The Howl

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I'm shocked.


Abilene sighs. " Do you need me to spell it out for you? I said-"

"I heard what you said!" I snap. "I'm not killing an innocent person!"

Expect her to yell at me, to force me to put the knife to Leah's throat or something, but she doesn't. Instead, she says, "okay." She walks away, beckoning Valerie to follow. When she walks by the woman, she whispers something I can't catch before exiting the room, leaving the two of us alone.

I'm confused.

Why did she leave? Is she really going to just walk away, leave her hostage alone? No, I realize, she's not. She has a plan, and I'm not sure how she'll exploit that. She could do anything, and I probably wouldn't expect it; she's good at masking her emotions, making her face as stoic as possible.

And I really just don't wanna be here anymore.

"So, I'm just gonna go-" I start backing up.

"How do you cope with the information given?" The woman says, cocking her head slightly.


"How does it feel to know," she says, taking a step forward, "that you're a monster? That you were born an unnatural creature in which could cause you to be locked up? That you could harm Deya, or even your Tyler?"

"How do you know their na-" I'm backing up more, quicker.

"What is it like to know you could potentially die? What if your so dangerous no one wants to be around you? Your own friends don't want you around? What of they want you dead? What if everyone wants you dead?"

My panic turns to anger so quick I'm surprised. I don't get so mad this easily. But it feels like it's choking me, like it needs release, needs it now.

"You don't know anything," I spit between my teeth. She's so close to me I could push her away easily.

"You'll live in the shadows, cast away by the ones you truly love. You'll be hunted for eternity by humans and your own kind. Everyone will want you dead." She shoves me back a a couple feet.

"Don't touch me, freak."

"I'm not the freak here. You are," she steps closer again, shoves me again. "You'll always be the main character of the freak show. Because that's what you are and what you'll always be."

"Shut up!" I shove her like she did to me. She smiles a little, like this is what she's been anticipating, what she wanted out of me and I realize what she's doing. Shes trying to provoke me into a fight, in means to hurt her - no, kill her. Like Abilene wanted, like she. . . compelled Leah or something into provoking death on herself. Isn't compulsion something vampires can do, or is that just a myth, too? And I shouldn't stoop to her level, why did I even do that? I didn't even think, I just pushed her because I was angry - I am angry. I can't do something as little as shoving, because I know the anger will only increase from there.

Don't let her words get to me don't let her words get to me don't let her words get to me.

"C'mon, show me what you are. I'm truly curious. Show me." She walks up to me again. "Show me!" She back-hands me in the face, hard.

Something inside me snaps and I forget that I don't want to go with Abilene's plans and I'm livid, outraged for putting my friends lives on the line, portraying me as a monster, because I'm not. I won't be a monster.

Will I?

"I said shut up!" I punch her nose, feeling it break from the impact. She staggers back a bit, but makes no sound of signaling pain. She smirks just a bit.

"Violent, huh? Wait until that hurts someone you care about. Like Deya, your best friend, the closest sister you've ever had. Or Tyler, your best friend who can turn into a werewolf, someone you might have eyes on for something more than friendship." She cocks her head and I roll my eyes. Who gave this woman the right to tell me about how I feel? "You could hurt them. You could. . ."

She pauses.

"Kill them."

"Stop it!" I charge toward her, grabbing her by the throat and pinning her to the floor and I'm lava, melting through the floor, destroying everything in my path. There's a fire in my eyes I can't control. She's grabbing at my hands, trying to remove the bundle of bones cutting off her oxygen and I realize what I'm doing.

I remove my hands from her neck, shaking.

I almost killed her.

This is exactly what Abilene wanted, what Leah wanted me to do. To kill her, to trigger my curse. I don't want this, I don't want to kill someone. That's not me. I can't do this. I can't encourage this insanity-

I stumble backward, walking backward, towards the door, and I want to run far away, to Tyler and Deya, away from everyone here, wherever here is, and I-

"Really? Is it that hard?" Abilene's exasperated voice walks in the rooms before she does. I scowl, slowly turn my head towards the door.

"You monster," I spit.

"Sure, sure. Why isn't she dead yet?" She narrows her eyes at me. "You listen here, young lady-"

"How can you be treating this situation like a child disobeying her mother? You aren't my mother, so stop acting like you are, bitch," I snap.

She glares at me. "Such vulgar language," she says carefully, slowly, calming herself. But then her expression changes; she grins ever so slightly.

I'm suddenly nervous.

Then her expression shows complete, utter rage in the blink of an eye.

I step back reflexively.

Her eyes.

The phrase if looks could kill runs through my mind.

"You will do as I say, Lisanna," she says calmly - too calmly. "Or there will be consequences."

But I'm angry again. I'm not going down without a fight. I'm so stupid.

"No. I will not kill someone for your own entertainment, for a sociopath like you. Go to hell for all I care."

"Don't you dare disobey me, girl." She stamps toward me, grabbing my shoulders. Shakes me a little more than gently. "That isn't in your best interest, I'll guarantee that." She waits for my next words, and I'm almost to scared to speak. But anger oversees my panic yet again.

"Go to hell, dammit! Your a phsycopath, a murderer! Your nothing but a nuisance. Not my grandmother, not to me. So step off!"

Abilene back-hands me in the face, kneeing me in the stomach less than a second after. The blow shoves me backward and I catch myself before hitting the ground.

Someone tightly taps my shoulder. In the same second, I spin around, stabbing my elbow into the person's neck reflexively, causing them to stumble backward, trip on the wooden chair. I turn around in time to see Leah holding her throat as the falls, hitting the back of her neck on the sharp corner of the table so hard I hear a loud crack. She falls to the floor, dropping her hands, limp. My eyes widen, shock and realization slamming into me over and over and over again.

I run to the limp woman's body and pick up her wrist, check her pulse.


I drop her hand. Look back at a beaming Abilene.

What have I done?


I know it's a short chapter, but I've been putting it off for a while and decided just to post what I got, and then make an extra long chapter after. Hopefully thatll make up for my absence. Anyway, have a good day, friends!

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