Child of Prophecy

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In an alternate future, different than our own, technology never advanced as far as it has in our timeline. People often use etiquette, knowing how to read is a luxury, armies are clad in shiny armor. The world is the Middle Ages, except for one crucial factor; magic was discovered. Weapons, armor, household items, and more are enchanted by skilled wielders of magic, and these enchanted items are owned by all families living in the great Kingdom of Azeronith, known for its prestigious enchanters. It is in this kingdom where the story of a girl and her 3 brothers begins...

Fantasy / Adventure
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Author's Note: Welcome to the beginning, readers! Whether you're new readers looking for some reading, or old readers who want to experience the start to the story again, this is the prologue to the story, the start to the adventure! I hope you stick around! Thanks for reading!

Theresa woke up with a start, and struggles to remember the dream that had disturbed her so much. She sees blurry movements, and momentarily sees a flash of silver and a streak of red. Knowing what this may mean, she rushes to her mother's room, where the ill woman lay asleep, her breath wheezing and shallow.

"Mother, Mother! Wake up!" Theresa whispered urgently, not wishing to wake up her sisters, who slept in the next room.

She shook her mother firmly but gently, not wanting to worsen her condition, as she already was on her deathbed. Her mother slowly opened her eyes and looked at her with a curious gaze.

"Theresa? Whatever is the matter, dear? It is quite late." Jany said.

Author's Note: Quick note guys! Jany is the name of her mother and is what I will call her for the rest of the series! Back to the story!

Jany, although looking rather tired, gazed at her youngest daughter, determined to keep her eyes open long enough to hear what she had to say. Theresa took a deep breath and described the dream she had had. As she continued, Jany's expression grew grim, and her eyes seemed to reignite with the old flame of her youth. When Theresa finished, the weary mother closed her eyes and smiled slightly. When she spoke, it seemed as though she had became filled with wisdom, and sounded as though she had lived a thousand lifetimes.

"So, you have experienced your first Prophetic Vision... I thought none of my children would receive it... But you did Theresa, I felt there was untapped potential within you when I first held you... Thank goodness I was correct." Jany opened her eyes, and they appeared to have changed to a bright blue-ish green, rather than her stormy gray Theresa was accustomed to.

"Then I must tell the prophecy that I have withheld for all these years... Only to you, and no matter the cost, you must fulfill it. This is a prophecy that may decide the future of our world, so do as you must, my dear."

Jany took a deep breath, and her eyes opened, now filled with the same color her eyes had changed to, although now it filled her eyes, glowing dimly, yet seemingly brighter than a million suns. Her hair seemed to whiten more than it already had, and her mouth opened slowly, and she began to speak in an inhuman voice.

Born of an illegitimate father

Taken from birth by a dark-haired woman

Her mother's death imminent

Her cousins of darkness will be slain

And peace shall reign again

Jany finishes the prophecy and shudders violently. She opens her eyes and smiles wistfully at Theresa. Theresa sat on her mother's bed, awestruck at the fact that her mother was a Prophet, a rare ability given to those at birth, and rumored to have been given to them by Apollo himself. Even more, she was also a Prophet, which is almost unheard of, as Prophets usually die before another is born. When she thinks this, the young teen realizes that her mother may be about to die.

"Wait, Mother! You're not going to... die, are you?" Theresa said frantically, hoping this wasn't true.

"Ah, I always knew you were the smart one... Yes, I am going to die... Now, actually, since every time I tell a prophecy, a year is shaven off my time left. Do you remember what the doctor said about how long I had left...?" Jany said, smiling despite her imminent death.

"T-Three months... Mother, are you afraid of death?" Theresa, surprised at herself for not breaking down into tears.

Jany, slightly surprised at this sudden question, then breaks into yet another one of her wistful smiles. She closes her eyes for a moment, seemingly thinking.

"No, I am not. Death is but another journey, isn't it? Death comes after Life, but what comes after Death? Life again? Or is it, as they say, a journey to what we call Heaven or Hell? Or do we all go to the same place? Ah, well, I guess I'll find out, won't I?" she laughs, and begins to cough a bit. She catches her breath, and she takes her daughter's hand, and her gaze burns with the flames of a thousand bonfires.

"Theresa, the prophecy speaks of a dark-haired woman. Based on the vision I saw, I would take a guess and assume the child will be born in about 10 years, making you 24, alright? I want you to prepare yourself for the task, as stealing a child will be difficult. You will need to join the Royal Stealth Ops Corp., and make sure you train yourself, for the test to join them is difficult. Train yourself for motherhood, you will be raising her by yourself, after all, and it is a tough job. It will make your job of getting her much easier. Now, I think I shall rest now... Good night, Theresa." Still smiling, Jany lays down, closes her eyes, and shortly after, takes her last breath.

Theresa kisses her mother's forehead, and leaves the room quietly, doing her best to leave it as it was. The next morning, her eldest sister, Hannia, finds her mother dead, and screams. When she and her sister, Demi, rush into the room, it is only then that the tears and grief come, bursting through the dam her brain had hastily built to stop the flood of grief and devastation. It was at that moment, that Theresa knew she must fulfill her mother's wishes, and fulfill her part of the prophecy.

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