Dragon's Debt [Shifters #3]

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Chapter 9: The Bonding

Sasha Vouivre’s POV

I was stepping away from Pierre as he was coming at me. I was stumbling before I was hitting the gate of the garden. I was looking into his sinful body as Pierre trapped me between his arms.

“Tell me, are you disappointed that the dragon was not someone else?” He asked me as I was breathing in his scent. It was making me hot for him even more. Damn him!

“Tell me, Sasha. Are you disappointed?” He asked as he was playing with my sides. I can feel the fire was being stroked by him but I felt anger when I heard him claiming me. He did not claim me at all. He forced me to marry him.

I pushed him away before I was glaring at me. I was not disappointed but instead, I was mad. I was mad that he did not tell me his secret.

“Do you feel good when you taunt me last night? When you know I was scared to death?” I asked him. And I cut him off when he was about to answer me.

“And you will love me? How can you be sure? You said yourself that you did not touch me and yet, you want me when you’re in dragon form? You disgust me!” I said as I was trying to get away from him. He was strong as Pierre pushed me back to stand in between his arms.

“No, I don’t feel good when I can sense that you fear me. And I don’t touch you before because I wanted you to know that the dragon was a part of me. I wanted you to accept all of me,” Pierre said before he shook his head as he was sighing.

“And I think I was wrong about that now,” he said before his stormy orbs were on me. I was blinking at him before he stood up straight. His naked body was gleaming in the moonlight as I was trying hard not to look at his cock.

“And with that, I think our marriage will not be okay. I will release you from this and send you back to Milan—” he did not finish his sentence as I was jumping on him before he was on the ground and I was on top of him.

“Shut your pipe hole, Vouivre, or I swear I will sit on your face,” I said as I was trying to control my breath. But it did not work as my naked core was sitting on his hardened cock. Pierre looked at me with surprise as if he did not think I would be naked underneath.

“But I thought you—”

“That I don’t want you. You wish! You’re mine now. And no one, I mean any woman, can claim and took you away from me,” I said before I was kissing him. He was taken back before I was pulling his nape as he was sitting in front of me. My thighs were on his side before I broke the kiss.

“Take me, claim me. Ravish me, husband,” I said huskily as Pierre was untying my bathrobe before he pushed it off my shoulders. I was shrugging it off before he was caressing my arms.

“But we’re outside,”

“Does it matter?” I said as Pierre smirked at me.

“Nope, not at all. I love it even more,” he said before he was pushing me to the ground. The robe has been used as a mat for Pierre to put me on the ground. He was roaming my naked body as I was playing with his body. I sighed as he was caressing my thighs.

“Spread your legs,” he commanded before I was spreading myself in front of him. He was feasting his eyes on me as I was being naked to him. Nothing can conceal my emotion to him anymore.

“So pink, so plush. So fucking wet,” he whispered before he was kneeling in front of my core. I did not know how to react to the sight as Pierre was worshipping me right now.

“Do you imagine me like this when you were playing with yourself that afternoon?” He asked as my hazy mind was trying to process what he was saying right now. Then I remembered. I cannot believe that he heard me when he smirked at me.

“Just so you know, I have superhearing and I know everything about you, love. You will never lie to me,” Pierre said before he was diving his head between me. I gasped as I was gripping the robe before he licked my slit. A moan passed my mouth.

“How do you like it?” He asked me as I was looking at him. I was groaning before my hands were making their way to his hair. I gripped it as I was directing him to be on the spot that I liked.

“There, love. Oh yes! Right there,” I said as Pierre was sucking on my clit before he was putting his finger inside me.

I gasped at the different sizes of our fingers. I felt him full inside me as I was gulping before my hips were moving to his rhythm.

“Come for me,” he said as I was moving to the rhythm. I was so focused on getting off that the moment Pierre bit my clit, I was coming on his fingers.

“Oh, God!” I shouted as I was riding the orgasm. I was breathing heavily before Pierre was looming over me.

“Now, you are ready,” he said as he was playing with his hard cock as I was looking at it. I wanted to taste it before he was smirking at me. Like Pierre know exactly what I was thinking right now.

“Do you want a taste?” He taunted me before I was looking into his stormy orbs. I did not need to tell him as he was coming onto me as he settled on my breasts before he was moving his tip across my lower lips. I licked it with my tongue before I felt his tip. Pierre groaned.

“You’re such a tease, did you know that, wife?” He asked me as I was looking at him. I smirked before I was challenging him.

“I would not know that husband,” I said before I was closing my mouth on the tip of his cock. Pierre groaned before he was moving a little into my mouth as I was licking him all around. His grey orbs were darkened even more before he pulled away from me.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked him as he smiled at me before he was moving to align his groin in front of my core. I can feel the tip was in front of me as I was groaning and I was digging my heels into his buttocks.

“Well, you are doing it right but I wanted to be deep, inside you when I come. Do you want to carry my heirs, wife?” Pierre asked me before I was groaning as he was inching into me. I nodded.

“Answer me verbally,”

“Yes, I will be the mother of your heirs. I wanted your children so bad that I cannot think anymore, husband,” I said as he was inching again before I was whining when he withdrew from me.

“Good, ’cause there will be no one else for me,” he said before Pierre slammed into me. I gasped as I was gripping his shoulders as something tore inside me. I felt the liquid was coming out from me, wetting the robe.

“Shit, why you did not tell me, Sasha?” He asked me as I was smiling at him before I was still on him. Pierre did not dare to move before I got accustomed to the size and girth of his.

“Because I wanted you to know that I only gave myself to you, husband,” I said as I was stroking his naked chest. Pierre was smiling before he was kissing me.

“Then I am honored,” he said as he was moving a bit and I groaned, not from hurt but pleasure was coming over me. Pierre was moving as I was matching his rhythm.

“Come to me. Come with me,” he said harshly as he was moving in and out of me. I was gripping his shoulders before I was clawing my way on his back. I was biting his neck before I felt my walls were clenching over him.

“Pierre!” I shouted as I was on my orgasm before Pierre was pushing 2 more times before he groaned. He was spewing his hot load into me as he bit me, I can feel his canine inside.

“Now, you’re mine, forever Sasha Kazakov,” he whispered before I chuckled.

“Don’t you mean Sasha Vouivre?” I said before he kissed me, smiling.

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