Finding The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 3


The place was packed. Had I ever worked this hard in my life...I didn't think so. I was in the middle of making a set of five mojitos for a giggling group of girls for a bachelorette party when I heard a voice.

"Raven." This time it wasn't the same woman's voice that I had heard before. It was a man's voice. A very alluring, sexy voice that had my heart thumping. I turned around and was faced with the most beautiful person I had ever met in my life. His hair was tied back in a ponytail, his beautiful lips were set in a grim line and his honey coloured eyes were glaring at me. Wait...glaring at me? Was he angry at me?

"Would you like a drink?" I asked him, glad that my voice didn't sound like a squeak. Gosh. If I had a type, it would definitely be this guy.

"You're not Raven? Who the fuck are you?" He growled at me. This guy actually growled!!

"Alpha...there are too many eyes here." A second attractive man spoke to him, glancing at me in disbelief then back at the honey eyed god glowering at me. Wait...Alpha? Was that his name? I mean I know he's strong looking and all, but his parents actually named him Alpha?

The man tore his eyes from mine, looked around at the attention he was getting from some girls around him, shook his head then walked away. I finally let out the breath that I didn't even know I was holding. Who was that?

Luca didn't know what to think. That human looked exactly like Raven. Except she wasn't Raven. His emotions were chaotic. What kind of sick game was the Goddess playing with him.
Once he was outside of that blasted club he turned on Stella who was glaring at him.
"Who the fuck was that?" Luca barked at her. A few people turned to look at them with concern. He pushed the vampire towards the car that they had come in, away from prying eyes and ears, on the other side of the road.
"I thought you would be more concerned about your daughter than a bar employee." Stella spat at him, crossing her arms. Luca hated Stella, he knew that from the bottom of his black heart. But he had a daughter. A daughter. And she was the mother.
"Why have you kept her away from me?" Luca asked, trying to calm down.
"Because I knew that you were going to kill me after all that shit that went down." Stella said. Luca could not lie and say that he wasn't, because it had crossed his mind.
"Is she a wolf...or one" Luca asked.
"She is still human." Stella said. "I'm tired of this conversation Luca. I'm going to go now."
"Why does that human look like Raven?" Luca demanded.
"I don't know Luca. She just does." Stella stomped away from Luca, and he let her go. He had something bigger on his mind now.
He sent Tistan to rest and waited for the club to close. When she finally came out his heart did a flip. Shit. He watched her as she distanced herself from the other staff who were all busy chatting away about the long night they'd had and the impossible customers. She was still radiant, even if she wasn't Raven.
He crossed the road and approached her slowly.
"Raven." He said, this time in a low voice. She jumped a foot. Of course she wouldn't have heard him. She was human.
"Who are you?" she asked, crossing her arms over her chest defensively.
"You don't remember me?" Luca asked.
"Look pal, I don't remember anybody, I woke up from a 3 year long coma to no memories...nothing, so if you know me you'll need to fill in some blanks."
Luca was speechless. 3 year long coma? Was this actually Raven? But she was human? How?
"My name is Luca."
An expression crossed her face that he couldn't quite explain.
"Hey Raven is everything okay?" A guy called out.
"Hey Jeremy, yeah...give me a second will you?" Raven replied.
Does she like this man???? Zeus asked. She better fucking not.
"You need to come home." Luca growled.
"What are you talking about? Home?" Raven opened her eyes wide.
"You live with me. You're mine."
"Yours?" Raven took a step away from him.
"Raven, you belong with me. I thought you were dead, for three fucking years." Luca was trying to keep himself from picking her up, throwing her in his car and bolting. But he was in human territory, and there were now too many witnesses.
"Do you know Stella?" she asked him.
"Is this some kind of game that you both are playing?" Raven hissed at him. Even as a human she was feisty
"I don't know what you are referring to. I came here to talk to Stella and I found you."
"And who the fuck am I then?" she was starting to get agitated.
"You are Raven Blacke. But I don't think that's a conversation that we should have at this time. I need to speak to you when you are alone." Luca ran a hand through his hair. He wanted to kiss her so badly.
"Well you can take Jeremy's number to arrange the meeting...I'm staying with him."
"You live with that man????" Luca fumed.
"Are you going to take the number or not?"
"I don't need to go through another man to talk to you Raven. You're mine. I'll find you."
"Not creepy at all. I'm going to have to go." she quickly walked away from him.
She got in the car of that Jeremy guy.
Do you think they sleep together? Zeus asked as Luca watched the car drive off.
For Jeremy's sake, Luca hoped not.

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