Warring Mates

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SEQUEL TO ENDANGERED One glance, two seconds and three words was all it took to break the lovely Lexi. "I hate you." Words that still haunted her two years later. Her mate didn't want her. Never have and never will. But what will she have to do when her beast only showed her presence when she was near him? Should she just give up and hope for the best, or should she pursue this bond? I will try to update at least every Sunday and when I'm not too busy with school 2-3 times a week. ©️ 2020 Copyrighted by Alicia Korving

Fantasy / Romance
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Hii, lovely readers.

Thank you for choosing this story. I hope you will all like it, and you can expect lots of drama, romance and steamy scenes😉

This can be read as a stand-alone. Though I would not recommend it as one of the main characters is from the prequel, Endangered. He doesn't make a lot of appearances in the book, but a major piece of understanding who he is, is written in that book and not to mention it will give some background information about the other characters. That, and this book will contain some spoilers about the prequel.

The Royal Family series:
1. Endangered

2. Warring Mates

3. Hidden Secrets

The last pure-blooded dragons:

1. A Dragon’s Curse

2. The Cursed Mountains

3. The Curse of the Heart

Have a happy read, feel free to like and leave a review😇

You can follow me for future updates about the other books.
I post regularly their with cover teasers, why I haven’t updated in a while and more.

This book is copyrighted and I am not scared to sue you when you plagarize it.

FYI, this is the first draft. There will be some mistakes and feel free to point them out. Constructive criticism is welcome. Especially regarding the plot

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