The Devil's Angel (Short story)

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Hey I'm a demon.... I steal things. I rob places, I kill. I torture. The usual in hell. So when I decide to venture the human world and come across an angel I knew I had to help her. I'm what's referred to as a demon. Huge wings, black horns no tail though. Thrown out of heaven and now king of hell. Its great. Really fun. Tormenting souls for all eternity. But it gets boring. So try taking care of an angel. Too bad she's mine. She took more than just my help though. More than just my attention. More than just my appreciation or my love. In fact she successfully stole my heart.

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter 1. Bad

It was morning. The sun was shining, birds were singing, until I threw fire at them.

I get bored easily. Hell isn't the funniest or most entertaining place to be. I usually sit in my tree and make fun of humans. Throw sticks, rocks even. It's funny sometimes.

There I was minding my own business. Just tormenting some humans. Usually when my hands catch fire they start running. They never get far though. I could run. But why when I have wings?

Once I was thrown out the golden gates of heaven I started falling and falling and it burned all my feathers. Leaving my wings.... Well black, dark black like coal.

I'll admit maybe I liked my white wings. But when you leave heaven, go to hell and become the king. Getting new wings is great. I won't explain how it works but basically I was not always a demon. But I was an Angel once.

"Where was I going with this?"

"You were saying you were minding your own business and.."

"Ahh yes"

Minding my own business, sitting in my tree, when something fell from high above the clouds. An Angel. She was small. With short Blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes with hints of gold at the pupils. They glowed when her emotions were strong. Her wings were wrapped around her body shielding her and her white robes ruffled and covered in dirt after she fell.

They were the first things I noticed about her. She was beautiful. It shocked me I was staring this much. But this girl would be beside me until the end of time. I'd make sure of it.

So I did some more 'bad things' if you will. I stole a house. Some money, it's pretty easy when you can teleport too and cops don't have your fingerprints.

Next thing I knew this girl was living with me. She woke up the next morning in bed while I sat in a chair with her, waiting until she woke.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"My name is Aidan." I told her.

"Who are you might I ask?" I said and smirked my killer smile.

"I'm Aurora."

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