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The Hoard

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The Girlfriend and the Pet

The next morning, I woke up to the smell of bacon and... waffles? Totally forgetting about the odd occurrences from the day before, I bolted down the stairs to find the source of the heavenly smells wafting up to my room. I stumbled into the kitchen to find my beautiful girlfriend holding out a piece of bacon to a... dragon?

Oh, right.

"Hey, babe," I yawned. I smiled as her soft, brown eyes met mine.

Her ponytail, filled with brown hair, swayed as she stood. "I've just met your friend. Do you know if it is a boy or a girl, Kara?" Winston asked as she threw her arms around my neck.

"No idea," I chuckled. I kissed Winston softly. Her first name was Judith, but she hated to have such an old fashioned name, so everyone just called her by her last name.

"What do you call it?" Winston asked as she plopped in the floor to play with the green beast.

I shrugged as I took over the bacon and waffles that Winston had been distracted from. Winston and the small monster rolled around in the floor, making strange noises at each other. The funny looking creature seemed to like Winston more than me, but when I announced that breakfast was ready, it sat by my feet and cooed at me instead of her. I sat a plate next to the green and violet dragon that was piled high with raw and cooked bacon and a single egg on top.

In between bites, Winston and I conversed about the tiny beast under the table. She informed me that it had eaten an entire box of my charcoal pencils and half a bag of charcoal briquettes while I was asleep. She also told me that my coin jar and coin collection were in the corner of the guest bedroom. After that, we talked about how we'd keep a dragon hidden from the neighbors. After all, my neighborhood had a no pet policy.

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