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Ok............ So this is my first book so you guys should pls bear with me.😇 Belladonna is getting her life back on track after the whole drama of her wedding being a complete disaster 😑. Everything's fine until her ex fiance shows up to put a hold to the peace and quiet in her life ............. He suddenly looked up and I could feel my heart pounding really fast...... “ How dare he ” “......... Think of it as a new beginning”

Fantasy / Humor
Jady Nois
Age Rating:


“BEE GET YOUR BUTT OFF THAT BED”my crazy best friend yells. I wake up to find my butt off the bed and on the floor

“Ouch what the hell was that for”i say while opening my eyes

“Bee if you don't leave in the next thirty minutes you'll be late for the golden interview,and I can't let that happen considering the effort I put into helping you find it in the first place”she replies

I roll my eyes after hearing her words “ Golden interview seriously? And the last time I checked you were sitting on the couch watching TV when I went to submit my resume”

Dee gasps and places the back of her palm on her forehead “ WATCHING TV, WATCHING TV,HOW DARE YOU”she screams back at me

I look at her and wonder how I ended up living with a drama queen. I walk up to this drama queen and place my hand on her shoulder

“ I'm so sorry,you weren't just watching TV,you were just staying at home on a Saturday morning and being as unproductive as you can be

She shoots me a glare but let's it slide “Even a three year old can notice how sarcastic you are. Btw if it wasn't for me you'll still be working for Mr Grumpy pants,you're welcome”

“ well ........ you're right though” I reply while smiling

“ Of course I'm right,I'm always right”she tells me proudly

I smirk “ Actually you're never right,this is the first time you've ever been right since I've known you”

She picks up my pillow and throws it at me“whatever,just get your ass into the bathroom so you'll not be late”

“Yes your Royal Majesty ” I say after gently bowing my head

“ Run along now my fellow subject”she says and turns to leave my room while swaying her hips

“ Hey what's with the hips?” I ask

She turns back and bat her eyelashes seductively “ I gotta show what I've got”

I couldn't help but laugh “ Honey please keep that for Jake” I tell her as I head for the bathroom and shut the door behind me

“I WILL” Dee yells

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