Finding The Hybrid Mate

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**MUST READ THE HYBRID MATE BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO READ THIS BOOK, AS IT IS THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES** Raven wakes up from a 3 year old coma to only discover that she has no memory of her past, what landed her in a coma in the first place or even her name. As she moves in with Jeremy and tries to make sense of her life, and trying to figure out who she is will Raven be able to find her old self again,and fight alongside her rightful Alpha for the unknown dangers that she would have to face?

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Chapter 1


Stella was seated at her kitchen table. Her daughter Hayley seated across from her reading from a magazine. If she would have known what hell it was to have been pregnant as a vampire she would have never asked to be turned. Hayley was technically three years old only but her appearance was that of a 15 year old. This girl was too smart for her own good and had a mouth on her.

Though Hayley had inherited nothing physical from her father, she did inherit his stubbornness. And hopefully his heritage. She had not shown any signs of turning into a werewolf...nor a vampire yet for that matter. The only sign that she had of being inhuman was the rate at which she seemed to have grown. But for about two months now Stella had noticed that Hayley had not grown older physically, was she going to be stuck with a 15 year old daughter for the rest of her life? Even going out now she was introduced as Stella's sister.

"Oh cool there is an unclaimed Jane Doe at the hospital." Hayley said, showing the picture of the woman to her mum. Stella was about to dismiss the topic when she took a closer look at the woman in the picture. It couldn't be? She was dead! No! The eyes weren't the same. The person staring at back at her through the picture had brown eyes, not silver ones. But it definitely was her. She was sure of it! Stella shot up from the table and ran to her bedroom, leaving a confused Hayley behind. She closed her eyes trying to slow down her breath as memories flooded her brain about that day.

She had heard the howls ringing through the surrounding forest. The man that had been guarding her was distracted and had his backs turned to her, so she pressed herself against the bars reached out and strangled him with the piece of wire that she had managed to fish out of that horrible mattress that they had given her. She managed to get the keys from him and escaped. Outside was a whole mess with wolves fighting. Thankful for her vampire powers, she fled away just as she saw a massive wolf with wings flying up into the hair holding that demon chick in its jaw. Yup, she had bolted, scared for her life and the life of her unborn child. She had moved back into her mothers house, having nowhere else to go, thinking that the vampires must have been dead by now.

As Stella's pregnancy grew worse with each passing day, she became hungrier and more out of control. The day that she had finally drained her mother of all of her blood, Stella gave birth to a baby girl, right next to her mother's corpse. She wasn't proud of her actions, she had to admit, but it had been a means to an end.

She didn't know why, but she had to find out what was going on with Raven, and why was she a Jane Doe suddenly. Stella quickly changed her clothes and dashed out of the house, yelling at Hayley to stay inside.

**Jane Doe**
I was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. I was exhausted. It had been a month since I had woken up from my coma. I was better able to move now but my memory had still not returned. I was now known as Jane Doe 01. I had actually been assigned a number. After my prints had not been fruitful in helping me find my identity, my picture was taken to be put out on social media in this town...what was it called again? Oh yes. Bellows. I didn't have a clue as to where this place was, or how I got here. It was the most frustrating thing in the world.
Bellows being a small town and having never had a Jane Doe ever, I was being sent to live with the person who had originally found me lying unconscious by the side of the road. His name was Jeremy, and it was very kind of him to accept having a stranger living with him until I got back on my feet. I was extremely grateful.
So there I was lying on my hospital bed waiting for Jeremy to pick me up, with nothing to my name. Not even my own name.
One of the nurse walked into the hospital room looking excited.
"Jane you have a visitor!" she exclaimed. I sat up straight. A visitor? Someone who knows me?
A lady walked in, she was deathly pale. Something was fishy about her, but I couldn't put my finger on it.
The nurse left to give us some privacy.
"So you're going by Jane Doe now?" the lady asked.
"I'm sorry but have we met?"I asked.
"You don't remember me?" she bellowed out a laugh. "And you are now human I see?"
"What else should I be?" I asked, my head starting to hurt. Was there another species I should know about?
"Oh how the mighty have fallen." the lady approached me.
I stood up from the bed. "Who are you? And how do you know me?"
"Why I'm an old friend of yours. We go way back."the lady smiled directly at me revealing two pairs of sharp canines.
"Who am I?"I asked.
"You're Raven." she said taking a seat on my bed.
"Raven?"I said trying the name out. "Raven what?"
"Oh I didn't know your surname, we weren't close like that."
"And who are you?" I asked.
"I'm Stella of course!"
"Why are you here Stella?" I asked, and just as she was about to answer, Jeremy stuck his head through the door.
"Ready to go Jane?" He asked, then turned red when he saw Stella. "Oh sorry, I didn't think you would have company."
"Oh and who is this delicious looking human?" Stella eyed Jeremy as he entered the room.
I had to admit Jeremy was good looking. He had blonde curly locks and deep blue eyes. He definitely looked like he worked out a little bit. Apparently he had been visiting me every week when I was in a coma just to check up on me.
"I'm Jeremy." he held out his hands for her to shake. She glided over to him and eyed him as if he was a piece of meat.
"You always always associate yourself with the best looking men, don't you Raven?"
"Raven?"Jeremy asked looking at me.
I shrugged. "Apparently that's my name."
"If you know her you must know her family, anybody else from her past?" Jeremy asked.
"Oh no. Our little Raven here was a loner. She never talked about family. Actually, I was the only person that she would usually talk to. And we weren't even that close." Stella said.
I felt like everything this woman spewed out of her mouth were lies.
"Well it was lovely to meet you Stella, but we do have to get going. Please can we set up a meeting to discuss if there is anything that you can remember to help us get Jane...I mean Raven's memory back. She will be staying with me for the time being." Jeremy handed Stella one of his cards.
"I will definitely be calling you." Stella smirked. I was decided. I hated her. Whatever her game was, I needed to get to the bottom of it.

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