Valley of the Dark Roses

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'A touch. A single touch is all it takes. Who knew a single touch could turn my life upside down?' Being the only female alpha in a world where men can't see women having positions of power due to their egos and the hierarchy isn't a piece of cake. It is even more difficult sustaining a pack which is on the brink of extinction. We had magic in our hands, they cut them. We had power in our eyes, they pulled them out. We had strength in our blood, they drained it out. And now, I'll make sure they suffer the same fate, especially HIM. -Maneli Ivanov ..... Royalty might have brought me a lot of enemies but royal blood is what makes people bow down in front of me and I'll do anything to make sure it stays that way. Female rulers in werewolf world are unheard of. There's a reason why moon goddess blessed all the alphas with sons. However, how can I sit back when a mere girl threatens the natural order of the world I rule? Especially when she holds so much power? Exquisite- that's what comes to mind at the mention of her. And being the King, it's natural that all the exquisite things should belong to me- she and her pack. And I won't sit back until they bow down in front of me, especially HER. -Alpha King Alexander Sergius Vasiliev. .......

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

1| No Cure

I tapped my nails on the table and glanced at my wrist watch.

11.15 PM.

Rolling my eyes, I continued tapping my nails while taking in the herd of humans shaking their asses to an upbeat melody. I almost cringed when my eyes landed on a couple practically having sex in the middle of the dance floor, as they wildly grinded against each other.

Horny idiots.

The intolerable smell of the club and cheap perfume, intermixed with the stinky sweat of humans was doing a number on my senses.

'Will you quit doing that?', Sienna hissed at me.

'No. Where do you think the Hale guy is? He was supposed to be here thirty minutes ago.'

'No idea.', she shrugged, 'Probably got caught up somewhere.'

'I am going to rip his head off once he comes. He's already wasted a lot of my time.', I bit out angrily.

'Just because we're wild animals, doesn't mean we can go around acting like them. He would probably flung you in the air even before you're able to lay a hand on him.'

'I-', I was interrupted by someone's heavy panting. I turned around with an annoyed expression on my face only to find Ricky Hale standing behind me and gulping huge amounts of air like his life depended on it.

'Glad to see you're exactly on time Ricky.', I muttered sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes and took a seat next to Sienna. I slid my glass of water to him which he heartily gulped down.

'I apologise for the delay. We had new witches joining our coven. I had to monitor their initiation.'

'You witches breed like worms. Weren't there any other witches to take care of the initiation?', I raised a brow.

'Says the dog about breeding.', he waived me off, 'I am the second in command, I obviously couldn't let the apprentices handle such a hefty task.'

'Shut up Rick. Make me happy by telling me that you found a cure.', Sienna looked at him with hopeful eyes putting an end to our banter.

His grim expression gave everything away as I let out a string of curses. Chewing on my bottom lip, I shook my head in desperation. Glancing at Ricky who was already staring at me with apologetic eyes, I sighed.

What the hell were we supposed to do now?

'Look Maneli, searching for a cure is not a piece of cake. Even though I am a witch, the fact doesn't mean that I am aware of every single magical trick which exists in the universe.'

Sienna opened her mouth to speak but he held up a finger asking her to keep quiet.

'I have been rummaging through texts. While, I am not sure when, but I promise you, I'll come up with something as soon as possible.'

I nodded at him with a small smile. No matter how much I cursed at him or threatened to claw his head off, I was greatly indebted to him for aiding us, even though he didn't have to.

I gave his hand a slight squeeze. 'Thank you Rick. I don't have words to explain how much I appreciate this.'

He nodded as his eyes lit up mischeviously.

'So? Did you find your mate yet or do I still have a chance of whisking you away?'

I groaned internally. Ricky's amorous feelings that he harboured for me, weren't alien to me. Having known each other since we could walk, we were bound to be close, however, Ricky's friendship had developed into something which I was too hesitant to adress for the sake of our friendship.

I was never the goody girl of the group, who stayed at an arm's distance from the creatures of the opposite gender but, I never could, in a million years imagine being in a romantic relationship with Ricky which was bound to hurt both of us at some point of time.

My wolf and I wanted to wait for our soulmate.

Since Ricky was quite the chance snatcher, who never let go of an opportunity to remind me about how he would love for us to be together, I always graciously took the chance to remind him of how I'd break his bones if he brought the same thing up again. Alas, taking hints wasn't his strongest pursuit.

'Go to hell Rick.', I grumbled. Sienna let out a low laugh and turned towards him.

'At this point, you should just quit trying. Your efforts aren't reaping any fruits.', she snickered.

'Well, I am a patient man.', he whistled at me as I stood up causing me to growl at him.

'We need to go. We can't be out in the open for this long.'

'I agree.', Sienna sighed as she quickly pulled Ricky into a hug. He walked over to me before pulling me towards himself. I wrapped my arms around him.

'Stay safe.', he whispered and kissed the top of my head. I pulled back and winked at him. 'You too hot shot.'

He took a step back, clicked his fingers and vanished into the thin air. After all these years, I still couldn't wrap my head around it.

As soon as Ricky poofed away, I was faced with a human who was attempting to spew words out of his mouth in complete shock. He resembled one of those characters in horror movies who'd just peed their pants due to an encounter with a ghost.

'The man, that man-, he-, vanished away.', the human whispered to me with wide eyes and an open mouth. I smiled and took a step towards him.

I placed my hand on his arm as I stared straight into his eyes. 'You're too drunk. You didn't see anyone vanishing. Now go and take ten shots of vodka.' The man meekly nodded and sauntered away to the bar.

