Finding The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 7

Luca nearly crashed into Sarah as he was rushing inside his house.
"Whoa, what's the rush Alpha?" Sarah asked.
Luca turned to face her. "We found Raven."
Sarah turned pale. "What?"
"Tristan will have to fill you in with the rest, long story short, she's been captured. Walk with me." Luca started taking long strides into the house. "We lost her trail after she was taken and we think this has something to do with the Aether Coven."
"But....we got rid of them..." Sarah tried to make sense of this information.
"Yeah well it seems that they aren't gone. And if my calculations are correct, they are deciding on taking vengeance on Raven, now that she's human."
"Excuse me...human?" Sarah stopped in her tracks.
"Like I said its a long story." Luca reached his room and headed for his closet and grabbed one of Raven's shirt. "I'm going to go get her back, Sarah, I'm going to need you to help out with things back here while I'm gone."
"The fuck you are." Sarah crossed her arms over her chest. "With all due respect Alpha, I've known Raven for longer than you, she's my best friend, and if she is alive and in danger, I want to be there to help save her. This is not negotiable."
"Of course not." Luca sighed. "Fine. Well first we need to know where she is. And for that we need to go see some witches."
The solitary witches in question were the Silverback Sisters, twins that owed Luca, after they had been ravaged by rogue werewolves and Luca had stepped in. Their hiding place was situated just outside of the Silver Moon Packs territory, in a dirty cave that they called home.
Luca arrived at their cave when the sun was about to set, it gave the cave an eerie look, which Luca didn't particularly care for.
"I'll go in alone." Luca said to Troye who's face showed immediate relief.
Luca walked into the cave. It was filled with little wooden totems hanging from the ceiling cave.
Alpha Luca has come to visit...Alpha Luca has come to visit...Alpha Luca is here...he is here....its the Alpha...welcome Luca...
The eerie whispers of the two sisters filled the cave. Luca walked until he reached an opening in the cave, where the witches were. They were seated on the floor facing Luca. Their faces was not something pretty to look at. Where their eyes, nose and mouth were supposed to be, there were was just black holes, and the edges of these holes were cracked. These cracks ran deep in their pale dry skin. On their foreheads was one solitary eye, both focused on him.
Hello alpha....welcome alpha...its been long alpha...
"Astra and Aurelia I'm cashing in that favor that you owe me." Luca said, approaching the them.
Of course alpha...yes alpha...what can we do for you...tell us alpha
"I need to find someone." Luca pulled out Raven's shirt. He threw it at the feet at Astra...well at least he thought it was her, they both had the same ghastly face.
Ahhhhh Astra pulled out a bony hand and reached for the shirt, Aurelia held out her right hand, then used the nail from her left index finger to cut a gash in her right palm. Astra then handed her the shirt which she dabbed her blood on.
They both let out a blood-curling wail then started to chant as Astra rubbed the blood covered shirt over her face, the shirt went from light blue to black as what looked like black blood spread over it. The chanting grew louder and the totems that were hanging started to vibrate violently. A foul stench enveloped the cave that made Lucas' eyes water. He started to cough. Just as he thought he was going to pass out from the smell the witches stopped. The cave grew quiet and the went back to its musty smell. Both witches turned to look at Luca.
We found your person Alpha....Our debt is paid...We found her Luca..We don't owe you now.

I woke up from a sharp sting on my cheek. Blinking fast, I tried to get a look at my surroundings. I was bound by chains by my hands and my feet, dangling just a few centimeters from the ground. The chain was biting into my skin and making me bleed.
I was in a round room that was empty except for three throne like chairs in front of me. One was made of bones and skulls that was oozing with blood, but the blood wasn't pooling to the floor, one was made of branches that was sticking out of it, there were black roses all over it and black leaves that kept falling off and burning up just before it reached the floor, the last looked like there was burnt people on it, there was black ash floating all around it. They did not look comfortable to sit on at all.
I heard a door opening from behind me.
"Oh you are up!" I heard Jeremy say. He walked over to my front and stood there just staring at me.
"What the fuck is all this Jeremy?" I spat at him. I could taste blood from whatever had smacked me on the face, I felt my lip swelling.
"Oh, of course, you don't remember." Jeremy stepped up to me pulling out sharp looking scissors. He sliced down my shirt and jeans, and removed them from my body. I was left in only my panties and bra. I was surprised at how cool I was being, or how easy it was for him to get me naked. This man was a psychopath, he was probably going to kill me...well not probably, he was definitely going to kill me, but at least I kept my cool.
"I'm going to need a little bit of your hair." Jeremy smiled nastily at me. He went round and pulled on my hair painfully making my head jerk back. He then proceeded to chop off my hair roughly. He came back to the front with a handful of my hair in his hand.
"What is all this about Jeremy?" I asked.
"You're about to find out." he laughed maniacally, then his eyes averted to something behind me. "She's ready Auntie!"
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