Finding The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 6


Jeremy overlooked the bodies of people swaying to the music below him from his office, unseen by them as he was hidden behind tinted glass. There came a knock on his door. Now what?

“Sir Madame M is here to see you. And she brought someone with her. A lady named Stella.” The security guy posted at his door announced.

“Let them in.” Jeremy went to sit down at his desk.

Stella walked in followed by a tall beautiful Russian looking woman with long blonde hair.

“No disturbances please Jack.” Jeremy told his security guard, who nodded and closed the door behind him.

“Jeremy we have a problem.” Stella sat down at his desk.

“A problem that required the both of you to come here?” Jeremy asked looking at the Russian beauty. If only she looked like that all the time. Just on cue, the appearance of the lady dissolved, and in her place was an old woman with the most wrinkly skin and blackest eyes.

“We need to put out plans into action as soon as today. Luca’s unprecedented visit has ruined our timeline.” The old woman croaked.

“What is the issue, I thought you had dealt with that when you had your little chat with Raven?” Jeremy turned to Stella.

“Well Luca got some of Hayley’s DNA.” Stella said.


“She might not be his.” Stella shrugged.

Jeremy blew out a breath. “What do you mean she might not be his???”

“Look. I didn’t come here to start a fight. If she turns out not to be Luca’s and he tells Raven, she won’t keep away from him. She will slip through our fingers like water.” Stella huffed. “Do you know how hard it will be to get to her if she goes back to her pack?”

“So we stop that before it happens.” Jeremy said.

“And I have a plan.” The old woman beside Stella smiled. God that was the creepiest thing Jeremy had ever seen.


I sat in Jeremy’s kitchen trying to eat a turkey sandwich thankful that I had the night off when Jeremy walked in.

“You’re early today.” I said to him.

“I found something!” He said excitedly to me.

“What kind of something?” I asked.

“Well I was going through Stella’s Facebook account, you know, social media, and I found a picture of you with her and the location was tagged. I don’t know why I hadn’t done this earlier! I came home straight to you to see if you wanna check it out.” Jeremy beamed at me.

“What picture?” I asked.

“Here.” he handed me a printed picture. “I googled the location, and it’s actually not far from here, just a 10 minutes drive. Its a small bar. Maybe it will jog one of your memories. What do you say?”

I looked at the picture. Sure enough it was Stella and I in it. We were smiling, behind us a big neon sign that read ‘Old Lady’s Cauldron’. The picture didn’t stir any memories. It didn’t feel right. But I needed all the help I could get. “Sure.” I nodded.

Stella was waiting in the back seat of the car outside.

“You’re coming also?” I asked.

“Of course, I was in the picture with you wasn’t I?” she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I kept my mouth shut and climbed into the passenger side.

Raven don’t trust them! That voice. Who was that? Nobody seemed to have heard it in the car. Just me. It was female, and it seemed so familiar.

“How much farther?” I asked. We had been driving for about 20 minutes now.

“Just up ahead...right Stella?” Jeremy said.

“Mm-hm.” Stella replied absentmindedly.

I tried to remember the road, pinpointing several landmarks, but now we were driving along a road that wasn’t lit by any street lights. Alarms were going off in my head.

“Maybe we should come back tomorrow, when there’s light.” I said.

“No.” Jeremy said sternly, his tone surprising me.

“Jeremy take me back.” I said in a firmer tone.

“ need to just shut up and let me drive.” Jeremy said, for some reason he was getting nervous and agitated.

Well now, some people are starting to show their true colours. I tried to open the doors. Child locked.

“What the hell are you doing Raven?” Jeremy asked in a low voice.

“Stop this car.” I said not wanting to show that I was starting to panic.

“Gosh Jeremy you’re so bad at this.” Stella sighed, she draped one arm around the seat to hold me down and placed a cloth to cover my mouth and nose. It smelled sweet. I tried to get her hand off, but my struggling only caused more amusement to her. She was surprisingly strong for an anemic looking skinny person. The only thing I heard before darkness enveloped me was Stella laughing.

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