Touch of Fire

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Kido, son of Ebina, Queen of the Dragon kind, claims to have found a way to save his people from extinction. He believes the key, whatever it is, will restore the honour and glory his ancestors once had as rulers of the skies. What he does not realize yet is that this key is not some magic wand he can just wave around and everything returns to the way it once was. But Kido has to learn that by himself, for you and I cannot reveal it to him.

Fantasy / Adventure
Judy Harper
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“You are not going Kido and that is final!” Ebina, Kido’s mother and the queen, yells at him.

“Listen here, ancient crone! This is the only chance we have at saving our people ever since the war. I am going if you like it or not!” He answers, his blood boils easily, and the woman standing in front of him is not helping at all. “You might be my mother, but I will not let you rule my life any longer!” His body is shaking with anger. This is his only opening in ages, and it feels as if she is acting like a child in Kido’s eyes.

“You are going out of our territory, which is already against the rules. Also, you do not know what is waiting by what you claim is the key.” She closes her eyes and pinches the bridge of her nose, “It could be a trap to lure us out of our territory. Everybody knows how desperate we are now, what is to say they want to exterminate us all now that we are weak.” She sighs and meets her son’s glare.

Ever since Kido’s early adolescence, he has had this passionate infatuation with his people’s history and how they are now a dying breed. He, his mother, and the rest of his kinsfolk are Dragon kind. They have this way with dragons, which allows them to understand these creatures in a way no one else can. Kido’s ancestors were riders who, for several centuries, were rulers of the skies. They were strong and noble people with many allies. Unfortunately, they also had enemies Basilisk kind.

For a slight moment, Kido saw his mother’s eyes turn sad, unlike her usual firmness. “Fine. Go. I can’t stop you anymore, you are an adult now. But mark my words, if anything happens to you on this journey, I cannot help you. Understood? No reinforcements, no plea bargain, no war. Nothing.” She stares at him hard, making sure her words sink in.

“Relax ancient crone, Lorga will protect me.” The inexperienced man let out a chuckle, but Ebina’s face did not return his calm demeanour. The queen and the prince of Dragon kind exchange their last goodbyes and glares before Kido can finally leave his mother’s tent. With a deep breath, he makes his way through the camp.

Kido runs across the camp. The village of Va’ekid was built atop the steep facade of a mighty fjord. The climate the skies brought was of great importance, but they were influential for architectural planning. They designed the vast majority of buildings to take full advantage of the frequent warmth with sunny, long and bright days, as they can create more daring buildings when they didn't have to worry about strong winds.

Kido takes one last look at his kin, his family. These survivors are the youthful man’s heroes. Dragon kind is known to be aggressive and powerful not merely on the battlefield but also in spirit. The world considers them barbaric, with no honour or fears. But they have never minded the rumours, they loved them. It made people respect them faster. Until the Battle of Bloodthirst. This war took place in the forest which separates Dragon kind and Basilisk kind territory were littered with gore, destruction and wounded fighters on the day the Battle of Bloodthirst took place. Red, green and black were the new colours of what was once a delicate, rich forest, which became the stage of a terrible battle. A cloud of thick, black smoke and embers sustained the air that normally carried the sounds of a large waterfall, narrow rivers and nature’s wildlife. The mere sense of it made you want to run.

The army of Dragon kind and Basilisk kind fought each other for control of the area, but the victor was obvious. Basilisk kind was swift and silent, catching Dragon kind off guard. Paintings were made of dead bodies from the losing side in enormous groups across the forest and faces of the fighters grim with fatigue and exhaustion. But on that day, they still fought on.

The toll on both nature and humanity was devastating. It’ll likely take generations before the forest will recover. It’s clear weaponry, fire usage and gore have seized the place of plants, bushes and trees. And tombs now lay in memory of those who lost their lives on both sides.

As Kido reached the outskirts of his village, he let out a long shout, calling on expecting ears. His voice echoes around him, and they answer it. His friends have known about this unique opportunity for days now, and everyone is as ecstatic as he is. This is the future ruler and his friends’ chance to return Dragon kind to their rightful honour and glory they once had. The splendour for which the Basilisk kind took from them. Seventy years ago, there was a horrible battle between the Basilisk kind and the Dragon kind. Sadly, they won and stole everything from them, leaving them to fend for themselves. And since then, Kido’s people have been slowly dying. The Phoenix kind and the Peryton kind, their closest neighbours and once allies, refused to help them in their greatest hour of need, making their relationship with Dragon kind a bitter one.

