Finding The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 5

I woke up with a pounding headache and in a foul mood. I heard laughter from the living room. I went out to find Jeremy and Stella looking like two old friends. Did he not tell me that Stella was untrustworthy just last night?
"What's going on here?" I asked.
"Well Stella actually came with a warning about your friend Luca." Jeremy smiled at me.
"Oh?" I raised my eyebrows. This smelled fishy. "Do tell."
"Well first..good morning." She laughed lightly. I just gave her a tight smile. "Hey Jeremy, how about I talk to Raven alone, you know a little girl time."
"Of course!" Jeremy jumped up from the couch where he was sitting and bounded off.
"Why don't you come sit here." Stella patted to the place next to her on the couch. I opted for the brown leather arm chair opposite of her. Stella was so pale, did she not go in the sun enough? Or was it a skin condition?
" I wanted to talk to you about Luca," Stella started. "I just know from the past that he was trying to get involved with you, but you always said no."
"I did?"
"Well, Luca is bad news. I should know..he's the father of my daughter." Stella shook her head looking miserable.
"You guys were together?" I asked.
"Well technically we still are together. We just took a little break because he can't seem to keep his hoo-ha in his pants."
"He did say he came here for you." I thought out loud. "Either ways, finding a man is not on my list of priorities at the moment. I have more pertinent things to worry about. Like getting my memories back."
"Of course!" Stella smiled at me. "It's just that I don't want you to get mixed up with the wrong people again."
"Again?" I asked.
"I know Luca," Stella continued, completely ignoring my question. "he will try to mix your head up, say things like 'you are mine' or 'you belong to me'. It makes you feel pretty special, I should know, but deep down to him you're just another pussy to explore."
"I think I can take care of myself Stella," I ground my teeth. "Since you are here, and seem to be very chatty, how about you tell me something useful about my past. For example, where I'm from?"
"Why would you look at the time!" Stella made a show of looking at an imaginary watch on her wrist. "This was fun Raven. But I do have to go." She got up with lightning speed and was out the door before I could get another word in.
What the fuck?

Stella stood in her kitchen, warming some take out for Hayley's lunch. Gosh she was waiting for the day when she could take Hayley out for her first drink of blood. All in all she was satisfied with how the morning went. She knew that Raven was mistrustful of her, but a small seed of doubt of against Luca in Raven's head was all she needed. She couldn't have him come in and ruin her plans.
There was a knock at the door, she heard Hayley rush to open it when the stench hit her. Wet dog. Luca. Shit what was he doing here?
"Muuuuuum it's for you!" Hayley yelled.
"Stella is your mum?" Luca asked. "How old are you?"
Stella practically pounced on Hayley and dragged her away. She thought that by now this girl would stop calling her mum in front of strangers. "Thank you honey, I'll take it from here...why don't you go to your room?"
"Is that her?" Luca asked craning his neck in the door to catch a last glimpse of Hayley.
"Her name is Hayley." Stella ground out. "Why are you here?"
"To see the girl that you claim is mine. She definitely seems big enough, I want to do a DNA test." Luca said, his face getting hard. "IF she is my daughter I need to have a hand in raising her."
"Are you fucking kidding me Luca? She is your daughter!" Stella was trying to keep her voice down, she knew Hayley would be eavesdropping.
"I know you were seeing a human at the same time you were seeing me, claiming you loved me and everything, how do I know it's not his?" Luca raised an eyebrow.
If Stella was human she knew that the colour would have drained from her face. Thank the devil for small mercies. "She is yours Luca!"
"Then if you're so sure It's not going to be an issue for me to get some proof is it?" Luca pushed his way into the house. Stella tried to push him out but he was an Alpha. Bastard. He found Hayley in the corridor where she had been crouched down eavesdropping.
"Hello Hayley." Luca smiled at her sweetly. "I'm going to need a big favor from you."
"Wait here." Hayley walked to her room and came back shortly with a hair brush full of her hair. "I heard what you were saying. And I would also like to know who my father is." Hayley glared at Stella. The traitor.
"Hayley go to your room." Stella nearly shouted. How dare she betray her own mother! Hayley stormed off.
"Does she know about what we are?" Luca asked.
"She is a 3 year old with the body and brains of a 15 year old...what do you think? By her first 6 months I had to tell her." Stella was fuming, still not over her daughters betrayal. Things were getting more complicated.
"Good." Luca turned and walked out.
Fuck! FUCK! Fuck!!
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