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Lilly has an arranged mate. She is to become a luna but doesn't want it. Will she do her duty or will she follow her heart?

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Coming Home

**this is my first try at anything like this so please enjoy and any feedback will be appreciated :) **

I hate flying. Hate it. No control, no escape. Yet here I am. I'd loved the freedom of studying in England. The idyllic countryside, the bustling cities. But it wasn't home.

I'd always had trouble at school, which is why I was sent away to study. "To give me a break" they said, "To remove some pressure" they said. I was the alphas only daughter, my older brother was to be the next alpha but I was expected to mate with someone powerful from our neighbouring pack to bring us together. "Lily you need to be ready, you're destined to bring two powerful packs together" my mother would always say.

It made me smile when I thought of home and my family. I didn't look like them though. My mom and dad had jet black hair, silver eyes and towered above most people. My brother looked exactly the same. Like someone photocopied the best bits of the two of them and there he was. Not me. I was short with bright red unruly hair that curled no matter what I did to it and sky blue eyes.

In my 17 years on the planet I'd never fit in. I didn't like to be a social butterfly, I liked my own company. When the pack held large parties I never stayed long. I stayed long enough that my mom wouldn't lecture me about needing to be part of the pack more but leave as soon as I knew she'd be satisfied that I'd tried.

It wasn't that I didn't want to try, I just felt like the whole predetermined future was alot to carry on my shoulders. No matter who I mated with they'd expect me to do my duty. I was the daughter of alpha Marcus, of the silver moon pack. My mother, Luna Emily, seemed to take to her position with ease and grace. My brother Luke loved the status and power he would inherit and breezed through the lessons to become alpha. He mated on his 18th birthday with Lisa. I hated her. She was everything I wasn't. She was ready to be a luna and she got the choice. Where as me, not so much.

The blood moon pack were our closest neighbours, and had a pack twice the size of ours. Alpha Matthew and his luna Erica were lovely people but their son Damien was a different story. He'd grown up knowing he was bigger than most people and it was his way or nothing at all. He was cocky and arrogant and had no cares if you didn't like him. My future husband. Great.

We were born 17 years ago on the same day, the neighbouring packs were constantly battling for small areas of territory on the borders but knew that if things didn't calm down it would blow up in to a war. So our fathers agreed to bring unity to the packs that their first born son and their daughter would marry and I'd become his luna and solify a very shaky treaty. As my father's knew he'd never win a war he agreed and so the packs have lived side by side in peace ever since, knowing that they'd have a luna raised and ready to take on the pack. What they didn't plan on was my distinct lack of interest in the whole deal.

We landed, and thankfully quickly got off the plane and through security. I grabbed my bags and headed for the exit knowing my wolf would soon wake from her slumber, she hated flying too. I knew that I'd soon have to let her out for a run she'd been so controlled and calm for so long it wouldn't be long before she'd take over.

I threw my bags in the back of a taxi and slouched in the seat and and once I gave him my address we left.

"I want to run let me out" my wolf whined. I sighed knewing that she'd only get worse the closer to home we got. I blocked her out hoping to hold her off a little longer. Soon enough we were home and as I got out and got my bags through the door I could feel my wolf battling to take over. he wanted to run. She wanted her time.

We lived in a large wing of the pack house with our entry mainly so my father didn't have to deal with every little problem each time he tried to step out. I opened the door and walked in to the large marble entrance hall. It was all black and white and I noticed my mom had sporadically scattered vases of different flowers everywhere.

I shouted out but nobody answered and a note on the small table with lillies on, which told me that they were all at a pack meeting and would see me later on. With a huff I abandoned my bags where I'd dumped them and went back out the front door and round to the edge of the large forest that enclosed the whole house.

I kicked off my boots and as I pulled my shirt over my head, nobody was around and someone would find my clothes but my wolf growled in my head.

"There's someone watching" she growled scanned taking a deep breath before I phased when a large black wolf prowled slowly towards me from out of the shadows.

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