“Kido, wait up!” Sada yells out from behind him. He had almost forgotten his friends. Kido stops and lingers long enough for all of them to catch up. Sada arrives first, then Inada, Okimoto and finally Nishioka.

“Show us again the map,” Inada demands, having a tough time keeping the excitement from his eyes. Kido rolls his but still pulls the piece of paper out and unfolds it. They all inspect it, trying to memorize it before Kido tucks it back in his pants.

“All right, we must travel out to Pegasus kind’s territory. They don’t like us, so once there we will have to be careful. If we ride out now, we can make it to the cave within 5 days.” The prince looks at them and gives them a moment to take in the information.

Kido has known both Okimoto and Nishioka ever since they were little. All their parents knew each other hand they naturally grew close. Okimoto has always been the one to keep Kido sane when things with his mother did not go well. She is also the only one who’s seen him cry. Nishioka is a brilliant friend to do stupid stuff with when drunk. He and Kido have been in many fights they have either started or finished. Most of the time, both.

Sada, he met when he tried to rob from her village. Kido and a raiding party were in Phoenix kind’s territory to steal food and other resources but got caught by young Sada. When she saw how hungry and worn-out, they were; she aided them instead of turning them in. She left her family behind to live in Dragon kind’s community and help its people. Although she did not resign her kind, they still accepted her as one of them.

As for Inada, they had kidnapped him because he was the child of wealthy people. They were planning on giving him back once his family paid the ransom, but the royals refused to pay, claiming that it was too much. But just by the look of their house argued that it was a good deal. In the end, they kept him. First as a slave, but as time passed by, he became more of a brother to Kido.

“Are you losers going to stand here all day?” Kido growls. “Let’s go!” He pushes past them and makes his way towards the dragon stables. These stables were built differently than the horses’, which are made of wood and straw. Dragon stables are as big as castles and are constructed with wrought iron. This metal can resist a dragon’s fire and force. Each stall contains a grove, a pond, and a shed. Instead of a roof, there is a net made of the same iron to let the light in and in the case of an emergency, there is a way to unlatch it and let the dragons escape.

Once inside the stables, Kido opens the door which contains his own dragon, Lorga. Walking up at the edge of the forest, he let out a long and loud whistle. Seconds pass before he hears her roar from above him. The prince looks up and sees the creature’s black shadow coming closer. Lorga lands in front of him and a smile breaks across Kido’s face. Her dark ebony eyes sit concealed within her horned, bony skull, which gives the creature a terrifying-looking appearance. Several tendrils sit atop her head, above her large, pointy ears. Mighty fan-like skin and bone structures run down the edge of each of her jawlines. Her nose is flat and has two narrow slit nostrils and there are tendrils on her chin. Rows of large teeth poke out from the side of her mouth. A long neck connects her head to her slender body. The top is covered in scale-like skin running down her spine. Her bottom is covered in curved scales and is coloured slightly lighter than the rest of her body. Four thick limbs carry her body and allow her to stand superior and proud. Each limb has 4 digits, each of which ends in huge talons made of onyx. Horrendous wings grow, starting from her shoulders and end at the end of her shoulder blades. The wings are bat-like, bone structures are clearly visible through the thin layer of skin and jagged edges at the bottom almost give it a feathered look. Her thick tail ends in a sharp tip and is covered in the same scale-like skin as her body.

“Hello, girl.” Kido makes his way towards her and places his hand on her nose. Although most people fear her because of her gruesome appearance, Kido finds her beautiful. “Are you ready for another adventure?” He rhetorically asks her as he grabs her saddle. The young man rarely puts any equipment on his mount, but since this will be a long journey for both, they will be more comfortable with it. By the time Kido finishes strapping on all the provisions and weapons to the saddle and heads outside, the rest of the party is ready and waiting. The prince nods and mounts his dragon. And with a yelp, Kido and his companions reach the sky.

Kido, Sada, Inada, Okimoto and Nishioka are on an important journey to save Dragon kind. They are on their way to change history. For he, Kido, future ruler and son of the great Ebina herself, Queen of Dragon kind, have found the key which will save his people from extinction and bring them back as rulers of the skies.

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