ he said as I was rubbing my clit before I was putting two fingers inside me. I was groaning before I was pulling in and out of there.

‘Yes, that’s it. Play yourself for me to lap you later,’ he stated as he was staring at me playing myself. I was panting and breathing heavily before I was rubbing my clit with my thumb in a circular motion.

‘Yes, yes. Oh yes!’ Pierre was grunting as I was rubbing even more fiercely as I was pulling my fingers in and out as I was rubbing my clit all together.

‘I’m coming, I’m coming,’ he said and with that, orgasm hit me as I was spasmed in the bathtub. I panted and gasping before I was pulling fingers out of my core. I looked at my nectar before I washed it away. I think I might go out to seek the dragon then.

The day was okay for most of the time was we were playing chess, reading, and ride a horse. I did not know how to ride a horse before I was sitting in front of Pierre as he took me around the mansion. It was vast and I did not focus on that.

Instead, I focused on the bulge that was pushing into my backside as I know that I was panting and breathing hard. Pierre was not affected as I was so I tried to keep it inside me. But when the horse was jerking a few more than it should, I was moaning before I was leaning against Pierre. He chuckled before he was kissing my shoulder.

“Wait for tonight, wife,” he said as I don’t think I can wait for it. I was panting even more that my playing in the bathroom was not enough. I wanted his cock and I wanted it really bad.

I was brushing my hair when I was looking at the mirror. I was thinking about the dragon’s invitation as Pierre was nowhere to be found. I don’t think that he would abandon me but I saw something flying in the garden.

Could it be?

I was tying the bathrobe around my waist before I was making my way to the garden. I don’t see Pierre around and I think I can confront the dragon without fear now. Pierre claimed to me first before the dragon. So I was in the safe zone.

Or I thought I was.

I was walking in the garden before I was looking at the golden scales that were reflecting the moonlight. I was gulping as the clear eyes of the dragon was looking at me. I was stepping closer to it as it spoke to me in my mind.

‘I told you to not wear clothes tonight,’

“I can’t. You are not the boss of me. Besides, I’m married. If you want someone that was willing to be your plaything, go somewhere else,” I said as I was glaring at the dragon. Its mouth was moving into a smirk? I cannot tell actually with it.

‘And what do you think that your husband will not let me play with you?’ It asked as I was taking a deep breath. I don’t know if it can detect lie but I have to try.

“Because he loves me,” I said as I was gripping my bathrobe.

‘Did he now? Did he take you to his bed yet?’ It asked as I was remembering the answer that Pierre gave to me last night.

“Tomorrow, you will be mine,” he said before he kissed me. I shook my head as I was focusing on the dragon before its canine was showing to me. I think it was smirking.

‘See? He did not love you?’

“And you will?” I asked the dragon before it was shifting now. I think it wanted to go now but what I saw then was more shocking than anything. The scales were gone as it was retracting into the body of a man, I assumed. I was looking at the naked body as it stood in front of me.

The fair hair.

The taunting muscles.

The well-endowed cock.

I gulped before I looked at the face, I did not breath as I was looking into the familiar stormy orbs that darkened when he was regarding me. Pierre was looking at me right now where the dragon once stood.

“Because I have claimed you even before the dragon came,”

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