Blind Scale Seekers

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In a society where corruption was its leader, certain individuals were brought together in unforeseen circumstances to conquer the inequity that have been lingering in their world. Sirius wasn't his true name, he had forgotten. Where he lived, he sought out to right the wrong. Many saw him as just another rogue with no morale, but he didn't care much of these words. One of the few who trusted him saw a good, a better side of the executioner he was. Caltha was the closest person to him, that was until the day someone placed a bounty in search of her ability to restore the damaged. The High King coveted that blood, and Sirius would do anything to prevent it, to protect her and to keep her safe even if it meant sacrificing himself, or killing more people. But along the path, Sirius began to wonder who he really was. For where there was a prophecy of worlds to fall, then there will always be a legacy of Kings to come.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Land of Confusion

People’s paths varied throughout life. Some aimed to be famous and ultimately bathed in the lands of the wealthy without lifting a finger for a single day. Some others struggled, wishing for a better sentiment than what they had, lingering dreams that may never see the light of a day’s hard earned labor. Life is life, when had it ever been otherwise? Such is life, they said, such is life and the beauty and struggles that came with it. No, it’s death. Yes, death was the word. It's the only thing that can stop you from going further.

You’d think you were more befitting, more cunning than the other one, and that you deserved that spot. Guess what, no one would care because they only ever cared about results, because they cared about how that person was related to the one in-charge and how he mattered more despite being a slothful prick while you rot, while you struggle searching for the people who’d take your talent and skills in.

No matter how advanced the world may be to this day there lingered countless lives that are being left behind, people who thought they meant something, brought into this world and for what? A simple thread of destiny? What’s your destiny?

Blinded by greedy ambitions, they fail to see the laughter of such innocence. Some may have tried, but as quick as their tears ran dry, it never last. If others tried, sharks along the way bore grave disasters.

No matter how much one believed, where no wealth lay then perhaps advancement won’t be an option. Where a good hand was extended, pigs mowed it down and not a single trace of its carcass was left for evidence. If a ray of gold had shown, it was kept, sealed in each of those responsible’s grimy surfaces until a time when everything won’t bode well, and what else can they do but make it stand as a last resort.

There are hungry and desperate souls left to die without ever fighting. Trying will make them end up in chains. Bars have always separated equality. Mere presentation will fall in a line of judgmental assaults. Names were called, but has anyone ever listened?

Everyone flowed in a blind rage of unsavory power, washing their hands clean of a guilty slate while hiding in a sheep’s ever woolly coating. They have never been on your side. They may strive further than the hard worker, blazing the trail of flying colors in every rainbow that passed. You might take a different stride, slower even, not knowing whether in this lifetime that you’ve been given you’ll make it to the end of your foretold destiny, or fail.

All these things fell and have been corrupted by a storm of raging thoughts. In the end, if justice was blind then the scales will never be balanced.

People, despite race, status, and color, live in this land of confusion.



Archii - /ˈär-kī/

Calla - /ˈkælə/

Castellone - /’kas-tē-lēˈō-nē/

Ciryh - /’sər/

Dyie - /’di/

Genon - /’he-nän/

Kerxis - /’kər-sis/

Lyté - /’li-tā/

Regh - /’re/

Saihme - /’sām/

Sirius - /’sē-rē-əs/

Stoel - /’stōl/

Idianale - /’ē-dē-ä-nä-le/

Others not listed here are pronounced as is.

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