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James had been hearing stories about the enchanted tree that only some people saw. there were different myths that he read, her mother used to tell him that his father was whisked away by the tree, but then he too disappeared... "James opened his eyes to see himself in a village he couldn't recognize as his own he then realized he was transported to somewhere and the last thing he remembered was a tree..." He awakens in the reign of Ranya also known as the Ranya dynasty where he meets Ethan, Jayden, Magen, Harper, and then later Alex. A tale about friendship, betrayal, finding yourself, trust, love, action, and the journey of determination to get back home.

Fantasy / Adventure
Hania Khakwani
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The enchanted tree is said to have magic within it, it can give people what they want or take away anything if they don’t cherish it.
For James, though it was a different case he never believed in such stories from the start he believed in facts and facts only, even though his father was one of the few people that disappeared over the century, he believed the people who said that he ran away after committing thievery, getting into drugs and running away from his responsibilities of being a father or the man of the house. James never really got to know his father, as he left him when he was born.
As for appearance, James looked like an average teenager except for his Saphire blue eyes and how time froze if someone looked into his eyes which distinguished him from the rest of the village boys. James was a conservative person like his father he used to think all the time and didn’t understand the concept of wasting time playing games with the neighborhood kids. His mother thought something was wrong with him and said that she was so embarrassed by him that she will leave him to his grandma who had a horrible disease...Alzheimer.
Her grandma had Alzheimer's disease, even though he was quite conservative but he loved his grandmother, her grandmother was quite forgetful because of her illness and often thought it was her son who came to live with her, not James, James wasn't irritated by it, he secretly loved hearing about his father but whenever she would mention his interest in power or about the magic tree he would become distant because he just didn't want to believe that such a tree existed that could separate families and ruin a child's life and take precious things from him he thought that nothing could compare to the love the children in his neighborhood got, even though he never got to know his father he was angry at him because he thought it was his fault for not staying with them for not loving them, giving him piggyback rides coming home from school, taking him to the fairs buying him cotton candy and ice-cream and to have a family dinner at home, have a happy family and have them cheering him on on his first speech or his first step or his first word or his first poem for them but alas he didn't get those things and felt remorse for those people who took these happy memories forgranted, after all these times won't just come back to you...

(to be continued)
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