After death

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She was beautiful, just 19 years old when she met with terrible road accident declared death and brought to heaven, but her dreams ambitions and hope to find true love all were left unfulfilled. Will she get a second chance? Or what if heaven becomes her second home? Welcome to the world of heaven. Another life! This book purely is on my imagination. The idea of the book is solely mine.

Fantasy / Romance
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Going to sleep


Run run run run.

I cross several trees as the cluster of small rocks hurt my feet.

A black shadow that looked more like a burnt human body followed me as if it's going to grab me in no time.

I need to escape from this shit place.

The speed of my legs increased, the pain was also increasing with each step I took with wounded feet.

I have no time to cry or feel the pain. Blood was oozing from my hurt.

I look one large leap and I found myself standing on the cliff of a damn hill.

It was really scary to even look down.

It was really deep.

I turn back to see the black shadow, it approached near to my place.

I try to swallow the hard lump formed in my throat.

Still facing the shadow. I loosened my grip to the ground. I fell as if I was falling on my bed backward.

I know it's going to hurt but this was better than dying from the worst black shadows.

I was falling down.

"Hey, I love you" I hear someone say that.

"I said love you"

"Oh, shit" I say.

"Why you disturb me, Ryan, I was reading an interesting book" I close the book in front of him with an annoyed look.

That's me. I usually consider myself as the protagonist when I read a good book.

The boy opposite me is Ryan, my childhood best friend, suddenly trying to turn as my love. Okay not suddenly. Maybe for the last one year.

"You either read or dance, why don't you just spend some time with me?" He muttered.

"I guess you know we are not dating" I shrug.

"That doesn't mean you should not spend time with me" he shrugs, imitating my action.

"That's not how it works," I say

Phone buzz, I look at it to find my mom's picture on the display this brings a smile to my face.

"Hey, you still not heading to dance class? You know you can't practice in the last minute. I don't want you to mess up on the stage" Mom says

I had been used to her unstoppable talks. Her only hope is my life. I can't help it, as she is a single mom.

"I'm in school mom, I will head up after my break" I say.

"Okay, keep me updated"


"What's that?" Ryan asks, sipping his favorite milkshake.

"Don't say me you forgot about my ballet show" I furrowed at him.

"No, im aware of it, I just can't wait for you to perform tomorrow!" He says with an amused expression.

"I want you to be at the venue on time," I order him with a fake anger tone.

"Sure, you know I have got something to tell you after your performance," he said that in a serious tone.

"I know Miya told about the ring" I chuckled.

Miya was our other close friend. Who is also my ballet partner, she told me that Ryan was searching for a proposal ring and called her for the help.

"No, she never leaves me to surprise you" he made a puppy face.

I'm not ready for it now, another heart of mine also said that Ryan knew all my ups and downs, he is been with me through the thick and thin, he deserves a chance. As I was lost in my own thoughts, I heard him call me once again.

"Sarah, I'm talking to you, did you hear me?"

I absolutely don't know what he was saying but I just said "yes..."

"You're an amazing soul Sarah, and I had been waiting for the day when you will put up your show so that you will be happy and you can also concentrate on other important aspects of life, and I was badly waiting for that day." He said that and smiled at me genuinely.

I had been working hard for school and dance practice that I hardly had any time for dating. I can absolutely relate to what he is saying, I'm also shocked to know that he had been waiting like a gentleman to finish my dream of performing in a big stage to propose me properly.

I said okay to him with a pleasing smile. We walked to the class.

The rest of the day went smoothly.

At around 4 pm, I went to the parking lot and got inside my car.

Mom bought me a car for my 18th birthday, it was a surprising gift. She thought me driving too, she always wanted me to be independent just like her.

I saw something weird on my seat which seemed like a bird feather. I wondered where that came from, I took it out and threw it on the ground then cleared the seat, and I started the car.

I heard the phone buzzing, saw Miya's picture on the display I swiped right to attend the call.

"Hey, where are you? are you aware that you're late.?" She was literally shouting on the phone.

"We need to get a final practice on the stage with the dress on, can you please be soon." she continued,

I was hearing to her on the call with the phone on my neck and I slightly tilted my head to catch the mobile on its place.

"Yes yes, I'm on the way I will be there in no time," I said that to her in restless tone.

She continued to say something, but all I could see is I had crossed a wrong way and a truck is heading in my direction.

With another second I don't know what happened there was a huge sound which was very much audible to my ears............




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