The Mission

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Amelia is a demon slayer, part angel, part human. Demon slayers are usually angels but sometimes there is a hybrid. When Amelia gets sent on her final mission, a mission in which she has to slay the devil, she doesn`t expect it to be easy but nothing could possibly prepare her for the troubles this mission holds. What happens when the most unlikely thing that could happen, happens. What happens when the devil turns out to be her soulmate, will she hand him over to her organisation,or will she leave it all for a place in his arms. (Excerpt from Chapter 5) When Hunter reached the place that he was headed, he softly placed Amelia on to her feet. She stumbled forward in an attempt to walk, her legs weak from not having used them in a while. Hunter reached his arm out to help steady her but she ignored it, which was a mistake because as she moved to take another step her legs crumpled beneath her and she landed in an ungraceful heap on the floor. He quickly rushed to help her up, but once again she refused his help. She hated accepting help from people, it gave her this icky feeling of weakness and she hated it. She didn’t want to feel weak. She wanted to feel strong, she was strong; stronger than most of the other fighters, so why didn’t she feel strong? Even though she hadn’t accepted his help she still felt weak. She hated it, this feeling of weakness.

Fantasy / Romance
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Dedicated to my amazing boyfriend who never let me give up on my dreams and who was the first person to have ever read my writing and who supported me regardless of anything. Thank you, I love you and this story is specially for you.

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