The Howl

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*ahem* This chapter involves attempted (notice I say attempted) sexual content. If this kind of thing is not for you, do not read it.

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I wake up in a room I do not recognize.

I prob myself on my elbows, feeling them sink into the soft, heavenly bed. The thick, pastel blue blanket with clouds designed in the fabric hugs my torso, snug and warm. I take in the walls and plush rug in the center of the hardwood floor, the same blue shade as the bed. A crystal chandelier hangs from the tall ceiling. The room is the size of my living room back home; it's huge, beautiful.

Where am I? I think to myself. How did I get here?

Confusion confusion confusion-

Realization slaps me in the face.

The hands, the stabbing thing in my neck, the male voice, the passing out, oh-

"Morning, love," the voice says in a thick British accent I didn't notice before.

I snap my head to the left, to the door, a man standing in its frame, arms crossed.

"Who the hell are you?" My voice is angry, rather than scared.

He pulls his left arm to his waist, his other behind his back, bowing. "Hudston McKay, at your service," he exclaims, sneaking a peek at me through his eyelashes, a devilish smirk plastered on his face.

I want to rip it off.

I look more closely at his features. He has blond hair, only a half-inch long. His green eyes are the palest shade of green I've ever seen, fitting well with his fair skin.

He's disgustingly beautiful.

The textbook definition of mischief.

"Oh, don't look at me like that. You should be grateful," his eyes are challenging me, trying to scare me. His antics will fail.

"Why? So I can be forced against my will and turned into an immortal vampire, hybrid/heratic thing?" I cock my eyebrow, narrow my eyes. "Do you think I'm blind, bloodsucker?" I smirk the tiniest bit at the last word, knowing I got him.

He seems momentarily startled, surprised that I know what he is so quickly, that I know why I'm here. It's kind of obvious; Tyler's whole house is creaky and loud, and he managed to get right behind me without a sound. And if you look closely at his eyes, you can see the pupils aren't exactly circular, but vaguely cat-like; an oval. Though it's just a guess - I've never heard a myth of vampires having pupils looking like a snake's - I know that it's not human. And I honestly want to see his reaction.

He masks his face with his previous features, so quick I almost don't notice his shock.


"Well, at least I no longer have to pretend. You are very observant, love," his smile broadens. I make a face.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"You'll find out soon enough." His eyes are light with amusement.

"You think this if funny, bloodsucker?" I snap.

"Only if you want it to be, love." He dips down, too close. His lips are only inches away from my neck and I'm paralyzed with fear and disgust. His voice his husky, dangerously quiet. "Or, if you want, we can make this fun. All you have to do is ask, and I'll grant your wish." The tip of his nose lightly skims the side of my throat and I shiver, and act in which he misunderstands.

"God, I could just take a bite out you. You just smell so beautiful. Refreshing, really," he whispers against my neck and I want to die, just a little bit, whatever it takes to get the hell away from this boy.

"But," he continues, still too close to me, "What if what I want is more than your blood? What if it's. . . your body?"

I gasp when his hands move like lightning and rip off my shirt with one swift move and I think wow, I think I've actually done it. I've died from a stroke before my twenties. I must be dead, because I feel like I'm not watching it through my eyes, but from a third-person view, like my body is in a show and I'm watching it through a TV.

I stumble backward on the bed, my head slamming on the wall behind me. "G-get away from me-"

"Let me think about it. . . no." He laughs. "You're so appealing. It's not like I'm not allowed to do this. As long as I keep you alive, I can do whatever the fuck I want to do with you. By the way, are you a virgin?"

I swallow back the scream lodged in my throat and make a run for it, towards the door. It was a fruitless attempt, because he caught me before my feet even touched the ground.

"Don't run, love. You'll only make things worse for yourself."

I scream as loud as I can, hoping someone will hear me. "GET THE HELL AWAY, DONT YOU DARE TOUCH ME-"

His hands move quick again, unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans in the same flick of his wrist.

"This'll be fun."

Just before his hand zaps for my jeans again, he covers his ears, groans. He let's go of my torso, tripping towards the ground, writhing in pain.

"Enough, Hudston."

I look by the door to see a woman standing in the doorway, her arm stretched out before her. She waits until Hudston stops yelling a long string of profanities, then puts her hands down.

"What the hell, Valerie?"

Valerie has dark orange hair and dark blue eyes, all opposites of her light skin. Somehow, it fits perfectly.

"Your cutting it too close to her schedule. She's supposed to begin stage one in five minutes, and I know this wouldn't have happened in just that amount of time. Do it when it doesn't interfere with her schedule, please." She walks up to me and grabs my shirt, starts to put it on me. I allow it; I don't want to get in more trouble. I'm afraid that Hudston boy will be my punisher.

When she starts zipping up my pants, I shoo her hands away. "I got it," I mutter darkly. She acts as though I never said anything.

"Come, Lisanna. We'll be starting in three minutes."

