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Fifteen year old Mark Winchester is just your normal guy. Or so it seemed. But one incident changed everything. With the cruel murder of his mother, Mark is thrown into the supernatural world and even before he can understand anything, has got a bunch of people trying to kill him. Fighting against his uncle, and few of the deadliest creatures mankind will ever see, it's up to Mark to save the world before it's too late. Along with his soulmate Harper, it's a race against time. It's only a thin line between loyalty and betrayal. Will Mark understand this before it's too late to do anything? Join Mark in his epic adventure of enlightenment, love, loyalty and betrayal. The fate of the world now rests in their hands. Will they be able to set everything right? Or will the world fall into a tumbling void of destruction. Read the series to find out. * This is book one.

Fantasy / Adventure
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EVELYN RAN. She realized her folly when she removed the shield thinking that it was Jason. She should have checked whether it really was him or not always. Being careless had ruined everything. She was shocked when she saw Sebastian after all these years.

Now, desperately trying to teleport herself to her shop, she ran into Mark's room. She was almost ready to teleport when she felt a terrible blow to her head. She struggled to teleport but realized it was futile. As she let the darkness elope her, her last thoughts were of Mark and how he would fulfill his destiny.
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