Finding The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 8

Jeremy went and sat on the throne of bleeding skulls, smiling creepily at me.
"Raven..." I heard a cackling voice say behind me.
"Show yourself." I demanded.
"You talk like you still have the power to do anything." The voice laughed. A black mist formed in front of me and an old haggard woman appeared. She was old with wrinkly skin and the blackest eyes that I had ever seen. What in the world was going on?
"I know you're probably very confused as to why you are here." the old lady said eyeing me from head to toe. "But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Ophelia. Welcome back to the Aether Coven of witches. Well you see, our first meeting a long time ago. We were going about our day to day business, only tormenting a few little humans. Then you had to step in. Kill half of my coven and my eldest sister, Evanora, may the devil keep her soul, our little Jeremy's mother." Jeremy's smile was gone, he was now glaring at me.
"I don't know what you're talking about...I think you have the wrong person. Its not possible for me to kill anyone." I said trying to hold onto my last piece of sanity. Did she say witches?
"Of course now that you're a pathetic weak human you're not able to." Jeremy spat out.
"Calm down nephew...she will get what she deserves. It's much easier now that you're not that abomination that you were." Ophelia cackled.
"Abomination?" My head started to throb. "What are you people on about? Are you guys on drugs or something?"
"You my dear were a hybrid. Half demon, half werewolf. A true abomination of nature." Came another voice from behind me. Another lady walked up to me. This one looked younger than Ophelia. She had long red frizzy hair and a nasty scar that ran from her forehead, through her left eye and down to her jaw. "I'm Allegra." she took a small bow. "And you see, we used to be the three sisters of the Aether Coven, Ophelia, Evanora and I, beautiful, powerful, desired. Until you showed up and ruined everything." listening to her voice was like having a bucket of ice water thrown at me at every word, it gave me a chill that ran down my spine.
"Now its time to play." Allegra smiled. She went and sat down on the throne of roses while Ophelia sat on the burnt people one. Jeremy threw the hair that he had chomped off my head just in front of the three of them. They all lifted their heads and started to chant in a foreign language. Their eyes turning completely white as the chants grew louder and louder.
Did the pile of hair just twitch? I stared in horror as the hair on the floor started to vibrate. Something started to form underneath it. An arm?? What the fuck?! A second arm emerged from underneath the pile of hair, then the rest of a body formed. The person stood up wearing my hair as its own, completely naked, facing the three on their thrones. They never stopped chanting. The person turned around to face me and I was horrified. It was me. Except her mouth and eyes was sewn shut. Ophelia raised a bony finger and pointed at me, never stopping her chanting. The other me took slow steps towards me.
When she approached me she raised her left hand, which had pointed talon like nails and gave me a deep scratch on my stomach. I howled in pain, pulling on the chains trying to get free. The chain only bit into my skin more. The other me then levitated off the ground until she was face to face with me. She took my head in one hand and made a deep gash into my cheek, drawing blood. The pain was excruciating.
Die I heard my voice coming from the stitched mouth. I started to shake violently as a bolt of pain shot through my body. My eyes watered and my head was pounding. What kind of monster was I before that I had instigated this kind of pain upon myself?
She let go of my head then and used her fingers to dig into her mouth, tearing the stitches from the skin around her mouth, it was disgusting to look at. When she was free of the stitches she put her whole hand into her mouth as if searching for something. She then pulled out a long, skinny black worm like looking thing that had long little sharp teeth at the end of its head. I struggled as hard as I could but it was all in vain as she forced my mouth open with one hand and let the worm slide down my throat with the other. I wanted to puke. The thing tasted horrible, there wasn't anything I could compare that taste to...not that I could remember anything to compare it to. I was pretty sure my face had turned green from how sick I was feeling. I felt the worm crawl down to my arm. I could see it just underneath my skin. Then it started to dig. I let out a scream, it was like it was eating my flesh, the pain was too much.
Jeremy lifted his his right hand, his fists balled up. Then he opened them. The chains that I was bound to let up and I crumpled to the ground. I tried clawing at my hand where the worm was, tears streaming down my face, but to no avail. This had to be hell. I must have died in my coma and woken up in hell.
It was then that I noticed that the other me was looming just over me. She cocked her head to the side then gave me a kick to the face. I passed out.
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