The Howl

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I notice there are other people in line behind me, so I ask him when his shift ends.

"In 5 minutes."

"Great!" I say excitedly. "I'll wait at a booth, then." He gives me a thumbs up.

I scurry out of the way, quickly apologizing to the person behind me for holding up the line. I sit in the closest booth and pull out my phone to inform Deya of the sudden change of plans.

She picks up on the first ring. "Where's my food?" She demands.

"Wow, way to greet the person who's going out of her way to get you food. Imma have to charge you for that, young lady." I say.

"Fine, I'm sorry."

"Too late. Plus, I was gonna charge you anyway. So," I continue before she can protest, "change of plans. I need you to run over here."

"Girl, I am not driving over there. You promised to deliver. Why do you even need me over there anyway? I mean-"

"Tyler's here."

"Bitch, I'm in." Click.

I laugh quietly. I knew she wouldn't resist if Tyler's in the same room.

Tyler is mine and Deya's best friend. He's a really caring, sweet guy, the kind of guy you just always want to be around. We've known each other since we were in grade school, kindergarten. I remember the day we all met almost as if it were yesterday.


I walk into school felling really excited. It's my first day of kindergarten, and I'm gonna meet a whole bunch a' friends that I'll sit next to at lunch every day. I hope I don't have to pay for lunches like my brother does. He's in high school and has older high school friends. He says it's cooler because you get to go places after school without mom but all his friends kinda smell like death.

My sister Maya walks past me saying have fun, asshole, and I say I hope you don't, asshole, and speed walk to my class before she can argue with me. She's in first grade so she thinks she can tell me what to do but she's not my mom so she can't. Only mom's can tell you what to do. And dads. My dad let's me do a bunch a' stuff mom doesn't let me do, like have more than one slice of pie for dessert. I love my dad.

Other adults can tell you what to do too. But not all adults. Some adults are just flat out rude. My uncle's son thinks he can tell me what to do because he goes to Harvard. But he can't. He's just a big ol' meanie.

I sit down in my seat after I hang up my coat and backpack in my cubbie. I know it's mine because the teacher made a cute paper cupcake and wrote my name on it in really good handwriting.

My friend Deya from preschool sits next to me and we start talking about rainbows because rainbows are pretty cool. They got pretty colors. But they don't have pink sadly. Pink's my favorite color. It isn't Deya's though. Hers is purple.

Then a boy with black hair and green eyes walks up to our table.

"Hi I'm Tyler" he says with a smile and it's a pretty smile. Better than mine anyway.

"I'm Lisanna and this is my bestest bestie Deya" I say.

Hiii Tyyleerr Deya drags out the name. Geez she just met him and already has a crush on him.

He just waves like Deya's gooey feelings toward him isn't weird at all.

Dude your creeping him out stop iiiit I say while Tyler just laughs.

"Its fine. Hey you wanna be friends?"

It's like his smile just makes me want to never leave his side. He's like a sunshine magnet except he doesn't make you go blind when you look at him. Both me and Deya blurt out yes! too loudly and the teacher comes over to us to tell us to use our inside voice.

And we hang out everyday, just the three of us.


"Done with my shift," Tyler says 5 minutes later, as he promised. It felt a lot longer than 5 minutes, though. More like 20 minutes. He sets the food I ordered down in front of me.


He sits, relaxes, leans back. "So, how are you and Deya? I feel like I haven't seen you two in forever." He peeks at me, smiles.

I can't help but smile back. "We've been doing okay. Kinda boring though. Not a lot of stuff to do here." I take a bite of my hashbrown. Swallow. "How about you? Definetly haven't seen you in forever. How's college?"

He smiles wider. "It's great. We have parties just about every other day," he says. "But with learning, it's even more awesome because I get to learn a bunch of medical information I've never even heard of." He laughs, shakes his head. I laugh with him.

"Hey, I really like that you wanna be a doctor. You're a really nice person, always wanting to help others in need. That's one of the many things I like about you. You've helped me, you've helped Deya, and so much more." I sigh. "I'm glad I'm seeing you again."

"Same. They guys at campus are kinda annoying."

I laugh. Thats when Deya bursts through the door, panting and earning many stares from the other costumers. Her amber hair is a somehow neat frenzy, strands dangling over her crystal blue eyes.

"I came here as soon as I could," she hyperventilates. Now we're full on exploding in fits of laughter.

"Tyler!" She runs and practically tackles him, almost being pushed to the ground. I roll my eyes, grab her arm before she suffocates him to death.

"Hey, remember where you are?" I scold her. Raise my eyebrows. "You don't want Tyler to get in trouble with his boss, do you?"

Her eyes widen. "Sorry Tyler." Her smile remains on her face, only slightly shrinking.

"It's okay. Youre excited, I get it." He smiles again.

And again, we can't help but smile wide in return.

"Oh, Deya, here's your breakfast. By the way, you owe me 20 bucks."

"Dammit! Oh well," she grabs a twenty from her wallet and a penny, placing it in my hand and closing it around the money. "Keep the change."

I snort. "You're so weird."

She laughs. "I know."

I turn back to Tyler. "When will we see you again?" It's been so long. I don't want to wait a whole year again. For his last year of high school, he went to school in Alaska because his dad got a job there that paid some good stuff. They stayed for a year, but his mom missed home, so her and Tyler moved back to sunny LA. His dad visits once a year.

He laughs. "Don't worry. I called your mom and Deya's parents if we could go out for dinner tonight, just the three of us."

Deya perked up then. "Where are we going?" She says excitedly.

I frown. "Our parents said yes?"

"Yup. And you guys can decide. I'm fine with wherever."

Deya and I speak at the same exact time. "Twin Dragon." We all have loved Chinese food since forever, and Twin Dragon has always been our favorite place to go.

"Perfect. How's the pickup process gonna go?"

"Easy. Deya will come to my house, you pick us both up there." My house is closest to Tyler's apartment and the restaurant, so it'll be quicker and easier for him.

"Great. I'll pick you guys up at 6?"

"Sounds good," Deya says.

"We have to get to school. See you later, Ty!" I exclaim.

"Bye Deya, Lisanna." He waves. We wave back. We take our food and I head for my car, Deya hers.

I can't wait for tonight.

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