No Peace out of Killing

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Following the war between the humans and the alien species known as Kregans, the planet of Molena has been riddled with gunslingers, killing and stealing. One of those gunslingers is Klay Zavvis of the infamous Armonis gang. Klay wants nothing more than to pay for everything he has done and all of the suffering he has caused. When offered a potential chance at redemption after leaving the gang, he jumps at the chance without thinking of the costs.

Fantasy / Scifi
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The war between the Kregans and humans ended years ago, but conflict still wages on the planet of Molena. The vast desert surrounding the utopian city of Zheatron is riddled with gangs of outlaws taking advantage of the instability that remains on the planet. Once you leave the Zheatron, you might as well say you are in the Wild West.

Two gunslingers of the notorious Armonis gang were on the run from two lawmen who caught them trying to steal fruit from a vendor in Zheatron. As the bullets flew by back and forth between the gunslingers and the lawmen, everyone rode on a horse-like creature of Zheatron known as a poga.

“You bastards better stop running and we may spare you two!” one of the law men said before a bullet flew through his skull.

“Who’s the bastard now?” said one of the gunslingers

“Don’t get cocky, Joc,” said the other.

That other gunslinger was right. There was not much else to celebrate. The desert was mostly empty and there was nowhere to run or hide and the remaining lawman continued to persist.

“Klay! Why aren’t you shooting?” said Joc.

“I’m no cop killer,” Klay responded.

“Well, it’s nice to know you have such a precious code, but we’re kind of in a tight situation here,” Joc said, urgently.

I’m sorry, Klay thought as he cocked his revolver.

Two bullets were fired. The first barely grazed the lawman’s left arm. The second hit his neck. The lawman’s hand went to his throat in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Not a successful attempt, but an attempt nonetheless. Klay fired a final bullet at the lawman’s head and the lawman fell to the ground as his poga continued to frolic.

The gunslingers got off of their pogas to catch their breaths. Joc laughed.

“They came close,” he said, “but they still have yet to get us. Come on. Let’s go back to camp and tell Lorelai what happened.”

“I’m not going back,” Klay said, “I’m never going back.”

“Come on, Klay, now’s not the time for one of your fakeouts,” Joc responded.

“I’m serious, Joc. I’m tired of constantly running, I’m tired of stealing fruit from hardworking people, and I’m tired of wanting to puke every time I look in the mirror. This is it. I’m done.”

Joc scoffed, “You can’t be serious. You’ve tried this before and it doesn’t work. Lorelai would never let you leave. Besides, where would you even go?”

“I said I’m done.” Klay said, “I’m going to walk into Zheatron and turn myself in.”

“That’s a goddamn death sentence!” Joc said. “As far as they’re concerned, you just killed two of their lawmen and countless others. They won’t hesitate to put a bullet in the back of your head.”

Klay pointed his revolver at Joc and told him, “I don’t care. Dying is better than another second of living like this. I’m turning myself in and you’re not stopping me.”

Joc let out a chuckle, “Your funeral, man. I’ll send Lorelai your regards.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Klay said.

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