'Tell me you just didn't do it again.'

I turned towards my sister as her eyes shined bright with disappointment. She constantly reminded me to keep my abilities at bay, more specifically, hidden. What she didn't comprehend was how restless my body felt if I didn't push it to it's limits. The magic cackling through my veins was a constant reminder of what I was capable of.

Before I could utter a word, Sienna grabbed my hand and maneveured our way through the throng of humans. The humid atmosphere of the club was giving me a headache. I pressed my fingers to my temple lightly hoping to calm myself down. We were almost past the crowd when a humongous body bumped into me causing me to topple.

'Watch it!', I snapped at the burly man.

He muttered a sorry as he squatted down to grab the photographs he had dropped on the floor when he collided with me. Sienna bent down to help the man when her hand froze mid air.

'Maneli, do not react under any circumstances I am warning you.'

My eyes curiously went straight to the scene, wondering why the hell was she mind linking me even though I was right beside her.

'What is it?'

I almost growled out loud when she pushed the image of the photographs through the mind link to me.

'Get up, don't let him see your face and let's get the hell out of here.'

She nodded quickly before standing up. My wolf was growling and howling at the back of my mind as we sprinted out of the club. I could sense her wolf pacing anxiously. I had a strong urge to return to the club and rip the man to pieces, however, the safety of my pack held more importance than my violent tendencies.

We barely uttered a word to each other as we swiftly walked towards our home.

Home. I internally scoffed at the word. I had no home. My pack members didn't have a home. Our home had been long turnt to ashes and dust to the point that nothing remained of it.

What was a home without the loved ones anyway? My wolf whimpered as I reminisced my house being set on fire as they chopped my mother's fingers off-

I shook my head to rid myself of the memories. Now was not the time. My brain was swarmed with the thoughts of my pack members. I had to inform them about the photographs. I had to be the bearer of ill news again. My jaw clenched in frustration.

How long would we have to keep running? Like cowards, like damn ninnies?

My thoughts came to a sudden halt as a large hand roughly grabbed my arm and another slapped over my mouth to keep me from screaming. I wildly thrashed around in the man's hold as I was being hauled into an alley. I panicked as I saw my sister in the same condition as me, flailing her arms and legs, trying to get out of the man's strong hold.

A surge of anger rushed through my veins as I took a whiff of their scents.

Damn, I should have known they'd come. Who else would it be?

I yelped as the man violently pushed me against the wall and sneered at me revealing his filthy sharp teeth. He freed my mouth and pinned my arms against the wall.

'I'd love ripping your hair out and offering them to my Alpha after I give you a slow death.', he whispered to me.

I laughed.

'What the hell are you laughing about?', he scrunched his brows in confusion.

'Sorry to break your little bubble of happiness, but it breaks my heart to tell you that things unfortunately won't be going that way.', my face contorted into an expression of mock sadness.

'Why?', he questioned.

Since he was already grasping my arms with his hands, my efforts of touching him were saved. Staring straight into his eyes, I focused on his pupils, pinning him to his place.

'Go back to your pack, to your Alpha. Take your dead friend's body back with you as a token of gift from my pack. Spit at your Alpha's feet and tell him what a fucking coward he is who hides behind his soldiers to kill innocent wolves but doesn't have the courage to face them directly. Oh, also, jump down from a building and kill yourself after that. Now, release me.'

He nodded and slowly let me go.

Jerk. I rubbed my wrists which now sported a bright red color due to the man's tight hold. A loud thud attracted my attention as I saw Sienna struggling to fight the second man. Tears leaked out of her eyes as she wildly thrashed around pleading to the man to back off.

My sister was everything but a warrior. That wouldn't normally pose a problem, but in our world, it could be the biggest setback, something which could get you killed in a matter of seconds.

Fury burned through me at the sight of helpless tears staining her pretty face. I swiftly tiptoed towards them, trying not to catch their attention. The man raised his hand with his extended claws to swipe them across Sienna's face. She shrieked and tightly shut her eyes close waiting for the attack.

Before the man could make a move, my claws extended out of my hand and tore through the soft flesh across the man's back. He howled in pain and turned on his heel to growl loudly at me.

The entire fiasco was boring me to no end. Not wishing to waste anymore of my precious time, I sunk my claws into his chest pulling his heart out and tossing it at his friend's feet. The man's limp body fell on the floor with a loud thud.

Sienna crashed into me and snaked her arms around me. I held her tightly to myself as she bawled her eyes out. Kissing her cheek, I pulled back to wipe her tears from her face.

'You're the older sister. You should be the one consoling me. Not the other way round.', I joked.

'I, I was just-, scared, very scared. I really thought I'd die today.', she whimpered.

'It's alright. It's done. We need to rush back now. It's not safe.'

She nodded in affirmation. I clutched onto her hand and stepped over the man's body. His empty chest cavity, devoid of his heart was oozing blood causing a red puddle to form on the ground. Just the sight made me want to puke.

I noticed the dead man's companion picking up his body in a daze and dashing into the darkness of the street.

Sienna and I rushed towards our temporary house as fast as our legs could carry us in our human form. She released a sigh of relief as a familiar, old building came into view.

I almost broke the door of our house while knocking. I was greeted by an irritable face as the door flung open in my face.

'God Maneli! I thought someone was dying.', Rhea threw an annoyed expression at me.

'We will actually be dying if you don't let me in now.'

One look at my bloody hands and Sienna's shaky form and she quietly let us in without a word.

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