Him & His Half-Angel Half-Demon

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Jeon Jungkook, an intelligent and good looking boy who is just a normal human being met with Baek Hye Ji, who is a nephilem which is a half-angel and half-demon. Jungkook caught into a mess and were saved by Hyeji, making Hyeji's life in a danger spot. At the same time, Jungkook's life being a threat to Hyeji as other demon starts targetting him as her weakness.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Every single day...
I'm dealing with these suckers. These creatures just keep on pissing me off. Only if they know who I am...
"You know, sometimes you just need to face it."
I turn to my side where someone just spoke. A boy with white clothes on, sitting beside me.
"For you, it might seem easy," I said turning to the view from this rooftop.
"You don't know how hard to deal with things that battling in my head. You don't even alive." I continue, he just nods before disappear to his things.
A loud slamming door cut my mood. I turn to see who disturb me, a group of boys laughing enters the rooftop but stops as they see me.
"Hey, pretty girl. You better go back to your class before..." He looks at his friends with a playful expression.
My vision turns blue before everything turns to pitch black. As my vision slowly turns to normal, I could see the boys who were far from me earlier suddenly in front of me passing out.
Haih... Again...

Jungkook POV
"Jungkook! Where have you been?" I hear a voice calling me out, making me startles.
"You're not avoiding me, right?" I felt a hand tap on my shoulder.
"No, when did I?" I replied as I realize who it is.
"Then, what are you doing during the exam week?" He asks.
"Study, of course..."
"Ah, I forgot our junior is in the first class." He teases.
"Hoseok hyung,"
"Where are others?" I ask, not seeing the other seniors.
"Cafeteria. Wanna go to them?" Hoseok asks.
"Yeah, I'm kind of hungry," I said.
We head to the cafeteria, I see the boys are already there, laughing, while the other girls in the cafeteria watching them. Hoseok and I approach their table.
"Woah, look who's coming after disappear one week because of 'studying'," Taehyung says making them laugh. "Shut up, at least it's worth it," I replied with a smile.
"Congratulation on your score, buddy. We got a top student here!" Namjoon starts to clap his hands for me. Although he is the smartest here, he always makes us proud of ourselves on something we put a lot of effort into. "Thanks, hyung." I said.
"I want to buy Icecream." Jimin stands up to go. "Hyung, buy me strawberry milk, please." I plead. He makes an okay sign with his hand.
"Jungkook, who is taking the first place? Is it from your class?" Namjoon asks.
"Yeah, it's the same person. Baek Hye Ji, I'm amazed by her actually. She has not fallen from the first place until now." I tell.
"Baek Hye Ji? Why does it felt familiar?" Namjoon asks.
"Is it the same Hyeji?" Jin suddenly asks. How do they know Hyeji? As far as I know, she is not approachable but she's looking kind.
"Which Hyeji?" Namjoon asks Jin.
"That Hyeji they keep talking about," Jin tells for Namjoon to remember.
"They talk about what?" I ask, curious, I mean she's not even talking to anyone but have gossip?
"I don't really pay attention, but all I remember was they said she doesn't have parents but not even get adopted or get took care of someone since she's little. They don't know how she manages to get in school and managed to have a good life." Jin tells.
"So what are you trying to say here, she has been living alone since she was a little? Wow! I mean, isn't it amazing to live without parents? No one controls us, hehe." Taehyung says making Jin smack his head.
"Also, they said she's a good fighter. Sometimes, she becomes really weird. Like not herself." Jin continues.
"What? No way... She's like the most introverted person in our class." I said, not believe Jin's words.
"I don't know, they said."
"Isn't it you who is the most introverted person in the school, Jungkook?" Hoseok jokes.
Jimin comes back with my strawberry milk in his hand. He places it in front of me before sitting beside me.
"Oh, Baek Hye Ji. I remembered it!" Namjoon suddenly said after being silent.
"She was my partner for international quizzes. Her brain was no joke. I mean, that time there was this question which is not her age's question but she answered it quickly. I was so shocked." Namjoon continues.
"Why don't you approach her and take a bit of tip from her. If you get one, share with me too." Jin cuts.
"As I said, she is the most introverted person in our class. How should I approach her? She will just ignore me, though." I said.
"Ayy, how can a girl ignore this handsome boy? Impossible." Jimin says.
"I'm serious," I said.
"Does she even have friends?" Jin asks.
"I don't know but I saw her talking with Somi multiple times."
"Well, specifically speaking is not meaning they're friends," Namjoon said, thinking.
"Most of the time, she only asks questions to the teacher and sometimes the teacher can't answer before study the topic again," I added.
"Is she even a human?" Hoseok asks.
"Son Hyunwoo and his gang get beaten by someone!" I heard a boy behind us says to his friends. All of them start running exiting the cafeteria.
"Son Hyunwoo is that bully, right?" Taehyung asks.
"Yeah, the one that bullied you even though you were his senior." Jimin confirming Taehyung.
Taehyung gets up and runs exiting the cafeteria making all of us did it too. We stop at the scene of six boys being kneeled on their knees while hands up. Their face got bruises and a bit of blood.
An old teacher is advising them by swinging the thick stick in front of him.
"AH! I said we get beaten up by someone!" Hyunwoo wants the teacher to believe him.
"Who, then?" The teacher asks.
"I don't know."
"See! You guys fought with each other and now want to give excuses! Why don't you just go to study?!" The teacher continues to nag at them.
I watch every single of them, I saw an expression of this one boy who is looking straight to someone. I look at his direction, it stops at Baek Hye Ji who is watching them from the second floor with no expression. Suddenly the boy shouts.
"OH! SHE!! SHE DID-" his words stop also his expression change.
"Why you screaming, you brat? What you want to say?" The teacher asks.
"What? Why am I here?" The boy suddenly looks really confused and not remembering what he's going to say.
I look toward the second floor back to see Hyeji...
... she's gone.

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