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Naive Reaper

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Guido once lived as a simple farmer boy with his family. That was, until one day it all turned upside down. He is visited by the grim reaper, and shortly after his family dies. And so does he. However...Sometimes odd things happen for no reason, for seemingly no particular reason at all. What if, he became a reaper as well? though it sounded ridiculous...it happened

Fantasy / Humor
Burning Cinders
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The wooden walls were splattered with blood, and covered in holes. I could smell the heavy scent of blood coming from a certain corpse in the corner of the room...

My high school uniform by now was covered in and wet from blood. The room was mildly lit by some candles that ran across near the walls.

The dying flames flickered, but suddenly all of them went unlit. It was the kind of thing that only happens when a strong breeze comes into a room.

My high school uniform by now was covered in and wet from blood. The room was mildly lit by some candles that ran across near the walls.

The dying flames flickered, but suddenly all of them went unlit. It was the kind of thing that only happens when a strong breeze comes into a room.

Oddly enough, I didn’t feel a breeze.

I breathed out heavily, exhausted from the intense fight that broke out only moments before. However I didn’t know what else to do. So I stood there, my eyes firmly locked on the unmoving body of the principal, the Grim Reaper.

The wooden floor creaked as I shifted my weight onto my other foot. I turned around on the heel of my foot towards the door, resting my scythe on my shoulder.

“well, I’ll be so thankful to go back home-”

Without warning, the door shut-close. I already knew something was off, when the candles went unlit.

Though the room went dark, some faint rays of light managed to come through the sides of the door, and shed some light on a vaguely human shape forming before me. A black misty creature.

An apparition of the Reaper? then, this fight was for nothing.

However, that didn’t seem to be the case. Yes, it was a mist that had donned a humanoid form, but...Somehow or someway I knew that this wasn’t the Reaper.

Something more, powerful or sinister.

The creature bore no ears, no mouth, no nose and no eyes. It was just humanoid looking thing made out of a black substance, And, its head.

It was like it was staring at me, its gaze seemingly locked onto mine. I couldn’t help but feel a shiver go down my spine.

I could hear indecipherable, low whispers all around the room, an ominous aura succumbed the room. But, I told myself that I won’t let it get to my head, that I’ll kill this thing and then after that. It will be happy times with friends and I’ll live a long peaceful life in the real world.

My grip on the Scythes handle tightened,

The moment it moves Im rushing it-

In the blink of an eye, the creature became a quick blur. Moving too fast for my eyes to track its movements, and before I knew it, It was already in front of me. Its hands had morphed into big claws, unproportionately big, and they were primed at me.

Swish The claws streaked through the air, barely missing my neck. My quick reaction saved my life, however its claw grazed by my shoulder.

I was already a good three meters away from where I was previously, and so I made a quick check of my body to make sure I was in one piece.

What...? My fingers grazed over a large gouge in my left shoulder, a deep bloody gouge. And this thing only grazed me!

I’m sure, even if its hits graze my body, I might end up with a severed limb, or worse. I’ll be cut in half.

I reacted fast enough to move back and make my scythe take the blow for me. But, it wasn’t as if I was unhurt. Its claw, though it looked like it grazed, it left a large and deep gouge in my left shoulder, and my scythe was destroyed. It had snapped into two pieces and it was unwieldy.

I huffed out in exhaustion, the fight with the principal left me weak. If I don’t find a way to escape, I’ll die.

The creature went on all fours, and like before It blurred out of my vision because it moved so fast.

Before I could even manage a profanity,It was already behind me, its arm wrapped around my head in a headlock. I tried to punch it with my hands, however, to my surprise my fists just phased through through it. It was like I was trying to punch air.

I let out a sudden gasp as air struggled to come down my throat, I was being choked to death. The creature, in an almost mocking way tilted its head at me.

It let out a distorted chuckle, “You look like you had quite the time. Though...I just can’t help but think how much of an annoyance you are. You believe yourself a vassal of death, now you reaper, as naive as you are, seem to think your are death itself-”

The grip on my throat tightened, to the point it was crushing my throat. My lungs struggled to siphon the precious oxygen from the air, and I felt my face turned a slight tint of purple. I thought I was going to die in the span of five seconds.

Without warning, it let go of its headlock on me, grabbing me my arm.

Oh dear, I hope your rugged enough from combat training to withstand what I’m going to do to you-” in one quick swing it threw me across the room.

My body slammed into the side of the room, and immediately I felt something break. I’m quite its not good, since It became very hard to breathe. I had a punctured lung from a broken rib.

I was exhausted, breathing erratically heavily, and in extreme pain. I was by the wall my lungs burning as the creature spoke,

You think you will go unpunished for killing my right hand? I have no reason not to turn your ass to ash right here and now, except that there is a vacuum in my ranks, and it needs to be filled. Your punishment...is something befitting for you. It will make you regret your actions.

Who...W-Who are you!” I managed, coughing in pain. I think I broke a rib, or ribs.

Who am I?” It scoffed, placing a claw at its chest, tilting its head at me, “You must already know a lot about me. You know, the usual, I’m here, there, everywhere really. When you grandma dies I’m there, your pet dog passes away, I’m there. I’m the God of Death. There is nothing more or less about me that you should not know

“So you’re-” before I could end my sentence, it came close towards me, grabbing me by the collar of my uniform.

Ah yes, I nearly forgot your punishment. For your brother...I’ll tear off one of his limbs next time we meet, and I’ll make you watch all of it. And this is me getting you off easy, next time it’s you who’ll be missing a limb. Permanently

The god shrouded in mist soon collapsed onto a tiny hole before completely disappearing off into nothing.

Oh I will hold my own alright” I muttered, my eyes darting over to my shattered, my broken scythe. My most prized weapon reduced to a mere short stick and blade.

What had happened to get me so far. To the terrifying place I am now? All the way from my peaceful home in the countryside, to this place where people consume the selected souls merly fuel their own desires. How did I become one of them… Ah yes, I’m beginning to remember…

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