Finding The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 9

I woke up sweating profusely and my head pounding, alone in the room. The thrones were still there, thankfully unoccupied. I looked at my arm, it was swollen from where the worm was. I looked around me, the room was dimly lit. I looked at the bones and skull throne and looked at my arm. I needed to get this thing out of my arm.

Remember who you are...the voice whispered in my head.

I'm fucking trying! I wanted to scream. I crawled over to the throne and broke off a piece of bone, the throne made a hissing sound. I took a deep breath and pressed the bone against my arm until I drew blood. I closed my eyes against the pain as I fished under my skin for that fucking worm. when I had found it I pulled it out. My legs trembled with the pain, my eyes watering. When it was finally out i threw it on the ground. The ugly thing made a squealing noise. I took the same piece of bone I had used for my arm and stabbed the thing until it was not moving anymore. I sat breathing loudly. What the fuck was I going to do. My head was swimming, I was in and out of consciousness. I heard something shuffle from one side of the room. I blinked hard to focus on the silhouette that was approaching me. It was me. Again! How many versions of me were there? need to come back to your senses...I need you to remember! the other me knelt in front of me and took my face gently into her hands. She wasn't trying to hurt me. I wanted to cry. Say my name..Raven..let's get back to who we were. You're dying!

"I don't know your name.." I whispered, feeling exhausted. There came a growl and a massive black wolf walked up to me. What in the world? The wolf walked up to was massive, why wasn't I scared? It sat down in front of me and laid its head on my lap, looking at me with big silver eyes. It whimpered. I closed my eyes whilst using my uninjured arm to pet its head. At this point I didn't even know what was real and what wasn't. But petting this wolf made me feel better and that's all that mattered to me. need to remember us...the witches are coming back. You need to remember who you were! Let us back in! That voice! It was the wolf...but how?

I heard a door open and close. I opened my eyes. I was alone again. Jeremy walked in followed by Ophelia, Allegra and the fake me. I groaned with pain. Not again. Hadn't they tortured me enough?

Jeremy walked up to me and looked at the dead worm on the ground and the bone and blood next to me, then smirked, "Time for round two."

I didn't know how much time had passed..only that it was the 13th lash that I had gotten from the whipping that the other me was administering. My legs and arms were bleeding. I was crouching to avoid being hit in the face. I didn't have any energy left, even to cry. Hatred grew in my heart for these people.
How dare they? Punishment was one thing..but this...
Let us in Raven I heard the voice of that wolf again....that wolf...darkness? No. Shallow? No. Then it came to me. I opened my eyes. Shadow! My wolf! And Pandora! My demon.
Yess! I heard Shadow howl. The memories flooded back to me...My life...Luca...the battle with Cyrus...the Aether Coven.
I felt my powers coming back, felt my wounds healing where I was going onto my 15th lick from the whip.
Before the 16th strike touched my skin I grabbed the whip. The three witches looked at me surprised from where they were sitting on their thrones.
"You fucking witches." I growled out letting my rage flow over me.
"Wh - what's going on?" Jeremy looked a little scared.
I shifted into my wolf form and pounced on the summoned version of me, grabbing it by the next and snapping it easily. The body fell down heavily and crashed into a million little pieces like glass. My hair was floating everywhere. I was extremely pissed to say the least.

How had she gotten her wolf back? No! No! No! This isn't how this was supposed to go! He watched as the massive wolf killed off their summon like it was nothing. How had this happened? He looked at his Aunties, they were both frozen to the spot with fear, just staring at Raven. He had to do something, or else they would share the same fate as their summoned.
Just as he was about to cast a stunning spell, Raven shifted back to human form..except she looked more like a demon than human. She jumped onto Ophelia and slashed at her neck with her elongated black nails. Ophelia's head fell from her body and rolled to Jeremy's feet, a stunned look still displayed on her face, black blood praying everywhere from the stump end.
"No!!!" Allegra yelled and jumped up. She threw up her hand and chanted a small spell, a transparent protective dome formed over her and Jeremy. Raven paced closer to them. She ran a hand over the dome.
"How cute." she said staring straight at Jeremy. "This won't keep me from killing you." Jeremy swallowed.
Raven closed her eyes, focusing, she was suddenly engulfed by black flames. She opened her eyes, death written in them. Jeremy knew this was it. For the first time in his life he had regret. He watched as Raven cracked his Aunt's protective barrier with the hit of just one hand, he watched as she grabbed his Aunt and tore through her chest with her fist. Raven took out Allegra's black heart and crush it in her palms. Then she turned on him. He tried to run, but she caught up with him with no effort, and gave him a blow causing him to fall.
"Little Jeremy," Raven whispered to him. "I should have killed you alongside your wretched mother."
Raven was on top of him, holding his head in both her hands. She started to pull. Jeremy could feel skin tearing and bones cracking. He howled in pain. Her face was the last thing he saw before his head was ripped from his body.
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