Finding The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 2

Jeremy's apartment was cozy. He owned a club and had to go to attend to it, so I was left to explore the place on my own. It was two bedroom, with modern decor. This man had a home, with pictures of him and his family. Did I have a home?

I went to what was going to be my bedroom. It was pleasant, and I didn't want to sound ungrateful, but something was missing. Inside me. I felt as if something had been snatched away from my life. I needed to know what exactly it was, and how to get it back.

Stella could not imagine her luck! Raven! The mighty Raven, was human! What a turn of events. She needed to think of a plan. Something to ensure her revenge on that bitch for entering her life and turning it upside down. If it wasn't for Raven, she would still be with Luca. With the father of her child. She would be the Luna of the Silver Moon Pack, living the dream. Not stuck here in her mother's old house, feeding off drunk men at the bar.
She could just go off and kill her...but that would be too easy and too unsatisfactory. No. She knew exactly who to go to.

It had been two months since I was living with Jeremy. Stella had not called to meet up to discuss my past and I was no closer to finding out who I was. Jeremy had given me a job at his club as a bartender. Which was an easy enough job to do. I hated every living moment of it. But for appearance sake I kept my game face on, I needed the salary to keep me afloat, buy clothes, and for savings so I could get out of this town. I definitely did not belong here.
"Hello there pretty thing, give me a whisky neat will you. And if you could put a little bit of you in there that would make my night."A creeper smiled at me over the bar.
"Coming right up."I gave him a fake smile and got to work on the drink.
Raven... I heard a faint call.
I knew that voice. But nobody was talking to me. The rest of the bartenders were busy serving clients. I shook my head, thinking nothing of it and gave the guy his drink.
Raven...remember who you are...
That voice again! Still it wasn't any of the other bartenders. I must be going out of my mind.

Luca was sitting in his room brooding, this was his new tradition. He needed to start going out more. It had been three years he needed to get over her. He just needed to find out where to start. He couldn't believe that he hadn't even slept with another woman. 3 years. That was a record that he himself was surprised at. There came a knock to his door.
"Come in." he said gruffly.
Tristan and Troye walked in. They were currently close friends, especially after Sarah and Tristan had welcomed their first baby girl. It only reminded Luca that life had continued after Raven's death. It infuriated him, but he couldn't be mad at them. Or the precious bundle of joy that Sarah had brought into their lives.
"Alpha," Troye bowed. "We have some news, Stella has been spotted."

"Where?" Luca asked.

"In Bellows." Tristan piped in. "We have been surveying her movements, she has been having quite a few meets with the leader of the Aether Coven."

"The witches that Raven had eradicated from her town?" Luca asked, what was she up to now. "What about the child?"

"We have spotted her only with a girl of about 15 years, believed to be her sister, but never with a baby." Troye replied.

"If we have no other pertinent matters with the pack, I think tomorrow we should pay her a visit. Tristan should come with me, Troye I will leave you in charge of things when I am not here, this will bound to take a few days." Luca said.

"Of course Alpha." The two wolves bowed and left the room. At least something to take his mind off Raven for a little while. Why would Stella be meeting up with the Aether Coven. And most importantly where was she hiding that baby?

Stella was ecstatic, everything was going according to plan. It was Saturday night, she was feeling good. She knew that Raven would be working tonight, and she was about to give her a little visit. The club was packed, the music thumping loudly, it would be easy for her to find a meal after. She spotted Raven at the bar working away. She could have laughed out loud if it wasn't going to make her look like a crazy woman. Look at the mighty Raven working away like a simple commoner. She felt someone tap on her shoulders. She turned around and was face to face with Luca. Gosh grief had made him even more handsome. If he didn't smell so much like a wet dog.
"What are you doing here?" she hissed. Was he here for Raven?
"We need to talk." Luca growled as someone bumped into him. "About the baby."
Stella nearly breathed out a breath of relief, he didn't seem to know about Raven yet. She needed to get him out here, and fast.
"Fine, let's go outside." Stella motioned towards the door, Luca was turning to go when Stella heard one of his henchmen say words that she was dreading.
"Goddess...Alpha...who is that at the bar?"
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