"Starting what. . .?" I say cautiously. She doesn't reply, only grabs my wrist and drags me out the door, into the hallway.

She then picks me up and on her shoulders. Before I can question it, were racing down the hall so fast my head spins.

Then my feet are on the ground and I'm momentarily confused on what just happened. I look at Valerie. I thought I saw her use magic. . . but she just sped through the halls as fast as a vampire would. Either she used magic to do that, or. . .

"So. . . you're a vampire witch?" I ask tentatively.

"Heratic," she corrects, her eyes boring into mine. I look away, nod.

"That's what I thought, though I wasn't sure that was what you go by."

She cocks her eyebrow in question but makes no comment.

We should get going," she says. "We need to start soon."

"What exactly is it that were starting. . .?"

She looks at me, her eyes suddenly filled with amusement. "Why, the first step, of course." She pauses.

"We're going to trigger your werewolf curse."


My eyes widen.

"Let's go, we haven't got all day." She grabs my arm, pulling me toward a steel wall.


"Hush." She reaches in her pocket and pulls out a keycard. She swipes it in diffent directions on certain panels of the wall, too confusing for me to try and remember.

"H-how-" I take a deep breath, steady myself. "How exactly do you. . . trigger the c-curse?" I remember asking Tyler, but he dodged the question with another.

"I can't tell you that. She wanted to be the one to tell you." She won't look at me. The wall creates an opening into a large room the size of my house, completely empty, except for a wooden desk and leather chair in the center of the room. Two wooden chairs sit on the opposite side of the leather on, the other side of the desk. The leather chair is occupied by a young woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes, the color of the richest chocolate I've never seen.

"I'm assuming that's 'she'?" I point at the woman. Valerie nods.

The woman doesn't look up when she says, "Come in, my dear Lisanna."

My dear? Who is this?

Wait. Is this. . .

Is this my grandmother?


"Please, sit," she gestures to the wooden chair in front of her. Valerie let's go of my hand and nods. I walk slowly towards the seat, taking my time to brush off my jeans before sitting. Valerie quickly follows suit, taking the chair next to me.

"So, Lisanna," she says, "Do you know who I am?" She leans forward, her hands clasped, her chin resting on her fists.

"Uh, my grandmother Abilene who is supposedly dead?" I cock my head, my eyebrow, stare straight into her eyes in fake innocence.

"Well, aren't we bold?" Abilene smirks. "Yes, I am. How did you know so easily, might I ask?"

I hesitate, not sure I should tell her. I don't want anything to happen to Tyler's mother. I don't even know why I'm bothering to play along with this. I want to know why Abilene wants this for me, I want to know if I'll be able to leave, if I'll see Tyler or Deya again, or maybe I can escape if they don't let me go, but I know if i dont play by their rules, something bad will happen. To me, maybe, to my friends, possibly. And I can't risk that. I don't know who or what I'm dealing with.

So I'll play along.

For now.

"I've seen a picture around the house," I lie casually. "In the trash." I add that because I want to see her reaction. My attempts are wasted.

"I wouldn't be surprised. Your mother despises me. I'm perfectly fine with that, though. I've never seen her as a daughter. She was merely a tool." She shrugs as though it's not a big deal.

I scoff, but say no more. I may be 'bold', but I know when it goes too far. Besides, I have no clue what this woman can do.

I change the subject to a more obvious one. "What are you? Another blood-crazed vampire?"

"Heavens, no," she looks truly offended. "I'm not a ripper. I still drink human blood from the body, but I know when enough is enough."

I roll my eyes. She must have a lot of tolerance and patience, because this sass I'm giving her doesn't seem to faze in the slightest, much less anger her.

"Let's get to the point, dear. We need to trigger your werewolf curse." She smirks the tiniest bit.

"And how, exactly, will I be doing that?"

Her grin grows. Lifts her hand and extends her pointer finger, bending it forward repeatedly, beckoning someone forward. "Leah, come in here, please." She never takes her eyes off of me.

I look towards the direction Abilene is beckoning from. A woman with a short, stiff green dress the color of limes, a leather jacket draped over her her shoulders and lime green pumps comes forward, almost robotic-like. She's wearing heavy makeup, as though she's getting ready for a party.

"Who is this?" I ask, extremely confused. How is this woman supposed to trigger my curse?

"This is the trigger," Abilene says, her wicked smile wide. I glance at Valerie, who hasn't moved an inch, has not spoken a single syllable since we entered Abilene's presence.

"What do you mean by that?" I'm panicking now. What is it they want me to do? I don't know I'm so confused and worried and nervous and I don't know what to do.

I notice the woman has a knife in her grip.

Abilene sighs. "It should be obvious. You've seen enough movies and read enough books to have at least a guess, right?" I say nothing, inch backward a little. She sighs again, getting up and placing the same kind of knife the woman has in my hand, closing my fingers around the handle tightly. She points at the stoic, robotic woman.

"Kill her. Kill her right now."

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